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M.Lalonde chapter 15 . 10/21
Maybe this review is at a point where you don't even remember having written something in Spanish but I don't understand why them bother about it... if I see something in another language that I don't understand, I don't make drama.

By the way maybe you already know, but some things are badly translated into Spanish. If it's a future you want to write again in Spanish, I will be happy to help if you wish.

Even if my English isn't very good.
M.Lalonde chapter 14 . 10/21
That was a very convincing and unexpected Joker.

Although I know it will take me a while to catch up with so many episodes I don't feel uncomfortable, if not excited.
M.Lalonde chapter 13 . 10/21
"Because cartoon-werewolf logic dictates that even though all the clothes are torn off they somehow magically reappear in shredded form when the person has transformed back"

I swear that in that part of the chapter I had never thought to read something like this, despite the seriousness of the story I have been laughing without realizing it.

It's really nice.
M.Lalonde chapter 12 . 10/21
"Me pregunto si alguien que no podía hablar español en realidad traduce todas nuestras líneas sólo para entender lo que se decía." Mas answered back."

I speak Spanish so reading this made me laugh and wonder if the others were actually using the translator.

I was willing to leave reviews until the end of the fanfic but I could not resist, I hope it doesn't bother you.
Supreme King of all Kings chapter 6 . 10/20
Taken. Definity from Taken.
RPGPersona chapter 49 . 9/5
Well, Tamara is off on her way to her childhood home. Unfortunately for her, I have a feeling that her vacation is not going to be as relaxing as she hopes it to be. At least the baby is sleeping comfortably, so count your blessing. Whenever you stuff a large number of people together in a small area, you are going to end up with problems. Between different views and beliefs, and people who are just nasty, crime and violence is unavoidable.

Raven really used all her strength on that last phasing. She is completely out of it now. Lets hope the others keep her out of harms way. Of course it there would be more infected where they end up as well. It couldn't be that easy. With both Beast Boy and Nightwing carrying Raven, there is only Cyborg and Starfire to hold off the hoard. Luckily they are the two with range attacks. The door is broken as well. I suppose that shouldn't be surprising. Any door that could be closed would have been during the initial outbreak.

Cyborg's blast gave the team time and let Nightwing cut off the broken handle, it still wasn't enough time to pull the door shut. Cyborg was going to sacrifice himself before Beast Boy beat him to the punch. To be fair, out of the five of them, Beast Boy is the one who can avoid the horde the easiest with his shifting. Now the others are in pitch blackness with nothing but each other to watch.

Back to Jason now. So he is using the money Batman gave him to buy a gun. I can understand not wanting to rely on a handout for living expenses. That could lead to problems later with budget balancing. I suppose wasting the money on frivolous things would be even worse. Can't say I approve of how he spend the money. I think Jason has been watching too many movies if he wants a bat that badly for his revenge fight. A crowbar is more practical and less prone to breaking.

Oh boy, it sounds like Beast Boy managed to get a bit lost from his attempts to lose the hoard. Considering he needs to use small forms to avoid attention it might be quite difficult finding his way back.

I spoke to soon, Cyborg is shutting down to recover and Raven is unconscious now as well. Looks like it is just Nightwing and Starfire now. I am glad Nightwing is smart enough to realize that his plan to charge in blind was a failure and that pushing forward in their condition would be pointless. I am also glad that even if Nightwing didn't get any other direct backup for the mission he made sure the league was aware of what is going on so the exit could be monitored.

And in sharp contrast, here we have Immortus who had a strong plan from the start, combined with knowing the layout. It is easy to see why he is almost at his prize. Everyone had a role to play and with the mind control chips Immortus had, played them perfectly.

I will admit, I never considered that angle for the money Batman gave away. He gave Jason money for the sole purpose of seeing how he would spend it, and using that to judge his character. Colour me impressed. I hope Batman hasn't forgotten what Immortus is working on during all this.

Welp, not exactly surprising considering how prepared Immortus was, but Ratcatcher has the horn now. Even worse, it seems to give them power over those infected by the horn's power. The situation is much worse than I previous thought. Meanwhile, Beast Boy noticing the strange behavior of the infected and is following them right to the source. Boy am I worried about what might happen to him.

Oh Nightwing, I can tell you are trying, you really are. You truly want to mend things with Starfire, but you are also blind to the real reason for her distress. It is almost painful seeing you try so hard trying to make amends while being blind to the problem. I guess Starfire has gotten tired of dancing around the issue and just straight up told Nightwing what the problem was. Yeah, he was not ready to hear that and appears to have no idea how to proceed. At least now he realizes what he did when he said Batman, and by extension, Batgirl will always come first for him. Now the important thing is what will Nightwing do from here? How much does Nightwing love Starfire? Will he open himself up to her regardless of the risks.

I am not sure if Cyborg waking up now is a good thing or bad thing. On the one hand, Nightwing lost his chance to do something right now, but on the other hand, Nightwing now has a chance to think about what he wants to say with Starfire instead of a rushed response that might make things worse.

