Reviews for My Lamia Mate
chikissexy0520 chapter 6 . 11/5
Omg this fanfic is great and amazing please update it
miminuts chapter 6 . 11/5
Aurons-nous un jour la fin de ce fics ? j'adore cette histoire et j'aimerai bien lire la suite !
Avelia chapter 6 . 10/27
Omg I love this story so much I was reading and then suddenly it stopped, no more chapters! AHH please update soon please! Xxxxxxxxx
passerby chapter 6 . 10/21
please do continue
NeoYaoiCryption chapter 6 . 8/27
GAH. I needz an update or I'll die XX
Guest chapter 6 . 7/31
Update pretty please with your fav food on top
Mr voldemort chapter 6 . 7/11
Please Update soon
Aryn Jasper chapter 6 . 7/1
I really like this story and hope you continue it, and if you need one I'd be perfectly happy to be a beta.
Venipa chapter 5 . 6/24
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Bloodykitten13 chapter 6 . 6/9
Please update soon! N
nannatn chapter 6 . 6/5
I love this story and I hope you will update it soon:)
holymanga chapter 5 . 5/30
Hi! This story is really nice! I hope you will continue your writing! I like the idea of Luna/Draco and honestly I would put Severus on Hadrian's side! The story is good bit your grammar needs a beta! You have made a lot of errors or missed a lot of words while writing! Apart from this you have done a good job! Bye by Holymanga
draco7347 chapter 6 . 5/17
bring out the next chapter
Itro chapter 6 . 4/28
Sad that this story is discontinued... (or are you taking a year to write a chapter?)
While I do like the plot and story line, your vocabulary would have to have a little more to desire for... while your English should have some revised practice, surely English is your second language, isn't it? [is this what you may call; 'constructive flaming'?]
Preferably, write a draft, read it and edit it briefly before posting your final with barely any mistakes! I have the urge to not follow that, just because I don't have the time.
Starlightthedark chapter 4 . 3/28
i do really like this story but you do have a slight problem with missing and miss used words.
their even in the first 2 chapters
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