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This chapter was pretty cool. Can't wait till the next one, keep it up, waterfire98!
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Nice chapter man
I love how Xavier is the mischief maker
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patattack chapter 3 . 12/8/2013
Wicked chapter. Freakshow's pretty good to go toe to toe with Gladiator, and it was interesting in how he did so (super animal senses as opposed to sheer power and speed). Just a reminder, the armor enhances Sid's own invulnerability in addition to being Extremely resistant to damage itself. The fight was well done all the same.

Something I meant to say but haven't gotten around to it yet: About Sid's alien bounty hunter girlfriend, she's isn't really crazy. Sure, she's on the wrong side of the law, but she's quite sane (like I said, she's a lot like Cheshire, including in her relationship with her love interest). Also, despite her moral alignment, Sid does have feelings for her.
CajunKing000 chapter 3 . 12/8/2013
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Name: Matthew James
Age: 18
Superhero Name: Jersey Devil
Alliance: Titans North (because he has a crush on argent)
Super Outfit: A black bodysuit with red markings on the arms and legs that look like barbed wire and have the letters J and D shaped in barbed wire, in red on the chest and this mask http: .com and this sword images/images_big/mpic_
Civilian Clothes: A red t-shirt, black demin vest, black and red tripp pants, black combat boots,
Sleep Wear: Red tank top, black pajama bottoms
Powers and Abilities: Fire Breath, fire magic, excellent swordsman
Vehicle: 2010 Big Bear Choppers Devils Advocate ProStreet
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Red
Height: 6'2
History: Matthew was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey. He got his powers from a mystic he accidently found unconscious in a local park and helped him recover and the mystic also trained his in swordplay as well. Matthew became a hero after stopping a hostage situation at a local bank and was declared a hero by the city and donned the suit and mask and became The Jersey Devil.
Hobbies: Listening to music, riding his motorcycle, swordfighting, learning new fire magic
Personality: Usually a calm headed guy, very helpful, but has hot headed tendencies
Narcotics: Smokes cigarettes
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Mat having a connection to Sid was cool too, and I loved Sid's tough guy, 'whatev' attitude, plus the way you showed off his past was well done (although I thought you could have said something like how Sid had violently destroyed the mobsters organization; he does have anti-hero tendancies).

Hoping to see Sid's alien ex girlfriend soon.

Another thing, having Sid be able to sense if someone's telling the truth when he's wearing his helmet was a nice addition. Also wanted to say that since it's magic armor, it would probably have anti magnetic properties, and make it at least difficult (not necessarily impossible) for anyone to grab him via telekinesis (like if they used mental powers to lift him, they'd have to concentrate super-hard because their control would slip as if they were holding soap).

Anyway, GREAT job, and keep it up.
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Name: Xavier Lloyd
Age: 16
Super Hero name: The Black Hand
Alliance: good guys
Super outfit: All black body suit with black mask, black cape, black boots and black gloves
Civilian clothes: jacket, t-shirt, jeans and sneakers
Sleepwear: briefs and a vest
Powers and abilities: Transparency (this requires a lot of concentration, so he reserves it for dire circumstances)skilled in armed and unarmed combat, flight
Vehicle: none
Hair: black
Eye color: ice blue
Height: 6 feet
History: Born in South Africa, dad taught him martial arts to better defed himself. He went to an American boarding school at age 13 and began testing his newly developed powers out by recklessly attacking criminals. He moved to live with his grandparents in another state to attend a different school and move his activities elsewhere. His grandfather was once a Vietnam War era vigilante who allowed Xavier to don his suit and take on the moniker of The Black Hand
Parents: Live in South Africa, Xavier currently resides with his parents
Hobbies: listening to music, playing video games, cracking jokes, browsing youtube and eating a lot of eating
Personality: Usually a light hearted person who often jokes around, has severe ADD but takes medication for it. Highly serious in the field and easily angered. Has a soft spot for all things female and should he fight one he flirts relentlessly.
Narcotics: slight alcohol abuse
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Name: Cary Falls
Age: 16
Superhero name: Shimmer
Alliance: Titans East
Super outfit: khaki shorts with a blue tank top. Tank top has an eagle head printed on it. Velcro brown sneakers and two brown wristbands.
Sleepwear: black tank top with leopard print pj pants.
Powers: ability to change into any mythical animal, above average strength
Vehicle: none
Hair: brown with golden accents, long and straight
Eye color: brown
Height: 5 foot 10
History: family was killed by a psychopath, she killed psychopath for revenge. Mother was human, father was a shapeshifter, resulting in her current condition. Fell into east ocean and was rescued by Titans East. Saved a cat from a car, naming it Ebony and keeping it. Ebony later acquired the power to run as fast as kid flash in a lab accident.
Parents: already explained
Hobbies: fighting crime in her home, NC. Taking care of Ebony. Drawing and writing.
Personality: very independent, though she likes to hang out with Titans East when she can. Usually more protective of animals then humans. Spends a lot of time in her apartment, reading.
Emmeline C. Thornbrooke chapter 1 . 11/14/2013
I'm looking forward to your story, and set you a character via private message.