Reviews for The lost but found love a pewdiepie love story
rezly chapter 2 . 1/2/2016
its just another day but camping huh pewdiepie...if i could just-
"hey rezly! you're daydreaming again"rezly opened her eyes she was in the bus "huh!?..janice! you dont have to shout"i said while looking upset "ofcourse im your sister and im the one responsible if you have your headache again" and she seat next to me "okay" i looked at the window thinking about pewdiepie saying on my mind "is he happy with marzia?" almost dropping a tear of her eyes suddenly "everyone off the bus now! were at our camping place!" said,all of us got off the bus going through the place "ma'am are we there yet" the boys said "oh come on look at the girls they are still active right girls!" our teacher said with a thorny voice "uhmm yeah were okay" saying it trying not to be obvious "oh god" janice said with a frowny face while im looking right and left to explore more with my eyes when suddenly "oh my gosh ah!" i said when i saw pewdiepie, everyone started looking at me like crazy "rezly! your shouting like a dying tuna!" janice said "well if im a dying tun-" "well were here our camping place!" ms elizabeth said and i was so shocked when i knew that our camping area was just beside pewdiepie's area "omfg! he is here!" i was about to go to pewdiepie when janice hold me back "are you insane!? dont go there! your too obsessed!" janice said with a very serious face "oh come on please janice!" pewdiepie saw us and smiled, my heart melted that i could already die "come on if you locked yourself in your room full of pictures of felix and looking drunk dad will kill me!" janice said "okay fine, just because your my sister" hours has past and all our tents was set up and almost sunset it was time for our break everyone went inside of their tents and do things they usually do janice was busy with her friends and thought that this is a perfect time to go and talk to pewdiepie. i hide behind the trees peeking at him playing his guitar with a wonderful voice and i told my self "what am i doing i cant let janice down but pewdiepie is there...well i'll take my chances" i walk slowly going to pewdiepie my heart was beating wildly in every step i make and pewdiepie noticed me he said "uhmm hey?" and i stand there frozen "uhm are you okay?" he stand and walk going to me my heart was beating fast and faster until i cant breath when he was closer to me i cant breath and i fainted pewdiepie said "hey ms are you okay!? hey wake up!" the class heard the scream and they all went out janice saw me on the floor "oh no anyone knows CPR! please!"janice said crying and shouting "i know CPR!" pewdiepie said "then go save my sister! i will do anything!" he did the CPR and a can feel his lips pressing againts mine and suddenly marzia shouted "felix!" pewdiepie looked at marzia froze "i cant believe you!" marzia started tearing "no marzia she needed CP-" marzia started running
Silverwolf0831 chapter 2 . 11/16/2013
Daymn, Marzia must've been really mad