Reviews for Black and Blue
Princess-Spoon chapter 4 . 7/2/2016
Love that vegeta's faking as hard as he can, that they find equilibrium with each other.
I love what you don't say, letting the lulls in a paragraph describe themselves , 'twin stretchers ' a prime, recent example. Now for a nap. You kept me up far to late last night for my far too early work shift this morning ..
Vegeta's Bitch chapter 4 . 6/3/2016
I mean you could of at least made a few more chappies and added a lemon or at least a tiny bit of lime to spice it buuuut I enjoyed it in the least I'm disappointed it was only four chapters these kind of stories get my blood boiling and sometimes when they add a lemon on it it gets my kitty throbbing lol sorry for being a little nasty but its the truth I have no shame in admitting that anyway ttyl
vegetabulma chapter 2 . 6/3/2016
Why...why stop at only for people like you piss me off when you start a BOMB ass story and never finish please continue cause I'm pissed off you would abandon something like this ugh! Smdh
Kitty in the Box chapter 4 . 5/10/2016
Absolutely brilliant. The way you described the power of the ki blasts was pure genius and vivid. what an awesome story! So much strength and drama weaved intricately.
Meg Fiction chapter 4 . 8/12/2015
I've never read a fic like this before! Such a unique take on the characters, I really, thoroughly enjoyed this, and the story was amazing. It's an instant favorite! :)
roxyfire57 chapter 4 . 4/27/2015
:) beautiful
LadyBardock chapter 4 . 11/19/2014
I liked it a lot!
Gnocchi chapter 4 . 10/18/2014
This story was amazingly well written! Thank you so very much for the experience! I am so very thankful!
smalsa chapter 4 . 8/18/2014
I hope you understand how hard it is to sometimes review for an author of your talent. Sometimes us readers will get to the end of the chapter and just sit there staring at the screen, scratch our heads and wonder, well, how do I even begin to comment on what I've just read? It's hard to articulate ones thought when all that you really want to do is just shower the person who just wrote this piece of genius with tonnes of praise. I am going to try and fail at trying to articulate what is was about this story, this chapter, that has made me feel this way.

I just want to start off by saying...thank God, my predictions never come to fruition, I had this horrible feeling that Frieza would be slain, but our couple would go there separate ways with hearts full of regret...I'm so glad that didn't happen!

I absolutely adore the way you've manipulated the use of Ki to branding it with your own unique mark. I absolutely loved the idea of all sayains being neutralized of the one thing that gives them power, a lot of authors pick up on this and use ki draining equipment, but you took it further with Frieza wanting it to be castrated from all them. What would it have been like to be stripped away from the very thing that makes up the essence of who you truly are, if Freiza had not wiped the Sayains away, I think they would have been driven insane had they been left to live.

Like with Vigilantes, the use of fluid action scenes is so perfect, you feel as though you're watching it rather than reading it. I particularly enjoyed reading the scene where he killed all the guards, I was reminded of the movie wanted, with the curved bullet, but here it was a stream of Ki. I absolutely adored the flame of his Blue Ki on his one can the description of one finger be so, I never use this word, sexy? The thoughts streaming through Bulmas head as she witnessed it tied in so perfectly with the setting...hope and the fact that there may be a future. Ohhhh and let us not forget our wonderful piece of thread that is weaving in and out of the story, it's funny isn't it, how one associates Bulma with blue more than Vegeta? I love how the association of the colour has shifted from Bulma to Vegeta as the story progressed; it's almost like he's coming back alive again and he is isn't he? After all, it's truly with his Ki that he is brought back to life.

Ahhh the confrontation with Frieza, what an opening! Frieza's first line to Vegeta makes the reader hesitate just a bit, just a bit to wonder if in fact the ice-jin will finally be defeated...and again the action was fluid, you don't bore the reader and in actuality I don't want to know a blow by blow account of what happens, what you give is more than enough. Have I told you how much I adore you for your Bulma, she always has to somehow make herself known, she doesn't stand down. God, can you believe that out of all the people to hit, it would be Freiza himself, I was laughing...but then my heart stopped for a second, God, you have a way of delivering the end of a scene..."Bang" was so powerful and you didn't have to add a description, the reader can conjure up whether he had his hand out in a gun like pose, they can conjure up whether he is serious or laughing like a allow the reader to make use of their imagination and that is so powerful. But you don't end it there do you? No, you have to give us the imagery of Vegeta swooping down in a description that completely contradicts who he angel, well...let me just go and die in fanfiction heaven ey?...but the giddy of me came alive when Vegeta was furious over the blow Bulma took...ahem, there is a small trace of something there. And thank-you for twisting and somehow including my favourite Vegeta line, it was so fitting you know "does an IceJiin like you experience fear?"

Then it ends, and I'm full of dread, because I'm confused, what is going on are they dead? what? How could you do this to me, how could you make Bulma forget? But it's okay, it's all okay in the end and it's such a perfect ending...because it is not the end, its only the beginning. I adored the last few lines, the way she held his hand, the way he let her...the way they are both venturing through the stars off into the unknown, an unknown that no longer has an evil maniac holding it in it's grip...but like with all things is there a happy ending? I'm getting too far ahead, because I have no idea if you'll even want to plan a sequel...a part of me wants the drama, but a part of me wants them to just have a dozen hybrid babies and just be always springandbysummerfall you amaze me with your endless talent. I'm sorry it took me a while to read this, but sometimes I hold back on authors I know who will make me think...because it's a roller coaster as I've said before. As with reciprocity, you have an abundance of fans who'll forever be at your beck and call, I am sure that anyone who discovers your work will wait however long it takes for you to update, so don't worry!
smalsa chapter 3 . 8/18/2014
I don't quite know what to say...I mean there's so much to say, damn you for moving your plots so fast and packing so much into one chapter, where do I even begin?

