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Release Me chapter 28 . 5h
I really like how a few thing's in the chapter linked together I knew the moment Marada son spoke of a kid helping him I knew it was mema I flipped out when I read that I hope they meet! I also laughed at that dinner still laughing I very much like how Sasuke was man enough to stop putting his foot his mouth say sorry to naruto as well as be nice to his X Nice to see then he was like hurt him aging and I'll bet you're ass I loved it so much XD. Also I feel bad Deidara but then I don't cuz he needs to stop being a brat and learn his lesson about steeling money he very lucky to have Itachi I hope they do well together. Also I thought I was going to die when mema ask the difference between a cucumber in a pickle I cryed omg still crying over it. Sorry if I seem to shorting names I can’t spell very well. Anyways I can’t wait for what happens next I'm really wondering when naruto gonna find out more about his family i really look forward to that and I'm dieing to know about that talk Sasuke and his dad had about naruto’s dad I'm just really can’t wait to see how that goes it's going to be really interesting to see how that goes! Great chapter as always!
YaoiTora chapter 28 . 6h
Chapter good! Loved it! I can't wait to read what happens next :)
Tee chapter 28 . 7/23
Great update and I'm wondering if there's going to be some nakamen going on in the future
Melyway chapter 28 . 7/23
Utakata vs Sasuke! It's going to be interesting.
kimi chapter 28 . 7/23
I love the song let's do it again by j boog. I so happy you used it. I wonder why itachi doesnt just date menma its obvious of the attraction, he should just dump deidara. I loved the update.
AiMila chapter 28 . 7/23
sigh...there is so much going on that i dont know where to im just gonna say that i enjoyed this chapter and cant wait til the next one comes
Kigen Dawn chapter 28 . 7/23
Interesting... Makes me wonder what would happen if itachi and menma came to visit madara and Naka got to meet his savior.
KH freak 813 chapter 28 . 7/23
I'm glad Naruto and Sasuke made up! n_n
darkhuntressxir chapter 28 . 7/23
finally they made up!
eskimo-cones chapter 28 . 7/23
whaaa what a great chapter thank you! i have the same birthday as sasuke and i turned 21 and lets just say your update made my day
VongolaDecima027 chapter 28 . 7/23
Yay they made up! SasuNaru is love~ ahem now on to the actual review. U enjoyed this chapter so much. One request though can we please get some more Itachi and Menma smex? Those two are SUPER adorable together -whoops, wrong series lol. No but seriously, I'm losing the love for Diedara and in kinda not sorry
secret-sorrow chapter 28 . 7/22
I'm fine with buses as long as there is aircon. I have a love/hate relationship with taxis though.

And we now have new characters in the story :D I'm looking forward to your next chapter. please keep up the good work!
IWriteIReadIBreath chapter 28 . 7/22
I feel you on the brattyness, Turning 20 soon but I still can't bring my self to take the bus somewhere haha. Great chapter i really love itachi's and menma's relationship
Amora.Lee chapter 21 . 7/21
Its probably just me but i find Memna and Itachi's relationship Creeepy Orochi Sasuke creepy.
PortgasDSeshru chapter 27 . 7/21
Sasuke DEFINITELY hates to admit that he's jealous xD
Great chapter!
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