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RPGPersona chapter 47 . 4/2
This has not been a good night for Barbara. To be fair, the villain hospital that Batman found and the pickup of the tired and injured Titans were both important reason to break up the Gordon. Doesn't make the sting of having dinner cancelled any less annoying.

Oh Beast Boy, it is noble that you wanted to take the old man with you. Your ability to offer a helping hand to people even in desperate situations is one of your greatest qualities. Reminds me of the main character from the series A Certain Magical Index, Touma Kamijou. He is the type to to lend a helping hand to save anyone he sees needing it, even if they are yesterday's enemies. But David has the right to chose his own path. If this is where the path he chooses to follow leads, then you have to respect that decision. Regardless of David's chances, death is not certain for him, and I am sure as long as there is a chance he will keep going forward.

Batman raises a good point about getting the League involved in this. Putting Trigon's last rise to power aside, having the heroes of the world run around like chickens with their head cut off hoping to stumble upon something is not very productive or efficient. You could have made an argument about League backup during the Titan's mission, but now that the trail has gone cold, there is not much point. Batman's description makes the situation pretty grim, with Trigon's power already influencing the world and causing disasters. Until the League knows where to strike, having them handle the other crisis across the world seems wise.

Oh boy, here comes some unnecessary drama during this crisis. It is bad enough having to chase the villain's shadows without creating more tension between the people who are working together. Whether Batgirl means to or not, she is creating some serious friction between herself Starfire and Nightwing. Then there is the whole keeping the others out of the bat cave. Cyborg raises a good point about his repairs. I doubt the money in the ship would have covered that, not to mention there would be no way to keep that low key. What would have happened if Cyborg didn't have a trump card to play? Regardless, I don't think Nightwing's team is happy with Batman shoving them under the rug like unwanted trash and with Nightwing agreeing without any real protest.

I think it is less that the other Titans dislike you Barbara, and more they are angry at Batman's treatment of them. You being part of the 'bat family' makes them a bit angry at you by proxy. ...Okay maybe Starfire actually doesn't like you with how close you seem to be to Nightwing. Sorry Nightwing, that that don't take it personally statement was stupid. I am pretty sure Barbara is supposed to take Starfire's lack of approval toward her personally since you, Nightwing, are at the center of it.

So by saying you will make due with the seedy love nest room, you mean your team will while you are in the bat cave. Wait, the other should have known when they became a team they would be kept out of the loop. I feel like that is an oxymoron of sorts, or at least a poor way to run a team. Nightwing, you know that what you basically said amounts to I trust you, but Batman will always come first. That is not the thing Starfire would want to hear. I also think that responding to Starfire goodbye in such a bland manner was not what she was hoping for either. Hopefully you realize you need to make things up to her after this.

Nightwing is finding all kinds of ways to put his foot in his mouth this evening and his foot isn't even detachable like Cyborg's. At least Cyborg is getting the repairs he desperately needs. Since this is the Batman we are taking about, I am not surprised he has detailed intel on the Teen Titans, including Cyborg's schematics. It makes the repair process go that much faster, but it doesn't give the Batman any brownie points with Cyborg.

I suppose when you are as close to nature as Beast Boy, and have as unique DNA as he does, braving the shower of a seedy hotel room is not that dangerous. As expected, Starfire is taking being trapped in the room the worst out of them all. Nightwing really should have found a slightly better hiding place for his team. I can't really blame Starfire for wanting fresh air even if it means ignoring orders. Nightwing could have handled all this better.

It didn't actually occur to me until after they started talking, but Starfire leaving gives Beast Boy the perfect opportunity to talk to Raven in private about what happened. Beast Boy is getting pretty good at comforting Raven. I see he is still employing the tactic he used when comforting Raven after Malchior. Instead of trying to directly refute Raven's claim, which focus on the negative, he instead accepted that Raven had her dark side, but that it wasn't what defined her. Darkness lies in every heart. Sometimes the heart is weak and gives in, but inside every heart there is a light that never goes out. I am sure Beast Boy has no intention of ever giving up on Raven's light. Now i am just quoting Kingdom Hearts.

