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CleoArrow chapter 27 . 12h
The police system is more corrupt than I thought. It's like Gotham all over again. I wonder if someone is behind it?
But I'll let you know that I'm not good at predicting as much as you might think. I didn't expect what happened to Brady! I liked him... But Anarchy is so sneaky, I think that even if Terra wasn't so easily influenced he might be able to convince someone to follow him.
I liked how both Robin and Starfire focus on the thoughts of one another to drive them forward through situations they wish they'd rather not be in. I seriously love that you had Starfire hug the old guy though after he gave her the NW-1995. Even in the most dire circumstances, her real personality shines through.
My guess to Raven's headache is that she's sensing Robin's pain since they have a "connection". But that might not make a lot of sense since he was frozen at the end of the last chapter. Although we hadn't seen Raven and the other since then. Or she might actually be carsick.
Thank goodness Robin's okay. I'm really starting to like Mr. Freeze. Hopefully Firefly doesn't kill him.
CalitaRael chapter 27 . 13h
Thank you for giving me credit, and I appreciate the compliment still. It was really the least I could do for such an amazing story. I'm glad you're still updating, interesting chapter as always. This figures among one of the fanfics that I will undoubtedly reread when it is finished. I'm looking forward to the next chapter. Good job, and thank you again! -
Based Bobcat chapter 26 . 4/15
Another great chappie.
I really enjoy your version of the villains. Freeze and Anarky in this chapter are a shining example. Which makes me wonder which version of Scarecrow you're going for... The scrawny guy with feargas version or the New Batman Adventures version that was based on the Texas Chainsaw massacre version that haunts my dreams.

Two useless factoids: Did you know Anarky once owned a Green Lantern ring? He had it for one issue, but that technically makes him a member of the Corps.(But everone gets into that these days)
Scarecrow has been around his own feargas so much that he doesn't feel fear or any emotion anymore. The only time he experiences fear is when he's facing Batman. Since he's afraid of bats (irony)

Those fire puns made me boil over.
PsychoNinjaWolf chapter 26 . 4/13
Lol poor Terra, Starfire's the one braking in and she's the one getting cuffed for it. Jail brake anybody? But I can't wait to see how everyone reacts to Beast Boy and Raven being together especially Cyborg (What!? Control Freak was right?) lol anyway keep up the good wiring :) you're doing an amazing job.
CleoArrow chapter 26 . 4/12
I worry about Terra. She's too easily influenced, which was what happened with Slade. But I want to believe she's changed. And if she's a Titan, the officers really shouldn't be able to take her in.
As I was reading the section where Robing was starting to die, I actually wondered if Freeze was going to freeze Robin. But after the gun was broken, I didn't know how he was going to do that. Good thing Freeze did.
Two Garfields. That's kind of funny actually, considering how rare of a name it is now.
I started playing Arkham City recently, and I've realized how all the characters in this are so in character. It reminds me of the game honestly, and I really love the game.
The Darkneon Flash chapter 26 . 4/12
dude, if teen titans ever rebooted as a young adult show, I'd vote for your plot to be in it. characters are, well, in character, and generally I can't read action-filled paragraphs but yours seem to be an exception. keep writing and I'll keep reading.
JasonVUK chapter 26 . 4/12
:I Well what the fuck!? :3 Awww Raven and Garfield loves! X3 *snuggles warms feels*
CalitaRael chapter 25 . 4/12
I still uphold everything I said before about your talents as writer, and about the cover picture. Also...this better not be the last chapter. xD
CalitaRael chapter 20 . 4/12
I can make up a cover page for you. My Deviantart is JayEmEl, if you want to see what I can do. I was just making another BBRae pic, actually, and I don't mind letting you use it once I'm done.
CalitaRael chapter 13 . 4/12
Wow. Simply wow. This story figures among the greatest I've read. The beginning chapters were interesting and funny, I was laughing and not just in my head. And the past few chapters had me fixed entirely, on the verge of tears and then utterly relieved and happy - a real roller coaster of emotions but I commend you for it.

I greatly enjoyed how well you portrayed the characters' personalities. It is rare indeed to get it so right. I liked how nothing was truly easy for the Titans, how it showed the work and effort they needed to put in to be victorious and didn't come out unscathed. It was realistic, and you kept me on the edge because many events were not foreseeable.

