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Guest chapter 7 . 1/19/2017
Awesome work! Please continue writing even if I am writing this 3 years later... Anyway thanks for the fic!
Dark Green Snow chapter 7 . 1/3/2016
hope you update soon. Im curious about the next fight :)
LittlemissLazy chapter 7 . 2/19/2015
The Supernova's Spiderweb plan to kill the Straw Hat crew is for cowards. Honestly, I feel irritated to the rest of Supernovas (even if Hawkins is my crush lol). If they want to kill or defeat the Straw Hats they should fight with them like a real Pirate and a Man. Considering a life of individual as a game is something Brook detest the most. I hope he can get his revenge, their revenge for what've they done to the crew. They never experienced to die once so they will never know how does it feel and Brook knows it well. I hope Law use his "room" and shambles their personality after defeat. It will be so funny lol. I am so affected by the way XD
ButterPie chapter 7 . 1/30/2014
Really really like the combination attack! I mean besides the dialogue, it's something plausible within the series too. Flying Zoro seems like a sight to behold.
I feel bad for Sanji though, poor guy had hit one of the women he adores! He couldn't even land a hit on a real female enemy.
Also, Robin imitating Zoro has to be the funniest thing.
And Chopper! He is indeed a brave reindeer!
I hope Luffy kicks all the Supernova's butts for this.
Demon Ragna chapter 7 . 1/13/2014
Ah right I was confused at what happened with Sabo and Koala at first because I totally forgot that Bonney had the ability to change peoples ages besides her own but once I looked it up all now makes perfect sense though its my fault for forgetting I guess

I liked in the first fight that Brook felt the need to stay to help out Franky with fighting Stark cause it just shows for me at least how close a bunch the straw hats truly are though there are two problems I did have with the fight which was the fact is Stark just kept saying what as he continuously got interrupted though that's truly not important as I'm sure there was some that found it funny but the main problem is near the end of the fight where Franky kicks Stark in the back of the leg which honestly just didn't feel right especially with the fact Stark has his Iron Man suit on so though Franky is a cyborg not much of the power is in his legs so I doubt he'd be able to do this with a last ditch kick which would of made more sense of course being that Stark is wrapped in a chain would of course would be for Franky to pull on the chain or reel it back in to put Stark off balance instead and then follow up with a way to perhaps finish him off so with that Id suggest editing the fight with what I've just mentioned though of course this is your story so if you're happy with how it is then fair enough

And now about the other fight beginning with Zoro when he says to Robin about his sword protecting her though of course it was something I hoped would be mentioned it felt it didn't fit right at this moment as it just seemed a odd response for Zoro at the time especially saying it as normally as he did as I would imagine him a bit embarrassed as he would try to mention that he hoped that having his sword in someway kept her safe or maybe instead pose it as a question instead perhaps and as I mentioned the moment is wrong so it fit better sometime after the fight ended and instead earlier have him just thank her for looking after it instead but as I mentioned this is your story so if you're happy with how it is then once again fair enough

Once again but with Robin this time I liked how she felt the need to help out Zoro in his fight and I really liked there combination attack it was a really great way to finish the fight putting an end to the Hulks rampage or did it... I look forward to the next chapter to find out

So yes last but not least I have to say I really did like the chapter overall and I'm sorry if this review seemed to negative but I just felt the need to point these things out so sorry again if it all seemed harsh
someone chapter 6 . 1/2/2014
update soon _
Ano Crazy Adventurer chapter 6 . 12/21/2013
So, I'll recall almost every*ahem,epic*thing I can remember.
Sanji tearing over Nami. Tony Tony Stark. Kidd flirting with Bonney. Big characters showing up. Dragon showing up. Law worried. The author's notes. The relations to Avengers. And Marvel universe. The appearance of Hulk. Marimo gorilla. Chopper's loud 'eh!'. Nami-Sanji-Luffy touching moments. Nami-Sanji-Luffy triangle love kinda. The trust held by each of the crew members. Sabo winking at Koala. Thaoru reminds me of Thor. Bonney's funny remark on the signal. Brook peeking on Robin's panties. Robin's reactions and saying he should have asked permission first - not like she's going to give any. Franky's husbandly-fatherly attitude; proven when he trusts his crew mates and bonks Brook for peeping Robin's panties. Koala 'jealous' of someone about Sabo. The start of this fic; Nipple lights.

