Reviews for Crawl of Time
Guest chapter 13 . 9/18
Do you have any idea how much you just broke my fucking heart? I loved the story but, like, dude. I'm literally crying right now, no not crying, sobbing. I am sobbing and it's your fucking fault. I congratulate you. It's not often a story makes me feel this strongly. Your amazing, and this is going to sound weird, but keep making people cry. It doesn't have to be a bad cry, but please always strive to make someone feel this much. I think it's truly amazing, the sign of a good author, if they can make their audience feel. So keep being amazing.
grimmjoe chapter 13 . 6/29
I guess I got what I'd asked. But still.

I have no words for this.

Thank you for beautifully breaking people's hearts like this. Next time, I'd make sure I take the 'tragedy' label more carefully.

*weeps in the corner*
crystalbluefox chapter 13 . 5/17
No "happily ever after" as I'd so much hoped for, nope. This damn well hurt to read the last chapter. Finally together and shitty life and destiny want's to torture Zoro and Sanji even more, by for real taking Zoro away from Sanji. Both suffered for so long and finally together... and then this.

It was a really well written story, indeed it was... but the end saddens me, really deeply.

Is there really no happiness in life there can stand strong?

Is happiness really just a lie?

Love & Hugs
Adiez chapter 13 . 4/15
I don't know what to say after what I read from the others rewiews, but really it's was so well writed and so painful to read. Now it's me who feel empty.
I'll go check your new collaboration story, hope this will a bit more joyful. :)
Lady Annalin chapter 13 . 4/8
You wrote this very well, but the ending broke my heart into a million pieces. Whyyyyyyyyyyy?

I'm gonna hide in the darkest corner and cry.
Ashlielle chapter 13 . 3/18
I cried TT
After reading that WHOLE story, he just DIES! Like, what the flipping hell?! You don't deserve a cookie! No cookie!
Oophaki chapter 13 . 3/9
SHIT. This hurt a lot. I loved it. The hurt and angst just stabbed me repeatedly every single chapter. I love how you write!
BlueSecretGarden chapter 13 . 12/15/2014
Oh my god! that was so Sad!

I can't stop my tears from falling.

They only had 2 little years! That's not enough, not nearly enough... After all the pain and the sadness and the emptyness... after 20 years of suffering... barely 2 years...

And the way zoro died is just too sad! why couldn't they just grow old, or I don't know... die in a tsunami but together and peacefully?

... Oh my god... I can't stop crying.

At least this time they got to say goodbye.

And poor sanji, that will be the fatal blow, he will never get up from that ever again... he died too in a way.

Anyway, thank you for the story, it was really, really beautiful .



PS: still crying :S
Tiryn chapter 13 . 11/22/2014
This is not okay. This is never okay.

drainaxx chapter 13 . 10/24/2014
I just finished this and I can't say I didn't enjoy the story.

It has a great plot and I love that Luffy didn't become the Pirate King but rather I say somewhat a symbol for the turnabout of the world. I also love your writing style and pace. I love how you written Sanji and his relationship with Zoro and how he still dotes on girl even when he's casually (and constantly) with Zoro.

But yes the thing that bothered me as it was for everyone else is the ending and how it seemed to rushed. Plus there are some writing errors in this story and some that I cannot even understand.

Overall this story is good though! One of the best ZoSan stories I've read!
Hina disappointd chapter 13 . 10/4/2014
What a lot of crap for a fic closure. Your summary is seriously lacking several warnings it should had. You are not as bad as a writer -in fact you are good- but I can't get myself to forgive you for your poor choice of an ending.
Autumn chapter 13 . 9/29/2014 took away Sanji's happiness...gave it back..took it away must really hate him..XD
aniprincess13 chapter 13 . 6/19/2014
I think I'll be depressed by this for a few days at least.. Nicely written :) I almost cried.
lalalightwood chapter 13 . 5/27/2014
You killed Zoro off... again. I don't know if I should laugh or cry. I think I'm going to pretend I didn't read the last two lines, and force myself to believe that Zoro's fine...

This is an amazing read though. Towards the end of the final chapter, I was just sat here thinking "Oh no, oh no, oh no..." and yeah, I'm heart broken. XD
maychewn chapter 13 . 5/12/2014
this story was amazing! the bast story i read, touching, sad, so real and the way you describe the change his sanji, was just wow! i have no words. the ending was so unfair, for both of them. but i really like that story, Because it take sanji so much time to Understand the change in him and Zorro, both changed so much and it was so real.
what did bother me is why zoro smoking? is it Because he try to sty with sanji memory or something like that? other then that, i don't know, i felt like this story Deserves end a little happier. i know it's a Tragedy Actually. But it's written so well..made me cry very hard sniff sniff
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