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The Alamore chapter 11 . 11h! I love this! everything about it! The story and the cliffhanger (Mega...tron) YAY! I know you keep hearing this but please can you please update soon! PLEASE! the reason everyone is doing this is because they love this story. Reading this makes my day:) Thank you
From The Alamore
Nezzux chapter 11 . 7/3
what about American Dragon and Skyrim?
TheSealer chapter 11 . 6/26
I know I don't review your story but I'm always on the lookout ever since you got me hooked. For a long time, ever since Optimus waiting for his judgement after the Battle of Trost, I though the BIG M would return or at least be often mentioned. But it was always a suspicion, nothing more.

Now he's here to pound every challenge he meets into the dirt. But I wonder what is the sowrd on his hilt. The Dark Star Saber? And the object on his back? And what is his purpose here?

Personally, whether Megatron's intentions are good or bad, I don't think Optimus should trust him right away. Sure Prime says every sentient being can change, but even he seemed surprised when Megatron had a change of heart in the movie. Decepticons are addept to deception, after all and Optimus is no moron. Plus the Survey Corps wouldn't be willing to trust him so much, as his appearance is terryfying compared to Optimus'. Though it owuld be fun to see Hanji pestering Megatron. Until Optimus grabs her in fear he will crush her.

I don't wanna press you but this story is too good to slow down now. Please update ASAP.
InfinityArk chapter 11 . 6/23
""Mega..tron," Optimus breathed."

"AHH" *Hide behind corner**Sticks head out after a few tense moments, only to hide again*


You have just made history my friend...

*Evil, maniacal laughter*

All the things I could do with this power!

Oh, and I definitely can't wait for the next chapter. The possibilities of this meeting are endless! *Looks up into the night with starry eyes*
D-Generation XX chapter 11 . 6/23
I hope you have a chapter in AOP one shots that explains how Megs came to this world. Not to mention I'm curious as to what are those items Megs is carrying. I wonder if the sword he's carrying is the Star Saber or the Dark Star Saber. But the object on his back though I wonder if it's another artifact of the Primes. I hope Optimus will regain his upgraded body later on.
guest chapter 11 . 6/22
Plot twist! I'm in shock, I can't even... No Megatron! Of all the cybertronians it had to be Megatron (I thought it was Star Scream hehe). Now Optimus will have it rough. Oh but will Megateon help him since he beat the cr.. out of Reiner and Berthold (or whatever)?
Man, i'm dying here! I want to keep reading but i can't!
Nice chapter and yes i have read the manga but, urg i feel so stupid because i didn't figure it out until now about Connie's mom and what happen to the village.
Chapter full of action and emotion, it had me in suspence eventhough I knew what was going to happen. Exellent, love it. And your writting it's nice, so i'm looking foward to read more. I hope it won't take long, bye!
yo chapter 11 . 6/22
MEGATRON! I'M SO HAPPY! I've been dying wondering how it would be if Megatron appeared (partly bc I'm a huge megop shipper but I kno that's not going to be a part of the story). Maybe Op and Megs will be forced to get along in this weird-ass world?
PrinceLarkin chapter 8 . 6/22
Now that is some fucked up logic right there.

Optimus doesn't want to find Elita's killer because revenge won't bring her back?

I really hate it when people use that as an excuse. Revenge won't bring loved ones back IS NOT A VALID EXCUSE! NO ONE EVER SAID REVENGE HAS MAGICAL NECROMANCY POWERS!

Optimus admits he never achieved closure over Elita's death, and all tracking down and finishing off her murderer would do is leave him with a broken and heavy spark.

BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT-BULLSHIT-BULLSHIT AND MORE BULLSHIT! Finding and bring that bastard to justice WOULD give him closure damn it!

He's just a fucking pussy.

...That's it isn't it? He's afraid.

If Optimus found Elita's killer and brought him to justice, he'd achieve closure and Elita's memory could be put to rest. But if Optimus did that, he'd be letting go of Elita's memory. Pushing it to the back of his mind and forcing him to move on. Which he doesn't want to do because he likely feels he'd be betraying that memory by putting it to rest. Yet he betrays it every day he does not seek justice for her death.
Telron chapter 11 . 6/22
oh shit megatron is in da house now. great chapter too
PrinceLarkin chapter 5 . 6/22
The original G1 Optimus Prime toy's trailer had a bunch of nifty gadgets in it. A Roller drone, some sort of large communications tower with robotic arm, a fuel pump, missile launchers, etc.

I wonder if Prime's trailer here has similar things.

His trailer could serve as a mobile base and the communications tower would make radios a viable tool.

The robotic arm sounds like part of a micro factory or something. His trailer could fabricate tools and weapons if provided the proper materials.
PrinceLarkin chapter 3 . 6/21
...A Transformers Prime/Legend of Korra crossover...FUCK! I'm not going to get any sleep tonight am I?
PrinceLarkin chapter 1 . 6/21
Ok shooting the very first Titan he sees in the head right off the bat is way too far out of character for Optimus.

The canon Optimus would have waited to see if this strange creature was hostile or not.
Slyr3x chapter 11 . 6/20
For all concerning villains meeting their arch-nemesis, it's customary as a courtesy to perform the traditional Villanous Glare of Lordly Malevolence.

I had a feeling the bastard would show up. He's like a bloodhound(or alternatively, a wife in a bar searching for the drunk husband) when it comes to hunting down Optimus to screw everything over.

Though, it would be awesome if they tag teamed the oversized primate like they had done with Sentinel Prime.
Isobel chapter 11 . 6/20
Omg please please PLEASE update as soon as you can!
Cyberfoxpup chapter 11 . 6/19
... O_O
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