Reviews for Misconceptions
Johanni93 chapter 5 . 1/8
This story is getting better and better and by now I can say that I love your fic!
The way you characterise Sev and the others is awesome!
I hope you'll update soon :) Thanks for sharing this awesomeness with us!
Oh, I know I'm a bit late but I wish you a Happy New Year HollyStone73!
Johanni93 chapter 3 . 1/8
This story is really great and I'm so glad that I've come across this awesomeness today :D
Sprout must be soooo overjoyed at having to deal with the bumbling fool aka Lockhart alone, lol. Maybe the Whomping Willow will be so thrilled with the overgrown, obnoxious peacock that it'll smash, err pardon, I mean pat his inflated head in a very loving way. *g*

Speaking of the Head of Hufflepuff House, her given name is "Pomona" and not "Paloma", nor is it, as some other reviewer pointed out, "Pamona".
Oh, and it's "Occlumency" and not "Occlemency"... I hope I'm not annoying you too much and don't seem like a prat by now. If I do, I apologise. I know from personal writing experience how fast typos can happen and thought I'd point out the more bigger ones and help you to not repeat the mistake...

Okay, I think I'll stop with my ramblings and move to your next chapter :)
sonyabrady1971 chapter 5 . 1/3
Love it.
Lupinesence chapter 5 . 1/1
Cool chapter
graynavarre chapter 1 . 12/30/2013
I just started this and enjoy it very much
Cherrie-san chapter 5 . 12/28/2013
Well no Severus you are not going to win that battle. But it will be horridly fun to blast the Pompous Peacock off the platform.
ethan thorn chapter 5 . 12/28/2013
Great work really getting in to this story hope to see the next chapter soon.
Mother of Tears chapter 3 . 12/6/2013
This is a very good story so far.
hotflower901 chapter 4 . 12/6/2013
Snape is so funny that he hates Harry but still cares for him
MoonGCyn chapter 3 . 12/5/2013
Great story. I just have one quick thing to point out before I continue reading. Part way through the chapter, during Snape's conversation with Lockhart at breakfast, you mentioned Professor Sprout's first name as Paloma. I believe "paloma" is a type of cocktail made with tequila and soda. It could be other things as well but that's what I know it as. Professor Sprout's correct first name is "Pamona". Just wanted to point this out. If this is for NaNoWriMo, I know you'll want your story as accurate as possible, as I do mine. Just thought I'd help.

That out of the way, I must say you are doing an excellent job with the accuracies and grammar. There were a few mistakes but nothing particularly irksome. There was one thing you mentioned in Chapter Two, I believe. It was just before Snape went back to the Dursleys to retrieve Harry's belongings and "speak" with his relatives. Snape was speaking with Dumbledore and the headmaster mentioned, and I'll quote, "...his actions and behaviors in the chamber..."
By which chamber are you referring to? I hope not the Chamber of Secrets, which isn't supposed to be mentioned at all until after the first attack on Mrs. Norris. Just thought I'd point that part out.

Other than those few details, everything in this story is going along quite nicely and makes me interested in reading more. I hope you will continue to update at a relatively standard pace. Thank you and enjoy your holidays.

shadowelf144 chapter 4 . 12/5/2013
well done author well done thank you for the story
Lupinesence chapter 4 . 12/5/2013
Great chapter
Strabec chapter 3 . 12/4/2013
Throughly enjoying this. I hope there is more to come.
Katie Who chapter 3 . 11/26/2013
I really like what you wrote so far and I hope you'll continue it soon. :) It's quite and really interesting. :) I like the way things start to change. :))

All the best :)
Allie Danger chapter 3 . 11/22/2013
Keep writing!
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