Firstly I just want to love you for adding in alien terms, I just adore it when authors do that, it really goes the extra mile and subtly reminds the reader about the fact that the setting is not earth or anything human related. Secondly, god, that awful scene in the middle, you know the one I'm talking about...I always love how your Bulma in any fiction always comes back with vengeance, with anger, with spittle and razors flying out of her mouth...but you make her human too, and for all her anger and strength ...which is what I crave in reading, I always want to see a strong female character, in the sense that even when horrors happen, even when she's at her lowest, I want her to break down and cry, moan for a while, but then I want to see her rise from the ashes and do something about her situation. That is exactly what Bulma does, she get up and she does something about it, but she does it her way and moans about it...rolls eyes and laughs at her comment about him being a beast.

And Vegeta, OH MY GOD...I am capitalising that for a I too far-fetched in saying that he truly is the double SS word? If he is, well, Frieza does not stand a chance. I absolutely loved how you wrote that scene, it was brief, but so powerful and I can clearly see every detail of it in my mind. I know Bulma had her shoulder dislocated, but you would have thought she'd think him a sayain after counting in sayaigo...but, she was in a lot of pain and well the relevation of who he is was perfect what with his tail wrapped round her...I do love a Vegeta with a tail! And lastly, I laughed at the line where he final told her who he was ...after all it wouldn't be a canon vegeta if he didn't at least once say: I'm the prince of all sayains.
smalsa chapter 2 . 8/18/2014
I found myself laughing and smiling whilst she recalled the story and then at the end, I was leaning forward firmly glued to my screen with my glasses constantly falling off of my nose...I wanted to scroll the page up, but I have an issue with diverting to other parts of the story if I do that and so I just kept pushing up my glasses..this is what you reduce me to! I never saw the betrayal coming...ah the optimist in me, but this, this is interesting...I want to know how they'll get out of this.

I think what I love here is that they can barely see each other and yet there's this gravitational pull between them...okay so maybe I'm saying that, because I am a BV fan and I want to see what I want to see. And you could say that Bulma has no-one else to talk to...but then what of Vegeta? One can clearly see his fascination with her and he admits to himself that his actions are contradictory, he wants her to shut up, but at the same time doesn't want her to. One could say that he's only intrigued by her, because of her ties to Turles and Bardock and her "plan"...but it's more than that, he's been drawn to her from the second she was dumped in that cell and he can say that it was only to see how long she would last...but to me it was intrigue, an interest, a gravitational pull...and that to me speaks volumes for now, because we all now that gravitation can lead to the laws of attraction...but I don't think I want that for them, not for a long while...I just want this pull between them, this utterly weird connection.
smalsa chapter 1 . 8/18/2014
"When they drug her in all black and blue and tossed her into the adjacent cell, her body hitting the floor with a meaty thump and her cheek burning across the wet cement, he rolled his eyes and curled deeper into the wall.” — I’ve opened up this fiction a dozen times, read the first sentence and clicked the exit button. Not because I dislike it, no, on the contrary the first sentence instantly draws the reader in and well…if the first sentence does that, then what does that tell you? I just know this is going to be an emotional roller coaster, that’s your branding. I know you’re about to wine and dine me on the description of your words, you’ll woo me with the dialogue, but there’s an insecure part of me that knows your about to play with my emotions….do I really want to go on this journey…well, I’m not clicking the exit button this time, let’s see what happens shall we? And this is all based on the first sentence.

What is with the likes of you and defuego ey? Always with the beautiful literary prose, always threading in and out a particular word, until it resonates throughout the whole story like an echo in a cave. So many have used and based their stories around black and blue and it’s fitting. But you take it to another level, you engrave it into everything; from hair to eyes, from skin to the soul, from actions to thoughts...from words on paper, you breath life into these characters and you paint them in such bold, vivid colours…black and blue, ruby red and dusty red, sea green and ultramarines.

The set-up of the storyline is beyond perfect…Vegeta has obviously decided to give up after being teared down again and again…and in comes Bulma…in comes everything that he used to stand for…and so Bulma will hopefully reignite everything that he once was…I love it!

"Turning away from her ultramarines and sea greens, distinctive and alien juxtaposed against the barren whites and rusty reds of his desert world, turning away from the siren's call of her energy and audacity and drifting back into the black, the harsh and withering black paint strokes all over his cell and his heart, over his once gutsy contempt and defiance of the annexation of his home world to Frieza's icy clutches, where he waited in an empty hum for all this to end.” — I want to take all of this chapter and lay it out before you…but that’s not a review, so we shall have to stick with this. I read this paragraph out loud a few times, oh it’s so beautiful, every word is a tile perfectly selected to form a mosaic which carries the weight of a story many would take chapters to tell.
Bestbuds55 chapter 4 . 3/14/2014
Really liked it, you did a great job! :D
ShiftersFate chapter 4 . 1/30/2014
I loved this one! I wish it continued a little more into them coming together but all in all it was touching :D
The Monkey Princeling chapter 4 . 1/16/2014
Aww, finished already? It was a really good read. If a little longer it could have become one of those epic dark stories with a lot of interesting things building up the end. You had so many interesting things going on and I would have liked to see more of Bulma's life before she ended up in the cell. Her life with the saiyans. And that castration, that was very interesting! But I liked the story short as well, it worked, and I found myself thinking it was rather cute at the end :) Thank you for the good read!
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