Reviews for Fairy Tail's Guardian Fox
Guest chapter 6 . 5/1
overall great story, really loved it. just a few thing got me to, how do I say, umm slightly dislike this story. like for one, the whole "Nine waking up and being weak after one tailed beast bomb", seriously? he's got Kurama AND the juubi and he's still getting weak from something as trivial as chakra depletion? I mean kaguya was sealed off without chakra for the betterment of a century and look how she turned out when she fist came back to life

and lastly, naruto keeping his nine tailed from after waking up. well it was cool when he was a giant ya know? but then when he shrunk down, performmes the shadow clone jutsu, does the flying thunder
Siera-Knightwalker chapter 6 . 4/23
Please make a few thing AU or its going to be very boring...
god of all chapter 6 . 4/5
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
Astroman1000 chapter 6 . 2/27
Another story lost to the sands of time, and this one was shaping up to be so good too...
Ah well for what it was
Thx ;)
Guest chapter 6 . 2/24
You have got to update mate. This is too awesome to not finish
NeKo19-94 chapter 6 . 2/25
Next plis
TheAliceHuntt chapter 1 . 2/6
holy shit that was great
Emperor-Aurora chapter 1 . 2/6
Go to Hell Kishimoto lover.
Lizzy4296 chapter 6 . 1/19
please update soon! DDD: pleaseeee
Kidd Uzumaki chapter 4 . 12/13/2016
Funny how I was reading this then had to look up what an ahoge was cause i didn't know it was hair, then animenewsnetwork had the 15 anime characters with ahoge and i ended up finding a really good anime to watch after im done with this fanfic so thanks for adding a term i was unfamiliar with.
Guest chapter 6 . 12/5/2016
Guest chapter 1 . 11/11/2016
Holy...shit..That was perfect!
yokishko chapter 6 . 10/15/2016
I really like this... But it kinda let me down too. I mean it was my first real hope of finding a Naruto in Fairy Tail crossover without a pairing (I'm seriously sick of all the Naruto-Harem, NaruErza, NaruMira, etc. pairings with this crossover combination — and to think I'm a closet romantic).

Anyway I hope you get over your block, I'd like to see if I'll like the story enough that I can deal with the romance (but I'm hopeful that your "rare" pairing will be just as riveting so that I can stop hating on the Naruto-Fairy Tail crossover romances)
Asuka1920 chapter 6 . 9/5/2016
Please continue!
Loven this story!
LightningmasterRyu chapter 6 . 8/29/2016
this wasn't bad. you gonna finish it?
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