Reviews for Weapon and Her Magic
Guest chapter 21 . 7/7
Thank you so much for updating this story I love it... it is one of my favorites the emotional depth and detail is incredible and I feel like I can connect with the characters on a spiritual level... keep up the good work I'll be anxiously awaiting the next chapter
Random Someone chapter 21 . 6/5
You really need to continue this soon. I am getting angry and devastated to the fact that you haven’t updated this story yet. Please do so.
P.S. I love all your stories a bunch! (:
Guest chapter 21 . 2/21
Loved the chapter great work as always
silvergirlfirestar07 chapter 18 . 2/8
Wow...I was not ready to feel all of that.

I hope there's some way she can recover. What will happen to the Titans is she wasn't there? They can't simply replace her. They can't disband, there's too much out there.

And Malchior...I can't even being to imagine what would happen to him or what he would do. He might just destroy the world out of heartbreak and anger. Maybe he can create another universe where she's still okay?

Okay, I have to find out what's happening next! Another great chapter! 3
silvergirlfirestar07 chapter 17 . 2/8
Holy s...
Holy s...
Holy s...

Wow, my mind was not ready for that.

But if she know... then Gatherer and the others wouldn't exist. Wouldn't it be better to simply be alone rather than not existing at all?

I'm almost afraid to see what's going to happen next, but now I've GOT to know!

You've really hooked me with this chapter! Great job!
silvergirlfirestar07 chapter 16 . 2/8
Interesting (and fitting) song choices! It's great to see everyone have such a good time. How crazy would it have been to seen this from the club goers perspective? LOL!

But of course, nothing good can last too long for the Titans. GAH! _

What's going on with Raven?!
tochiakaihenacho chapter 21 . 1/30
I waited so long for this and i just love it ,hope she comes back
uman chapter 21 . 1/29
IT'S PERFECT! And emotional
orangeporqupine chapter 21 . 1/28
This touched my soul so much emotion in this chapter
taimurpro chapter 21 . 1/28
Fuckin great chapter keep up the good work btw I wonder is there any chance that you will continue any discontinued stories?
uman chapter 21 . 1/28
OMG U updated! Love you
Rainbow Prime chapter 6 . 12/20/2017
Slayer; Motörhead; Iron Maiden; Metallica; Megadeth; Sepultura; Pantera; System of a Down; Cradle of Filth; Judas Priest; Mastodon; Dëthklok; Method of Destruction (or M.O.D); Stormtroopers of Death (S.O.D); Anthrax; Ozzy Osbourne; Black Sabbath...the list of bands that are better than Five Finger Death Punch just goes on and on.
Rainbow Prime chapter 4 . 12/20/2017
Yay Malchior not being a bad dragon!
uman chapter 20 . 8/16/2017
please apdate
Guest chapter 1 . 7/19/2017
I love your stories can u plz update
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