Here we go, Beast Boy has gotten to the core of the issue. As expected, Raven is blaming herself for the death of David's brother. I would say that David's brother died the moment he became the Wendigo by giving into hunger and resorting to cannibalism. In the end, David made the tough choice, Raven is no more at fault than Beast Boy. Also, I think Raven is wrong about how she would have taken Beast Boy's life in Nevermore. Both time Raven gave into Death, it was for Beast Boy's sake, to save his life. No matter how wrong that side of her feels to her, I like to think she did it more out of love than fear. I see Beast Boy realizes that there is no easy turn around from what Raven just said, it looks like he is steeling himself to say something important.

Impressive Beast Boy, and I absolutely agree with your reasoning. Sometimes bad things happen. Sometimes you have a bad day and everything is beyond your control. What matter at that point is not whether is feel guilty or not, but how you move forward from it. Humans are weak, imperfect creatures, but that is also what gives us so much potential. Because we stumble and make mistakes, we learn from them and grow. Because we are weak, we band together into families, teams, communities, cities, countries. If a problem is too big for one person to handle, then you stand together with your friends until you pull through. It doesn't matter if Raven can control Death on her own, if her friends can help and bring her back to herself even when she is on the brink, I believe everything can work out.

Those are some powerful words Beast Boy is saying and their light is strong enough to cut through the darkness smothering Raven, just like when he was in her mind. He is not just giving empty advice about coming together and overcoming trials as a team. He is also taking his own advice by sharing with Raven the darkest parts of his life, that he tried to carry by himself up until now. Actions do speak louder than words. This is a part I love about fanfiction. Most of my knowledge of Beast Boy's past has come from fanfiction, the last bits from wiki articles. I am still trying to collect the all Teen Titan comic volumes that the show was based on. I just love seeing different author's explore the past of my favourite characters like Beast Boy. Everyone has their own little twists and flourishes to add. The event Beast Boy described was rough. Not many people could go through that and be able to press on. I think by sharing his story, Beast Boy has gotten through to Raven. The cloud of darkness around seems to have dissipated somewhat.

Okay, I didn't see the twist that Francis was actually Otto. With all the crazy human experiments he has done, including organ transplants, finding a way to extend his life by transplanting organs isn't that far fetched. Pretty gruesome to think about, though. At least knowing who he really is made it easier for Batman to bargain with Otto. He was able to use Immortus' plan for ending the world to get Otto to talk and agree to their terms. Lets hope with the information he provides, the team can get one step ahead in stead of chasing tail.

I think Cyborg and Nightwing got what they needed, but Starfire is another story. I think Nightwing needs to have a heart to heart with Starfire in order for her to have peace. Okay, breaking the tension but having the bed vibrate was hilarious. Good job Beast Boy.
Guest chapter 47 . 3/27
Such a good story please dont destroy robxstar they deserves eachother like they were suposed to get married before the writer left dc and all your butiksingÄngen them dont destroy that and focus more on bbxrae
CupcakeGoodness101 chapter 47 . 3/11
I love the magic fingers at the end! :)
Superstzas chapter 47 . 3/9
Please more robxstar they belong togehter make nightwing do something romantic for her Maybe just tell her how much he loves her and sees a bright future together andshe does too and show her his past flying graysons but just for her some romantic gesture to her a filler chapter about them their Love and a engagement and your story is so good please continu
PsychoNinjaWolf chapter 47 . 3/7
Lol that was the best ending to a chapter yet. Speaking of endings, six alternate endings!? Dang. I know I'm gonna love the ending no matter how you do it (because seriously, by now, I honestly don't think I could be unsatisfied with anything you put in this story) but are you planning on posting any of the alternate endings?

