Reviews for Broken Spirit
Iship3it chapter 6 . 5/28
Quality time was my favorite fanfic of all time. I reviewed it as a guest a while back. I more recently got an account, and tried to find it, again, but for some reason, I simply couldn't find it anywhere. And now... I've found it, only to discover YOU'RE WRITING A SEQUAL? *wrings hands in greedy pleasure* please update soon, or... You might have a riot on your hands. I mean, look at all these followers you have. I'm pretty sure they'll side with me on this one. *threatening chuckles morph slowly into maniacal laughter!*
Theseus12 chapter 4 . 5/28
The way that the Titans were just standing there in silence, looking at Control Freak near the beginning of this chapter. Gives me fucking chills.
Theseus12 chapter 6 . 5/26
Eagerly awaiting the next chapter!
PrestoPuma chapter 6 . 5/18
Well Chapter 6 was... Honestly, kinda slow. I felt that while this does set up for the next one it doesn't really have any comeback value. I will honestly never come back to this chapter because there was nothing worth noting. it was just kinda boring. I'm still looking forward to the next one but I hope there is more going on than in this one.
Guest chapter 6 . 5/17
Thank you! I adore your stories. They're quite well-written and very true to the characters. I hope you can update soon! Quick thing, make sure you have apostrophes with possession, except with pronouns. Ex: Control Freak's remote was destroyed, its pieces everywhere. Thanks again, and good job!
Hail Lord Archanfel chapter 6 . 5/14
I can't imagine how conflicted Beast Boy will feel when he finds out about his comic.
Guest chapter 6 . 5/7
Kyaa kyaa update yaaay ~~ oh starfire is funny here and so cute... Wondering if she rlly would know such vocabulary she had in this chapter?
WiseRaven chapter 6 . 5/4
Hi :)) This and Quality Time are my most favorite fanfics. I have read so many other BBRae stories but no one really developed their relationship like you did. Most people just jumped into to but I admire how you actually took your time knowing how difficult it must be for Raven to try showing her feelings. I am a huge TT fan and consider myself to be similar to Raven in some ways and reading your story just makes me admire her and the Titans even more. ANYWAY...I have never been disappointed with this fanfic and I can't wait for more updates! Keep up the good work. :)
farhan99 chapter 6 . 5/3
Too awesome, I can only imagine the amount of time and work spent writing these chapters. Definitely can't wait for the next chapter. After reading all your stories I can honestly say that you have an amazing grasp on the titans characters.
Dracona of the Teen Legends chapter 6 . 5/1
BB isn't going to be happy about his comic book. You write them all so well, even Control Freak. Very well done over all. Please update as soon as you can; I'm looking forward to it.
reveentheimpossiblist chapter 6 . 4/30
I was super excited when I got the notification for this chapter! I had come to the conclusion that I sold my soul to a story that would never be finished. Great chapter! Can't wait to see what's next!
mayvicbot chapter 6 . 4/29
Poor Beast Boy his comic was burnt for nothing :(
Great chapter, I'll be looking forwards the next one.
PrincessoftheShadowsofDestiny chapter 6 . 4/29
OMG I"M SO HAPPY YOU"RE BACK! You made me love BBRae, and now yoiu have returned with more ! Thank you for opening my eyes to such a great pairing, can't wait for the next chapter
darkerdeepdown chapter 6 . 4/29
Surely they aren't done right? That would be kinda weak of an interrogation if so
Tatsumarusmith chapter 6 . 4/29
Ughhh, I forgot how to relog onto my account...again... Oh well. Ill still review your stuff cause once again sir youve made a mighty fine chapter highlighting the relationship that SHOULD HAVE BEEN in the show.(My inner bias is showing)

I gotta say once again youve made me worry. That little sentence of raven where she said "I suppose thats something..." really...Really...REALLY vexes me. Mostly because it makes me wonder if she really DOES believe he's there or is just a part of her imagination or something else. I know it was 'proven" a few chapters ago that he was indeed in the world but...both in comics and real life the answers we think we have are often incomplete without more questions. For all we know Beast Boy is really dead and his life essence was merely shot into Ravens mind. Or Hes really dead and shes really gone crazy and is really subconsciously channeling his spirit and tethering him to the anchor of her feelings. Ughhhh I wish Occums Razor was a proven Law rather than a theory. (Where the simplest answers are the best one. According toe Occums Razor anyways)

So the question makes me nervous because I worry about ravens mental state on the matter and how she is coping with Beast Boy being the way he is. Ughhhh, I seriously hope you write a new chapter soon because I know this feeling of anxiety wont leave me as I ponder the matter further and further.

Also, I know you get alot of congratulations(because I read some of your other reviewers remarks on the matter) on how you write control freak and I concur with their assessment and praise. For someone so extremely goofy and often underrated youve really done a good job in portrayal and use of the character. Him wailing and screaming about a rare piece of memorabilia really strikes me as super accurate and effective. It makes me wonder what other creative tortures you have in store for him because, frankly, Im 100 percent sure youre not done with him and the titans arent done with him either. In fact, youre probably going to put him through the ringer of nerd torture and youre giving us some front row seats. So, I just gotta ask one thing.

Can you bring the popcorn? cause this shit is gonna be good. (Pardon my french)
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