Of course Raven's other side would wake up now. I really hope Beast Boy keeps both eyes and ears open, since he is going to need to be at his best.
arya-demon4-bloodmoon chapter 49 . 8/15
That ended well!
Like that cliffhanger, I'm interested in what happens to Raven now that she is all zombie like, haha get it? ;) I will stop now.
Anyway, since Beast Boy is going the same way, I wonder if he will be the one to get her back to herself.
I gota admit I completely forgot about the whole Starfire jealousy thing. Sorry. But I like that her jealousy is not from that she thinks there is any romance between Nightwing and Batgirl, but from that Batgirl knows a side of Nightwing that she doesn't.
Um, about the zombies if I had to choose it will be the slow ones, because they are easier to kill. Also the in my opinion the fast ones are more creepy because they are faster, and because of that you only have time to register their creepiness before they eat you! The slower one they give you time to register their creepiness and prepare yourself.
So I choose the slow zombies. Unless it is a slow clown zombie. I rather fight three fast zombies than one slow clown zombie. I hate clowns, because they scare me and they're creppy.
Anyway, still love this story. Hope you keep updating. And,
Peace and Love my friend.
PsychoNinjaWolf chapter 49 . 8/8
Amazing, as always. I keep half expecting some Justice League members to bust in at any moment lol and I thought pestilence was going to get bit for sure. Man, I don't know what's worse, mindless Zombies or mind controlled Zombies in the hands of your enemies.

The length of the chapters usually make up for the length of the wait :) A lot of authors go months or years in between updates and the chapters aren't even that long. I don't mind waiting as long as I know it's going to be updated. (Which I do lol)

Take you're time. We all know life comes first.

You're amazing and for the 100th time 'I love this story!'
JasonVUK chapter 49 . 8/8
:v well this chapter is gunna be filling my nightmares.

I sense bad things over the horizon :c
Anon 87 chapter 48 . 6/2
Nazi story ever!
mochafraptor chapter 19 . 5/31
Wow… I don't think I've seen an example of such masterful writing in a single chapter in all my time here on this site… I'm really just left in awe.
RPGPersona chapter 48 . 5/19
I get that time is of essence with the world on the line, but it feels like Nightwing grabbed the team and headed out without any explanation of discussion. That also means there was no reconciling between Nightwing and his other team mates before heading out. At least the distance to the sight means that Nightwing has time to explain what is going on.

There is that lingering resentment that Nightwing did nothing to address before heading out. While he is a smart person and a great crime fighter, he can be really blind sometimes. Batgirl has a real excuse since she had a real life to live. Batman's excuse is a bit more shaky. On the one hand, I am face palming at Nightwing thinking he needs to talk to Starfire on his terms. It shows he missed the point of why Starfire is mad. Starfire can understand his point of view, that is why she said she trusts him before he left before. The issue is he still can see things from his team mates perspective. On the other hand, he at least realizes how badly he messed up with Starfire.

Oh boy Nazi zombies, someone bring up the cliche clipboard. Are we sure that the Titans are heading off to Castle Wolfenstein and are trying to reclaim the Spear of Destiny, and not the horn? These sound more like mutants than zombies, since the Lazarus Pit most likely keeps the experiments alive, but prevents their bodies from decaying as well. That means they shouldn't count on them being slow. On the debate of fast versus slow. The terror of slow zombies comes from them being a unstoppable mass that overwhelms you with shear numbers and resilience. Terror from a fast zombie is no different from that of any monster that has mobility.

Hot off the press of Nightwing explaining the cult surrounding the four relics that Immortus seeks, we have the introduction of Tamara. She is the daughter of a family that is deeply tied to the cult, though she cut ties with doom club to live her own life. She reminds me of Raven's mother, only she ran away both from her overbearing parents and the cults, instead of running into the cult after escaping her parents. I am sure she will be important later, and most likely linked to the last relic, the spear.

Back with the team, it appears that Immortus' group has entered first, but the signs point to a recent entry, so the race is still on. Here comes Trigon taunting Raven again. You can't fool me Trigon. You can talk about how your victory is assured, how Raven will do ask you want, and how you plan to keep her close, but all I see in you is fear. If your victory was so assured, there would be no need to contact Raven and taunt her like this. You are trying to to break her hope and shake her faith in her bond with the team. You know it was these things that lead to your previous defeat. Even your keeping Raven close is you following the keep your enemies closer philosophy. Gloat all you want, but as long as Raven doesn't give up, you can't win.

While the body is clearly malnourished, it does not appear to be decaying like a zombie. The team needs to ready a game plan for these guys.

Meanwhile, Immortus is slowly making his way through. He unfortunately knows the layout of this facility and where to go. He also made time to create a strategy to deal with the horde, in the form of Rouge's powers and a thick metal plate. It is smart, and any leaks can be quickly plugged. That is something Nightwing didn't stop to do before running off to chase Immortus. It looks like Immortus is going to get the horn first at this rate. That came faster than I expected. I wasn't expecting Immortus to get rewarded by Trigon for his service so soon. He has been infected, meaning his days are officially numbered. At least once he is gone Rouge and Ratcatcher will be free.

Yeah, the team is just winging it at this point, which considering where they are and how fatal any injury will be is not a good thing. They won't get anywhere like this. Raven gave them a small reprieve by phasing them through the floor, but that can't save them in the long run. It takes up too much energy from Raven. They are going to need a plan if they want to survive this.
arya-demon4-bloodmoon chapter 48 . 5/14
That. Was. Awesome. Nazi Zombies. You introduced nazi zombies into the story. Jajaja There is one thing this story will never be: boring.
I like the part where Nightwing was so frustrated because the team was arguing about which is worse: fast zombies vs slow zombies.
I'm glad Raven confessed to everyone about the dreams. It shows that she has grown, especially (and ironically) thanks to Beast Boy.
Like always you have left in suspense and intrigue about what happens next. Can't wait for the next chapter.
Peace and Love my friend.
JasonVUK chapter 48 . 5/9
Those zombies were freaking creepy! DX So creepy!
mochafraptor chapter 12 . 5/3
Possibly one of the most genius and well thought out stories I've ever had the pleasure of reading on this site. This is amazing and I can't wait to continue reading!
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