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Based Bobcat chapter 34 . 9/8
Whilst I know what RWBY is, I've never seen it. I say go for it, you can do whatever you like to, am I right? Isn't it almost out of hiatus?

The fight scene was amazing as usual.
Loved the inclusion of Deadshot's origin, he's such a woobie.
I have to admit, I didn't see the lazarus pit coming, it was a nice surprise. Ra's is going to be pissed though.

I really enjoy your Starfire, she's not as naive and silly like she's usually portrayed. I hope we get more of her in later chapters/arcs

Useless factoid: Ra's and Joker teamed up once. Ra's used Joker for his next Cleansing plan. Having outlived his usefulness Talia shot him. In order to find out what Ra's was up to, Bats was forced to throw him into a Lazarus pit turning Joker briefly sane once again. Sane!Joker and Bats team up to stop Ra's.
justsomeotherguy chapter 34 . 9/2
Wow. GREAT scene with Deadshot. Now I really do feel sorry for him.

Can't wait to see what happens with BB and Raven! Bad guys always seem to underestimate the Green Man, I think he'll surprise them.

Nice writing for Starfire here, by the way. Lots of writers limit her to comic relief, but you capture her wholesome sweetness too. She's a good kid.

PsychoNinjaWolf chapter 34 . 9/2
Dude, the Lazarus Pit?! That didn't even cross my mind! You are a frickin' genius! That makes so much sense. I love this beautiful puzzle you're creating! I also really liked the whole scene between Deadshot and Robin and I have never read another fic where the Joker is so in character. I just love his insanity :)

As for RWBY, I've actually never even heard of it lol but you do what ever you need to do to keep those creative juices flowing. As long as this story eventually gets finished I'll be a happy camper.

Well, I had a lot more to write but unfortunately the site wouldn't let me review when I wanted to and now I've forgotten all the wonderful things I was going to say :(

Anyway, keep up the amazing work, you are a genius among writers.
CleoArrow chapter 34 . 8/31
I have never heard of RWBY so I guess I wouldn't be able to offer much opinion other than if you feel like you would enjoy it, then go for it!
I gotta give props to both Robin and Deadshot here, much like I feel I had to give it to Firefly and Mr. Freeze. They're both so determined to take each other out. And then their conversation was surprisingly tame considering how fiercely they'd fought, although I guess it's to be expected. They do kind of do this kind of thing every day. But Deadshot's story was really well written. I don't know if that was his real backstory or not, but it was a good read.
I forgot about Ra actually. That just shows how good of a ninja assassin he is.
As always I look forward to more!
UnlikelyPFfan chapter 34 . 8/31
Yet another great chapter. To answer your question as to my number one fanfiction story, it is Love in Shades of Green and Grey by LamontCranston1066. Big fic, but so worth the read. I see you are a Rooster Teeth fan as well, although I prefer Red vs Blue to RWBY. I look forward to your next chapter, until then...
Jimmy1201 chapter 34 . 8/31
First to answer the question - After this arc is finished, I vote for you to write where your muse leads you. I have no idea what RWBY is, but I think I can see it on Crunchyroll plus, given the way you worked a big chunk of Deadshot's backstory into today's chapter, I believe your version of it will be sufficiently self contained to be enjoyable. So, suit yourself and your readers will follow. Trust me.

The battle between Robin and Deadshot was epic. As good as Deadshot was and as tired and wounded as Robin was, Robin still managed to win. It was tough, but not only did Robin beat him, he SAVED him. That was a total victory. True, Starfire saved him when he faltered at the end, but I still give Robin the victory even if with "an assist with the save".
The "We share a common goal" comment from War has me a bit confused. I am torn between War being serious and that I have missed something serious or that he just wanted Raven to live a little longer so that they could sacrifice her. I am hoping that the beast will save and protect Raven despite the illusions and voices from the mask.
Robin and Starfire don't seem to know what quit means - they know they are missing something, but are determined to protect the people of Jump from the Joker. And who is attacking the Lazarus pit? Is that part of the Armageddon plan? Thanks for the update.
JasonVUK chapter 34 . 8/31
:O OH my god I am actually panicking. This whole red god thing is happening, will Garfield be able to undo prophecy? Will he be strong enough or is it all set in stone?! D8 And Raven!

:c Titans ... you've gotta pull through this.
Based Bobcat chapter 33 . 8/20
I love me some long chapters, they're great. I love the Arkhamesque dialogue between Joker's thugs, I never get why they work for him knowing his trackrecord with his henchmen. Talking about Arkham, it's obvious BB has been playing it lately, considering his Batman tactics.
Daddy!Slade is best Slade, nothing but love. Terra was great as always.

Joker against the Titans went pretty much as expected, and once again I say that your Joker is the best since like ever.
The fourhorsemen are 2spooky for me, hope they will be in more later.

The cliffie had my heart racing. Deadshot sure does deliver doesn't he?

