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Mag2k chapter 43 . 8/14
Okay first off, I love the little tension between Barba and Starfire! Now that Robin has become Night Wing;when will Beast boy change his name to changeling? Also can we please visit Nevermore! It would also be cool if whenever the story is in raven perspective you had her emotions make remarks when ever she interacted with someone, did something or said said something.(of course not all the time, but more comic relief and what not) Next would introducing Red-x( secrete identity /:Jason Todd maybe?) I think it be cool if he tried to steal raven mirror because Brother blood or Maybe Lex Luthor promised him whole lot Xenothium. He could also could flirt with raven and make beast boy jealous. My next suggestion would to be add Damian Wayne into story. Batman thinks the Teen Titans have proved there worth and are good team. He thinks Damian could learn a thing or two from the titans. Of course Damian doesn't want to join the team. Until he see Raven...yep.

Also possible bad guys for fourth arc or sequel
Lex luthor (He kinda doesn't like wayne company and decide to expand his company to Jump city)
Superboy (Connors the clone escape his lab and find himself in jump he kinda show up unexpected and accidentally the recked the city. The authority didn't like that, so yah...)
" Winner takes all" Okay that an ep from orginal teen titans show and I think if you expanded it to maybe not all but a lot more titans and maybe even some characters from young justice it be hell of cool.( Also Keep genders separate like in the tv show) Oh super villains kids included
Other characters you could add to this story: Timothy drake, Artemis, Jericho, Blue beetle, Bumble Bee, Speedy and wonder girl.
Also these are just mere suggestion, I love this story you created. How you took my childhood cartoon/comic-book characters and expanded them all while still keeping characters as themselves.
p.s I was a lurker when I read this for my first time. Then I decide to read it all again and when I saw that you were still updating, I was very happy. Your doing an excellent job. I would like to see better description when comes to the fluff of your story.
Oh and if you could add Melvin, teether and Timmy( Raven and beast boy have to either protect or watch them for a period of time. See whether or not they make good parents or not... Maybe?
Done and I'm sorry for any grammar mistakes. I tried my best.
Whoelsebutme11 chapter 31 . 8/9
Found this the other night and have been struggling to rip myself away to get some sleep I've been enjoying it so much! XD
On chapter 30 now and oh boy is it fantastic, loving all of it so far. Very nicely done with the entire 1st arch and I'm loving the entire 2nd one so far! Can't wait to see where it goes, and you'll for certain be hearing from me again later on. Very nicely written and I'm looking forward to what I've got in store for me next!
justsomeotherguy chapter 43 . 8/7
Oh yeah, the Belgian is back with a vengeance! Great as always. The north woods is always a good creepy setting. Could they run into the crew of Finding Bigfoot maybe?
Lufthansa chapter 43 . 7/31
Finally new chapter and bbxrae and nightwing and starfire awsome keep them happy togehter and focus on bbxrae this arc
Her chapter 43 . 7/31
F yes robxstar all the way
Kebab chapter 43 . 7/31
Yes! New chapter agree keep robxstar togehter they are made for eachother
Guest chapter 43 . 7/31
Awsome arc 3 is up please keep night-star happy togehter and beastboy and raven awsome work
RPGPersona chapter 43 . 7/28
Alright, the final act is a go. Lets do this.

Random old man to start. Is he connected to Immortus, to a prophecy. Maybe he is in disguise. Nope, he just appears to be an old man, though looks can be deceiving. The big question being what draws him back tot he forest over and over again.

Now the Teen Titans are on the scene. Considering what they are trying to prevent, it makes his presence in the woods more suspicious. Beast Boy and David seems to get along worse than oil and water. However, if any of the Titans could survive in the woods, it would be Beast Boy. His experience in Africa and his animal forms/instinct would be quite helpful. Not eating meat seems to earn more negative points with David.

Oh Cyborg, never missing an opportunity to stuff your face. The Wendigo, I wonder why he wants to kill it so bad? Could the Wendigo be related to Beast Boy's Beast form?

Looks like Batman is also putting all his effort to stop Immortus and the Prophecy. That leaves Batgirl dealing with the crime in Gothem. Batman has discovered Ivan's death and finds its quite suspicious. Only a day has past, that means that Immortus most likely hasn't claimed the spear yet.
While Batman is investigating some ruins in Africa, Batgirl has been put in charge of investigating Ivan's death, as well as the withdrawal, Ivan apparently made. Maybe if we are lucky, they might find a hint to where the spear is hidden.

Robin is now officially Nightwing, still going to call him Robin. No need for a forced date for Starfire to feel jealousy towards Batgirl. Hopefully she doesn't let it cloud her judgment during crucial moment.

The wax seal on the withdraw letter references the horn, interesting. I would have thought it would reference the spear.

Another ominous prophecy carving. I wonder what that means. I will have to keep reading to learn more.

Now the old man has a picture of the symbol that the Teen Titans are searching for. He makes himself more suspicious in my mind. I actually agree about getting rest first. Running on fumes is not going to help anyone. In Beast Boy's instincts are giving him bad vibes, it would be best to listen. Animal instincts are rarely wrong.

Things are off to an interesting start.
JasonVUK chapter 43 . 7/27
I hope David is David and is secretly some veteran fighting an evil.

Like the crazy old man with the flamethrower from Until Dawn.

On a side note I've always wanted to shoot a Henry Big Boy in .44 Magnum ... so much want.
JasonVUK chapter 42 . 7/27
Oh snap 8o unexpected!

D: Very unexpected! CYborg may die and the Nazi man is dead, oh wells o,,o
PsychoNinjaWolf chapter 43 . 7/26
This was totally worth the wait and a great start to the 3rd arc. I love that you brought in batgirl. Barbra was always one of my favorite characters in the animated series.
The cave full of prophecy pictures was also a nice touch. I could see that helping them and/or setting them up for something bad.

Anyway, I love this story! Can't wait for the next update and keep up the amazing writing.
Jimmy1201 chapter 43 . 7/26
Looks like the 3rd Arc isn't going to be your old time playing video games, eating pizza while taking the occasional break to fight Cinderblock, Adonis, etc. I can guess that they won't be spending much time in Jump City. With any luck, maybe Chtulu and the Old Ones won't show up to make their jobs just that little bit harder...

Thanks Jimmy
Jimmy1201 chapter 42 . 7/26
After 10 days, Robin is nearly healed up, but not enough for Starfire. Amusing how Control Freak when from fan fiction to commercial fiction AND Cyborg managed at the same time to get a bit of notoriety as "the person who knew first". The setup of the villains at the end was troubling, but I have faith in the Titan's ability to handle it. Especially if it is JUST the horsemen that they have to stop.

Beast is true to form - "No, I didn't think about it, but trust me , I know what I am doing..."

Thanks Jimmy
J-Rob95 chapter 43 . 7/25
Yeah I read it and I'm still planning to enjoy the rest. Interesting start and looking forward to the next. :)
RaventheTitan chapter 42 . 3/29
This chapter was amazing! I can't wait for the third story arch!
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