The only thing I seemed to have a problem with was how much description you added sometimes. I often found myself quickly skimming certain sections if not skipping them entirely because of wanting to know what happens next faster. As an example, I have no idea what took place with the Flash, Mas y Menos or the other side characters you had because I just didn't bother reading those parts, and I didn't feel like I was missing anything important either.

But overall, this was excellent. Very, very good job.
PsychoNinjaWolf chapter 25 . 4/11
I absolutely love this story! I just found it and read the whole thing and it was amazing. Everyone is completely in character and the plot line and story is simply brilliant. I love the way you manage to tie everything in together and I wish I could go into more details about how creative and awesome this story is but I'd be here typing all night if I did :)

Anyway this was a really good read and I can't wait to read more. That ending kinda left my heart in knots :'( poor Robin.

Keep up the brilliant writing!
AndreaTheHeroine chapter 9 . 4/8
I discontinued reading this after finishing this chapter. I got really bored and I didn't find your plot interesting enough to keep me hooked up for the next ones. It seemed to me that the flow of events in your story is slow and almost not progressive. Most parts of the previous chapters consisted of detailed narrations of fights and I really appreciated those because your writing style is acceptable and noteworthy but the essence of Beast Boy and Raven's relationship didn't get pondered that much to capture my attention. I was forced to focus on the antagonists' activities and that wasn't the reason why I decided to check your fic out. Apparently, I was expecting a lot of BBRae scenes in this story. But honestly, I just got tired of reading lengthy chapters that I didn't even find exciting anymore because of the lack of ponderation on Beast Boy and Raven's feelings toward each other. Yes, you did mention how much BB was feeling guilty about what happened to his and Rae's unstable friendship and how hard he was trying to fix everything yet he couldn't because Raven had that invisible wall of detachment built between him and her. And you also described how Raven was handling her own emotions in regard with the matter and how she was having a difficult time deciphering what she really wanted to happen and to feel. But somehow, in my opinion, your descriptions weren't enough to give me a push on reading through chapter 10 as of now. I was kinda impatient, I suppose. Despite that, your prose is splendid! You have described the battle scenes really well although there were some unnoticed misspelt words, capitalization errors and missing and wrong punctuation marks along the paragraphs.

I'll try to resume reading whenever I seem eager enough to read the rest of the remaining parts.
Based Bobcat chapter 25 . 4/2
You're not seeing this, but I'm currently in a cataconic state of constant Hype. Dat story, dat villains (C-listers hngh) I had to take a 3 minute break when I read the Ventriloquist bit. My brain could not handle this all this awesomeness.

This chapter was so flippin amazing, It's like Arkham city with Robin. Loving it. The characters are, as always, so much in-character it hurts that writers at DC don't treat their villains the same way you do. Especially Fries and Calendar man.

I'm guessing the next chapter will focus on Star, since she has a lot to catch up to.

Niet om hoogmoedig te zijn, maar ik verdien denk wel een schouderklopje. Want toen ik las dat er 29 handlangers waren dacht ik meteen al dat die gegijzelde erbij hoorde.
En heel veel fics doen de Supporting characters bij the personages. Ik zou Rob en Star erbij zetten.

A disappointing factoid: DC's Nu52 retconned it that Nora and Mr. Freeze are not married. She's just a comapatient and Fries went all obsessive over her. They've never even met.

Ik wacht met superveel smart op het volgende hoofdstuk.
CleoArrow chapter 25 . 4/1
I think that you should add Robin and Starfire as a pairing. If you're worried about it not being too obvious, put in the summary (if there's room) that Rob/Star will come later.
"She is my Nora." Seriously, I felt butterflies at that one.
That was a long fight, but a good one. I actually was wondering about if Steve was another bad guy. But he said his name wasn't Steve? Was he a henchman or someone else important?
Robin's dodged death a few times more than anyone should have to. I was rooting for him the whole time. But seriously, I feel like you still left us off at a cliffhanger. How on earth is Robin going to live after all this? Raven can heal him, but can she heal the serum running through his veins? Could Cyborg fix it? My guess is Brady -who is awesome by the way- will call the Titans. But I don't know, and I need to find out!
JasonVUK chapter 25 . 4/1

Freeze come on be the Anti-Hero! D8 Save him!
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