And the best of all time. Nico Robin.
Whom had shown another side which is sharing with Usopp and Luffy's sides.
Which is imitating people.
"Ittoryuu." In all honesty, I can barely speak now. After all the laughs and stomachaches you gave me through this story, I can only reward the great-amazing work of yours with this review. Yes, I really enjoyed it. No wonder you enjoyed while writing this off. It really was great! Now, I'm going to write like I 'normally' would do... :D
So, I see this was a different writing-style form you? I guess? It was really great! And the playable characters were from avengers! I wonder, if Captain America (or he already shoed up?) is gonna appear. Or maybe Labahman? I think you know who I meant just know. XD
Seriously! This fic should be deserving a lot more favs, follow and reviews!
Oh, yeah. I totally agree on you about Oda-sensei being the King of Trolls. And when some might thought he'll show Sabo on chapt 732, - I aleady guessed that he was going to delay Sabo's appearance - I think despite the seriousness of the chapter, I think he's chuckling managing to lure everyone to get up and read the next chapter of his work.

In all honesty, I really salute this fic. 5000? At least you know what to write up next. I wrote a 9000 chapter of a story which isn't even 2/3 of the fic! *cries* I want you to update soon, but I know you're busy with your own stuffs... So, sooner or later, waiting for an update!

Nang epik abiss moment Robin brlakon kedak Zoro. Ya nang... Umph. Malas ku nak madah. Friend's quote; "Mah wa ku... " Tapi nya kiut lok. XD Kesian Nami... D;
Anyways, amazing story! Can't wait - but I'll wait - for the next update! :D
See ya! ;D!
PS: Oh. If you may excuse me, - lol, kmk rasa grammar ya salah, nk? - what's the difference between Coke and Cola?
PPS: Nasib bait kamek 'rajin' mok ncoba story tok. Gahh! Please update! :D
PPPS: (Y) Thumbs up for Chopper and Zoro's cute moments. Chopper's a brave reindeer! :D
PPPPS: Lol. Too many PSes... Anyways. Chopper's cute... XD
Lilgreyblob chapter 6 . 12/20/2013
Woow. Really good story. Can't wait to continue reading. Heartbreaking what you made Sanji do...

Thanks for the updates! :). Can't wait for Law to play a bigger role!
Demon Ragna chapter 6 . 12/15/2013
Well this is news to me being I watch the anime but it's pretty cool to find out that Sabo's alive after all, though it felt strange him being in this chapter as it feels you've forced him in to me at the moment because of how happy you are about his reappearance into the series but I guess I should wait and see what you do with this to make it work well as the story goes on.

Though it was great that you blended in comedy with the first fight scene with Robin pretending to me be Zoro was amusing and also a great way to turn the fight around with Stark having the power of sea stone infused within his gauntlets, I'm enjoying how the fight has gone so far and I look forward to a one on one between Franky and Stark

Ok then the avengers it is then by the looks of things as the Hulk makes his way into the story it was quite funny how his introduction lead Zoro and Chopper to believe he was Bruce Lee at first to then go on to Zoro figuring Bruce for a gay professor for some reason which was funny leading Bruce to get angry and transform which then lead onto Zoro calling him a Marimo Gorilla which was funny to read Zoro using the word Marimo being of course it's what Sanji calls him by

Awesome I really liked how it turned out with Luffy running into Chopper as it was what I was hoping for after the events of chapter 4 and I really look forward to seeing Luffy team up with Zoro to take on the Hulk as Chopper makes his way to Nami to hopefully in some way help her, I look forward to the next chapter to see how things play out.
StarKiss666 chapter 6 . 12/15/2013
Yeah...Zoro is NOT gonna be happy that Sanji hurt Nami. I see a fight between those two soon. Update soon, please! )
Lonely Athena chapter 6 . 12/15/2013
:D Gooo Zoro! ;D
CameronEmma chapter 6 . 12/14/2013
Heh, the incorporation of the Avengers is quite well done ;) Hopefully the Strawhats will manage to get out of there safe and sound!
Good luck on your next chapter!
bAsAn chapter 6 . 12/14/2013
Yosh! Nami, hang in there baby... Chopper is coming! T_T I swear i wanna kill those bastards. I hate to read a suffering Nami.

OMG! Robin-Chwan impersonating Zoro! That has to be my favourite part! :)) that was hilarious!
OMG! Koala and Sabo! *Fangirling mode, ovaries, ovaries explosion!*
OMG! And Koala loves coke! :3 Koala, you should hang out with me.. I love coke too! *wiggle dance* and maybe Bonney could tag along, i love pizza. :)))
And the fighting scenes! I love them! My favourite was marimo gorilla/Zoro/Chopper scene! XD hahahaha! rar! Increadible hulk! XD

Audrey-chwan.. this is my favourite chappie... and i still feel bad for falling in love with Koala... :)) I do wanna stick to Robin-chwan, only! Solamenteeee! But ugh, this is so hardddd :))
Yumi-Shimada chapter 6 . 12/14/2013
"Look, I'm Zoro" hahahahha hahahahahha omg
sereneskydragonslayer chapter 6 . 12/14/2013
Yay! Sabo and Koala enter the picture! Hope Luffy meets up with a supernova and proves that all the fights he won aren't just jokes!
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