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Albox117 chapter 8 . 11/23
Oh dear lord please update. I want to know that harry survived his trama and learns to hane normal relationships. And i would love to see more snape and sirius develope a relationship
10leckersley chapter 8 . 11/2
PLEASE FINISH! it was really good xxxxxxx
crwatters chapter 8 . 8/22
Not bad. There was some OOCness, and I think the relationships developed too quickly, but it's not enough to keep me from reading/liking the story. Also, just wanted to point out Blaise and them would've been in the potions class when Harry's poem was read, because it was Slytherin and Griffindor. So they would've already known or suspected a good bit of it and wouldn't have needed Draco to tell them so much. Also, food for thought, boys wouldn't have been the only ones who sought to take advantage of Harry, girls can be just as viscious.
HauntingMelodyofaNightmare chapter 8 . 6/11
I know you haven't updated in 2 years, but I'm begging that you do update because this story is beautifully written and has an interesting plot. I'm completely hooked on this story.
incoherentlove chapter 8 . 4/12
I just read this all over again. I think it's an amazing story. I only hope it's not been abandoned because I can't wait to see what is next to come. Please update soon.
Griffin Raven chapter 7 . 3/22
I think this is an absaolutely brilliant story which is definitely handling the events of child abuse and sexual abuse against Harry, by his muggle Uncle with a great deal of sensitivity and understanding. I'd really love the way that your portraying not only Harry's reaction to all of his previously hidden secrets coming to light within the magical world but also how other chidren and adults who personally know Harry are reacting to it.

Its great that Severus, has taken stock of some of his grudge against Black, and taken the step forward to having the Sirius Black hide in his animagus form "Padfoot" at Hogwarts but there to provided a further level of protection for Harry against others who might try to hurt the child? Must have taken some soul-searching for Severus to talk to Black, and for them to both to agree to this plan. Can't help but wonder if Harry, would have been better off if he'd let the sorting hat, sort him into Slytherin house in his first year - would the truth have been uncovered then, rather than now? Will anyone learn more about the inside Ministry involvement or about Voldemort's plans? Just how will either Lucius or Severus be able to go about to Voldemort, in light of there involvement in getting the child away from the Dursleys, a new guardian Severus?
Griffin Raven chapter 5 . 3/22
I guess that Harry, never replaced his muggle clothes with decent ones because; (a) Dursley would want to know where Harry got the money; (b) likely that Vernon Dursley would not allowed Harry to keep any nice clothes that he bought himself? So, its very likely that Harry, didn't tell either of the Dursley's about his trust vault at gringotts - because if he had then its likely that Vernon would have ignored his hatred of magic just to get all Harry's gold converted into muggle money?

Just how much were the Dursley's getting to take care of Harry, and who was paying them? Did Dursley's also get any money from the muggle government for Harry, staying with them? Because I do feel that Vernon would have screwed every penny he could get from either muggle or magical world's?
Griffin Raven chapter 3 . 3/22
Its a great shame that young Harry, can't just disappear or change his identity in someway so that he can effectively try to hide from the news about the release of the photos that Dursley took? Because I seriously think that if Harry, does learn about the photos being in circulation within the magical world that he won't react well? But just how are all those that care for Harry, going to keep that news from him? Will be interesting to see just what kind of sentence Vernon Dursley, gets? What ever it is I do think that he should get suffered for a long, long time - perhaps someone doing the same to him, whilst he's in prison? Imagine that Petunia will divorce Vernon, and get sole custody of there son, Dudley.
Griffin Raven chapter 1 . 3/22
I can well imagine that Harry, or rather any abused child would very likely deny any abuse had taken place and that he'd only been punished because he deserved or had done something wrong. Harry is very likely to also fear that details of his abuse and rape, might well end up in public domain of the daily prophet newspaper?

I do think that Harry, is likely to have severe trust issues, particularly with adults. Given that not only did the Dursley's abuse Harry, but other adults around there neighbourhood also ignored the obvious signs of abuse as well - and so did Harry's primary school prior to him starting Hogwarts. I do also wonder if Harry's sense of self-esteem and sense of self-worth have also been affected by the abuse. It will be interesting to know how Harry, will react after Severus, slipped that sleeping potion into his stomach - but also how Poppy will react if/and when Severus tells her about Albus Dumbledore's reaction to the evidence of Harry's abuse and rape?
marthapreston4 chapter 8 . 2/22
I wish this was updated
marthapreston4 chapter 2 . 2/22
nice. I like what they did at the end with the box
marthapreston4 chapter 1 . 2/22
At least dumbles is not a complete pyscho in this story in denial. The poems were hauntingly beautiful
Jannafrancine chapter 8 . 1/1
Great story. I can't wait for more.
lw117149 chapter 8 . 10/25/2014
lol interesting this is a first for me I haven't send a sev /sir yet :)
Dark Ace Raven chapter 8 . 10/17/2014
I love this story keep writing this story.


Dark Ace Raven
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