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Erin Bloodrein Sage chapter 56 . 2/21
I absolutely love this! Belle's thoughts and seeing through her eyes and her feelings. It's just amazing how you've written this. I can't wait to continue with your series

- EBS -
Guest chapter 13 . 10/12/2015
Stubborn. That's what they both are. But it seems to work so hay. Beautifully written, Montreal. I love the way you put tgeur scenes together, put them un order and tap into Belle's mind. I wish someday Once Upon a Time could be turned into a novel. But your Moment Series are perfect as Belle's story.
rumbellefan chapter 56 . 5/23/2015
Loved the new chapter's!
kagi-chan2 chapter 37 . 5/15/2015
I have to get the comic!
It was a nice little story of their life together. A story about trust. It's sad, that all ties to Belle's past were cut like that. Samuel betraying her, Gaston the rose and her father... He takes forever to come around.
Rumple a true friend, just one that is so unsure and thinks so little of himself. Still a coward to some degree.
Belle is really one of a kind...
kagi-chan2 chapter 33 . 5/15/2015
Hey dear, I'll write a complete comment after I finished the last update, just a quick note. The first Rumpelstitskin in chapter 33 is missing an U
PaigeJillian chapter 56 . 5/14/2015
I knew it! I knew it! You inserted the new chapters flawlessly and with such subtly that the new details flowed right in without disturbing the previous status quo to a higher degree. It was magical. I think what I loved most about this edit was the intimacy, I seriously squeaked out loud at the hug. But more than that I feel like you added a sense of tension and wanting that wasn't as pronounced as before, which really strengthens this piece for me. Belle wants him but she's so inexperienced that they just stare at each other and wonder what's going on. Gah, what I wouldn't give for Rumple's point of view just a little near the end. He's so broken and in his head all the time, but he lets Belle see the man briefly, almost unwillfully, and it's beautiful. I can't wait to go check out the other little changes to the rest of the series!

PS: Is it wrong that Samuel's actions gives slightly more understanding and justification to Rumple's quick dismissal of Gaston? I doubt Kalinda was making that connection but it does give more insight when we see the whole story flow together.
Marshall chapter 1 . 5/13/2015
I just rerad a theory in the chat rooms. What if the baby that Belle had was actually Snow's baby?! That's where the baby went! Baby Neal was concieved in the the enchanted forest. So he would cross over like the others. But Rumple couldn't give Dark Snow the baby. And meanwhile Belle had been their baby-sitter frequently and Rumple wanted to be a father again, so he stole the baby! You've got to write that in! It's just like in "Lost" when Claire lost her baby to the other girl!
Meredith Pechta chapter 55 . 5/13/2015
I can't believe I didn't think of this, but I have to share it with you. And maybe you've come to the same conclusion. Yesterday, I sent you an e-mail where I speculated what happened to Snow and Charming's baby. Meanwhile, everyone in existance was put in the book, except for Henry. And meanwhile, Belle and Rumple now have this baby that never existed! I think that Rumple stole Snow's baby and made it into Belle's! Think about it. The reason Henry was left behind isn't simply that he was born in the real world, but because he was conceived there as well. Snow's baby on the other hand was created and spent almost nine moths in the enchanted forest. So he could cross over! So because Rumple wanted to be a father again, and Belle had baby-sat Neal a lot, Rumple rewrote it so that Baby Neal was now theirs! You might want to put that in you next fanfiction! It's perfect.
Skitzoeinhoven chapter 46 . 5/12/2015
Omg! an edited chapter! Squee! soo excited. Still reading and reviewing Exchanged, but I will definitely come back to read these updated ones as well. Known&Unknown of the Moments series will always be my favorite.
Kathryn Claire O'Connor chapter 37 . 5/12/2015
I adored the new chapters! Great work as always!
AnneElliotsCat chapter 1 . 5/12/2015
I'm glad to see this back up and running! I look forward to enjoying it again. It's a lovely fic, and you do a wonderful job of exploring the characters' inner lives.
Meredith Pechta chapter 1 . 5/12/2015
It's nice to see you're trying to keep current. Some things keeps nagging me about the finale. What happened to Snow and Charming's baby when the town was emptied? Since Neal was born in this world, you'd think he'd been left behind too, like Henry, but you never see him, and we know that Henry wouldn't have just left him. So my guess is that when Snow and Charming were no longer a couple, that the baby was written out of existence. The other thing that bothers me about the finale, is that Rumple couldn't even act noblely when he's a knight. Also, I was hoping that he would have to make a moral choice at the end. When Belle said that she'd wanted to be chosen back in 4:11 "Heroes and Villains," I assumed that Rumple would be making a choice to surrender his power in the finale. But instead it was taken from him by the Apprentice. I sure hope that now that all that darkness has been removed from him, that he'll be a lot more moral in the new season. I can't wait to see how you write the Alternate Universe portion. To my knowledge, they never named the baby Belle and Rumple had. Which means you need to think of one. It should probably be something old-world. I'm also wondering what Maurice's alternate life looked like. So where do you think Emma went when she became the dark one? I'll bet you anything that she's now in the vault of the dark one from "Quiet Minds." And does this mean that she'll have to wear the same make-up as Robert Carlisle? I would love to see that. I'll bet you that Hook will want revenge on Rumple for Emma's fate, even though this wasn't Rumple's choice. I can't imagine Belle's return to Storybrooke after that other life. She'd be in mourning for the baby she never had! And the fact that she came to the shop to make sure he didn't hurt anyone else tells me that she ran into Emma or Henry who told her about the confrontation with him. The part in this season where Regina stole Belle's heart is still disturbing to me. I can't help but picture Belle at Cruella's funeral standing across from Regina. I'm not saying it would be well attended, but I think Belle would still come. And then Regina might mention her upcoming road trip and Belle might ask how she got Rumple's cooperation. How would Regina behave? Would she have that same look on her face, as she did in the hospital when she had amnesia, (like it was a private joke) or would she be looking at the ground feeling badly. From Regina's wording about 'losing her leverage' in 4:19 "Lily," I'd say that while she didn't take pleasure in what she did, that she also doesn't care if Belle dies. She's detached. I read from Adam and Eddy that the 'heart-stealing' issue will be brought up in the new season. I hope that Belle tells Charming and Snow or at least Robin. Regina shouldn't get away with this scott-free. And again the fact that Regina had her heart for at lease a few days, and Belle didn't know it really hurts. It takes a while to carve a tombstone for Cruella so I'm thinking that Regina had her heart for at least four days straight. I'm sure that neither Regina nor Maleficent gave Belle any more orders through the heart after that incident in the woods. But Regina should have at least gave Belle the privalage of memory. Again, I think it's because she didn't want any of the others knowing what she was doing. She couldn't have Belle telling them how horrible she can still be. I really hope that Belle speaks up to Robin about it. You have no idea how much I hope that now that Rumple is mortal, that he and Regina will just fight their battles one on one. I'd love a scene where Robin, Regina, Rumple and Belle are all together and Robin and Belle tell them both to stop involving them. To just throw fire balls at each others heads, but leave them the hell out of it. I can't wait to read "Moments: Told and Untold." So what will you be naming your prequel? How about "Moments Before?" I'd say that would be perfect.
Grace5231973 chapter 54 . 5/12/2015
I loved it!
Kathryn Claire O'Connor chapter 26 . 5/12/2015
Sweet chapter! I'm glad to have more of your writing to read!
Guest chapter 42 . 4/4/2015
OOOH! I definitely like this rendition...oooh! This was the hunter right?
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