I love vanilla coke :) it's my favorite lol

I like how you're progressing Beast Boy and Ravens relationship, you're doing a lot better then what you think you are. Honestly the bbrae paring is what brought me to this fic and I live for their little moments but I enjoy fanfictions that are plot drivin. I like that the romance isn't so thick that it takes away from the story. You have an amazing blend of genres lol. Action, adventure, romace, suspense, mystery, a little drama, and even horror in that last chapter haha.

Anyway, Alfred Pennyworth would rule with an iron fist lol I would like to know what his fail-safe for Alfred would be.

That's something I've always admired about Batman, he always has a contingency plan. It's not about trust with him, it's about the 'what if's. Anything could happen and he's prepared for that anything.

As for the move, I feel for ya. We just went through a move and it literally took us all of February to get everything straightened out. Of course we have a sixteen month old that likes to make things more difficult then what they have to be lol but it's still a lot of work regardless.

Well, good luck to you, keep up with the amazing writing, and no rush. Like I've said many times before quality over good timing.
arya-demon4-bloodmoon chapter 47 . 3/6
Like always another great chapter. I like it more that it has a Beast Boy/Raven moment. I notice the update at 6:00am and naturally I read it. This story did what no cup of enough coffee has done, which is keep me awake in the morning. So thank you.
Can't wait for another chapter.
Peace and Love my friend.
Mag2k chapter 46 . 2/28
Hi, sorry I am late for my review. I had to read this third time, to make sure i got a good understanding of what going on. Let me get this off my chest, Jason Todd. Is this just a cameo? Whether or not it is, I am over joyed and sadden all at the same time. I'm am happy because you introduced another member of the bat family. However you introduced him as Jason Todd not as Robin or even RedHood. Now if you still stand by that this stories happens after Trouble in Tokyo and season 6. Then that means Jason Todd isn't or rather wasn't Red-x. It comes to my attention, that Jason Todd didn't become Robin till after Richard became Night Wing. So I'm just sad. I don't think Jason could steal the suit and defeat the titans without training with Batman first. I gotta ask who do you think Red-x is? And if should just give up on you ever putting Red-x in this story?
The Beast and Rage: Why do you purposefully not ever tell the story in The Beast or Rage(Raven) perspective? You are always switching to someone else. I would like to see you tell the story through the eyes of a primal beast and demonic emotions of raven.
By the way, Is it really rage that takes control, whenever Beast boy is about to well die? Or is it really fear(Timid)? Also did the Wendi-go beat The Beast, because Beast Boy himself was already fatigued?
Final question, should I be concerned that Beast boy can't bring back raven when she let's another emotion take control? Because that means she a liability. A better question, if it were Robin, would raven snap out of it sooner? I think so.

Where to now? The titans are in woods, hurt and fatigued. Things aren't looking so good.
So how much more action is there? Are things going to be slowing down or staying how they are now. I don't care really. I would like to remind you, that if you want to pull in more readers, fluff always gets people attention. However, I love the action in this story, your description is amazing. This story only lacks great romance. You are great at action, preaching( With characters), and twist and turns. But this story fails to capture readers who enjoy the Drama and Romance. Then again this story really isn't about that. It is different and I like that.
Can I just say, your description/storytelling from ravens point of view is getting really good. I like the reference to rage, determination and logic( More please)
You gave every character the spotlight and the stakes are still high. Excellent job!
By the way, is Bumble Bee and CY gonna become a thing?
I still would like it if you some how Incorporated Melvin, Teether and Tommy into the story.( have teether call raven and bb his parents and let Raven emotion act wild)
So will this really be the end of this story once this arc comes to the end? Will you write more Teen Titans stories after this one? I hope so...
Till next time.
Guest chapter 46 . 2/22
Please update soon and loving robxstar want more couple related things With them kissing and such and please dont bring batgirl in too destroy them
Guest chapter 46 . 2/12
Awsome story please continue With robxstar they are meant for eachother like in the comic world they where suposed to be happily matros but writer had other comics to finish so it was written by another With the evil raven destroying their wedding true story look it up but please keep them togehter after so long you had a good debelopment of them
Mr. Anonymous chapter 46 . 2/11
OHMIGODOHMIGODOHMIGODOHMIGOD THIS STORY IS SOOOO AWESOOOME! (Squeals and runs around like a fangirl.) So,Yeah. The storyline has me intrigued, the story arcs are great! I mean, the plot seems basic, but you make it work so well! I especially liked the Deadshot backstory part-you handled it like a pro. Keep up the good work,dude (dudette? I'm not sure of your gender.) Regardless, update soon!
RPGPersona chapter 46 . 1/29
For some reason I was under the impression from the previous chapter that Dulmacher had escaped the same way that Hush did. Well, that PA announcement was ominous. You would think an emergency like that would have a panic button instead of someone having to corner themselves in a room to announce it. The fact that most of the staff and patients are running towards Batman without batting an eyes shows hows how bad that warning is. The only ones who stopped are probably the thugs too dumb to fully realize the danger.