Useless factoid: Joker went turned sane a few times, usually for a moment, but in one story he turned sane for months. In "Going Sane" Thinking he finally killed Batman, he turns sane from revelation and turns his life around, getting a job, romancing his neighbour. I won't spoil the rest because it's such a good story. Coincidentally the first Capecomic I ever read.

Sorry to hear about your family, just try to spend as much time as possible with them and let them know you love em.
Keep on rockin.
CleoArrow chapter 33 . 8/18
I like that after trying to shoot the Titans in the bubble, the leader's reaction is just "huh". Like, well, that didn't work at all. The Joker's henchmen are great really; they're so much like the ones in the Batman games, and I love those. When Beast Boy was pulling them into the smoke and picking them off one by one, I couldn't help imagining that Beast Boy is now Batman.
Having a personality is such a bore! Man, that Joker always knows just what to say.
Now I really want to know what Beast Boy's joke was. Especially if it made the Joker laugh pretty hard.
Ahhh, why that cliffhanger?! I have to know what happens! I really loved the super long chapter, and I hope for the next soon, as always. I'm sorry to hear about your family, and they will be in my prayers.
Jimmy1201 chapter 33 . 8/12
Sort of a reverse horror motif as the start - but instead of the plucky teenagers getting picked off in the dark, it was the thugs. Robin isn't the kind of leader to gush over his team, but he needs to do something to let them know how he feels about the team if this nightmare ever ends. I know it could chop chapters off a story, but after a while you just want Cyborg to shoot first and THEN say "you get one chance to surrender". The team has to be running pretty much on empty, they need to cheat. And really Raven, just when would be a good time to tell BB? If she stalls too long, she may be talking to a grave. I wonder what BB turned into to cushion Raven's fall - in my mind I see a large, green Totoro, but then she would have bounced. :) AND then there is the thing with Terra and Slade - wouldn't be something if Slade was being sincere? Not to mention the Horsemen of the Apocalypse and Deadshot.

A lot of plots in the air - thanks.
justsomeotherguy chapter 33 . 8/11
As always: exciting, funny, touching, and nerve-wracking. Great chapter for Beast Boy! Green gorilla in the green mist was clever, and we now know that true love is jumping out of a helicopter and making up the plan on the way down. (Kind of sounds like my marriage, but hey, we're still together!) Also, I'm starting to feel a little sorry for Deadshot. How many times has he missed Robin now?

On a serious note: Sorry to hear about your grandfather's cancer. Praying for your family.
PsychoNinjaWolf chapter 33 . 8/10
Huh, Slade being the one to wipe Terra's memories and place her in a safe place, that's just genius. I would never have thought of it. Well, this was a great chapter. I particularly liked the whole carnival sceen and Beast Boy kickin' but in the sewers:)

Anyway, writing's just a fun hobby and family should always come first. Take care of them and spend as much time with them as you can. As much as I love this story even I can admit that it can wait.

Keep up the amazing writing and I hope everything pans out for you :)

UnlikelyPFfan chapter 33 . 8/9
Yet another excellent chapter. I know deep down that BB will never ever hurt Rae, even if completely out of his mind. Hell, he jumped out of a helicopter without his powers to try and save her. Love is a very powerful force indeed. Sorry to hear about the grandparents, it's hard. I know. Take care of yourself and don't worry about the story, I know it'll be finished eventually.
UnlikelyPFfan chapter 32 . 8/1
As I have just found (and completely read) this story, I have to say it is now my second favorite story I have read on this site. I must congratulate you on the epic story line and the realistic banter between the characters. And I will also have to admit I have a soft spot for Beast Boy and Raven being a couple. Can't wait for another excellent chapter.
Based Bobcat chapter 32 . 7/11
Another Might fine chapter.
I liked the fact that Starfire brought the on the Terra issue, and her reasoning was good too.
I like how the Titans fell more like a family than a team, every Titan has a different type of relationship with the other. It's cool beans.

The prophecy sounds evil and deadly, but I think/hope it's one of those Loop-hole Prophecies. (Like, He's going to drown her in sexy-time or something) I wonder if the other Titans have roles in the prophecy too...

Victor Stone: Moment Killer. Every goddamn time Cyborg you little # $.

Can't wait for more, I crave it like a junkie.

Peyton Riley barely appeared at all, 11 issues or something. She wasn't top tier villain, but a fun read nonetheless. Ironically, Peyton was a better Ventriloquist than Arnold was, since he could never pronounce the B (Wesker's Scarface uses "G" instead of "B". but only in his comic appearances.)

Useless Factoid: Cyborg's origins have changed since Nu52, instead of a car accident his cyborg body now comes from Darkseid's alien tech.
And the only reason he's in the Justice League is because he's black (might sound a bit Biased/racist, but it's the opinion most people have, and I agree with them to a certain extent.), he's criminally underused in the team too, having only 1 arc in four years. His bromance with Shazam is neat, though. Reminds me of BB and Cy's friendship.

His Moment Killer powers have not yet surfaced, but it's only a matter of time.
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