And suddenly we have human chimaeras. Insert horror reference here. I am sure if I was someone who liked horror, I could think of some horror based media that has human experimentation like this. That is pretty messed up. I don't even want to think about how many lives Dulmacher played around with in his experiments.

David certainly took plenty of damage in the fall. He did survive, so that is a plus. Interesting, this is where David's father took down the previous Wengido, and the location of both of their graves. Madam Rouge of course is unharmed. Her presence along with the chest did give David something to focus on. With his injuries and his frazzled mental state, it might keep him alive longer.

Really Cyborg, you know Raven, Nightwing, and Starfire are chasing Madam Rouge and that the others are probably nearby. Do you really think you have the luxury to take it slow? At least the explosion snapped Cyborg to his senses.

For a second a was going to ask why Raven was carrying Nightwing instead of Starfire, then the explosion happened. That is one way to get to David. The only good thing about Rouge being a mindless slave, she doesn't have her intelligence. Looks like in her haste to obey orders, she didn't think if she could take the chest with her on her planned escape route. Oh boy, just what the teamed needed, another Wendigo. Now might be a good time to give David his gun back, before he is eaten.

Beast Boy rubbing off on Raven as she tempts fate with her little comment. Of course Rouge cold morph into the shape of a Wendigo to get it to attack only the heroes. I guess the Wendigo isn't smart enough to register that Rouge is a fake. I am not sure how smart you can fight when faced with a monster that wants to eat your flesh.

Here we go, fight time. Ever time it looked like the heroes might gain the advantage, the presence of the Wendigo made things difficult. Cyborg appears to have arrived just in time. I wonder what the shells are made out of if they are made non lethal when fired from a mini-gun.

Batman must still be recovering from the effects of the drugs put in his system earlier if he didn't consider that Dulmacher might be hiding somewhere other than the blankets. Sometimes the obvious trap is too obvious. Good thing Dulmacher isn't Deadshot and Batman has his suit. Dulmacher got a bit too cocky there and it cost him his escape.

Yeah, Cyborg should have had a plan after the barrage of bullets stopped. Rouge is also made of rubber, so those bullets were never going to do any real damage. Beast Boy of course is off after the Wendigo, near where Raven is. Maybe the ship needs some kind of shock attack for creatures that mount the ship. Beast Boy's presence made sure that Raven could focus fully on Rouge without worrying about her back. Lucky for Cyborg. Good job Cyborg, you destabilized Rouge, now follow it up with a capture before she reforms and attacks again.

Of course Raven would feel the blast as well, can't have things going well. Starfire is back up, that is good. I repeat that now is the time to actually capture Rouge before she recovers. So Raven also realizes that Beast Boy is rubbing off on her. Yeah, the others are forgetting about Rouge, which is going to bite them later.

I would say that it would be Cyborg's or Starfire's job to secure the chest since they dealt the blows to Rouge. But Raven being worried about Beast Boy and rushing to help him is natural given their current relationship. At least Nightwing has his eye on the prize, though I think Starfire should have grabbed the chest from Nightwing since she can fly with it. Really Cyborg, you are going to check the ship instead of making sure Rouge stays down. You are just asking for trouble. Yep, there goes his cannon arm and the advantage he had on Rouge. At least Starfire was still close enough to help Cyborg.

This is a tough spot. Beast Boy and Raven are holding on, but it is a stalemate and things could go bad with a single mistake. With Cyborg's damage, Starfire is trying to hold off Rouge on her own. Having Cyborg take the chest with his injury might not have been the best move, though with Starfire in trouble, I see why he did it. Maybe swapping places with Starfire and having Starfire hide the chest might have been the ideal solution.

Just what Batman wanted while trying to leave, cops showing up promptly and someone trying to steal the batmobile. Luckily both are much easier to deal with then the hospital of horrors.

Okay, never mind, Nightwing had a plan. Interesting that the sonic attack also disrupted the control Immortus has over Rouge. Since the technology is the Mad Hatter's hat, shouldn't Starfire be able to remove the device mind controlling Rouge to bring Immortus down one horseman. Immortus was watching the whole time, it makes sense he would join in the fight if it looked like Rouge would lose. The fire of war, really Immortus. That is just cliche. Yeah, Cyborg wasn't in proper shape to handle Rouge while carrying the chest. It least he managed to not be totally dismantled by Rouge.

With Raven down, it looks like Beast Boy has decided to tip the scales but using his Beast form. While Beast Boy is doing quite well on his own compared to the others, he is still not able to gain a definite advantage, and is taking damage. Oh boy, it looks like Raven's death persona might come out as well.

Hopefully Nightwing's tracker found its mark and is not discovered. They might be able to track Immortus and pursue him. The team is in no shape to pursue as is. Oh boy, Raven stopped the Wendigo from killing Beast Boy, but it appears she will step back and let David finish it. I had a feeling when David's father's corpse showed up but not his brother, but it is confirmed that Drew became a Wendigo. It appears that Beast Boy had a harder time with what happened than David did. For someone like Beast Boy who always tries to find the good in people and tries to save lives above all else, that couldn't have been easy. It is a slippery slope what David did. You could start a long debate about mercy killing and if it is the right thing to do. I do think that David had the right to choose.

Wonder who this kid is. He is getting too much of an introduction to be nobody. To no one's surprise, Batman has no problems handling him. The whole do you kill criminals debate is also something you could talk a lot about. The way I see it, the moment you start killing criminals as a hero, you start taking playing god with the world. Deciding who deserves to live and die. In a way you are taking away people's free will. Letting the criminal live to kill another day might not seem the best solution, but I think it is the method that prevents heroes from becoming assassins. They there is the whole ideal of heroes setting a good example. The whole point of an ideal is not to be realistic, but to be something to strive for. I see Jason Todd, so he is going to be in this final act as well.

Yep, something for the pair to talk about when they are in a safer location. I am sure that Raven shouldn't be keeping what she is feeling after letting death take control again stay bottled up. Trying to force the issue in the middle of the forest isn't the best idea. So David is going to stay behind. I can see why, he has completed his life's mission and is not exactly in his springtime of youth. This is particularly tough for Beast Boy to wrap his head around given his own ideals. This is something that is sure to give him plenty to think about.

See you next chapter.
Fast chapter 46 . 1/24
Please keep robxstar they need eachother
Guest chapter 46 . 1/24
Agree robxstar the best in this story
Fgj chapter 46 . 1/24
Robxstar all the way they have build up dont ruin it now
Guest chapter 46 . 1/24
Please keep nightwing and starfire togehter they belong happy With eachother
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