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girlface chapter 37 . 6/25
This was such a fantastic story, and so well written, I'm glad I came across it.

At 12 I walked in on my mom kissing her girlfriend and I can tell you that it definitely pulls the carpet out from under you in terms of everything you ever knew. Poor Carl, glad he handled it a bit better than I did.

I love when I find an angsty story that takes a while for the characters to get where theyre going - such is life. I hope you decide to come back and post the sequel, or if you still check this sites reviews, I hope you msg me back and tell me where it can be found if you are posting on another site. I saw you mentioned A03 but I wasn't able to find anything.

Looking forward to reading the other story you posted when I get the time.
KyoBloodDragon chapter 37 . 6/18
I just wanted to thankyou for writting tgis story I feel in love with not only how you developed the characters in your own way but also how you keep up with there actual personalties. I've read a ton of fanfiction not limited to the pairing you wrote about but I just don't seem to be as exited for other sequals as I am for this again for the fun read hope there will be more soon bye bye for now
Saint's Dead Girl chapter 14 . 2/29
I have refrained from reviewing because I wanted to give one big review at the end, but I can no longer hold it in. I can't stop crying over Rick and how effing sad and miserable he is. I just wanted to slap Daryl for stringing him along like he was so obviously doing and to tell the others to hush. I'm only just starting chapter 14 and I have cried way to much but it is all worth it.
This is so believable on how they would act and talk and it just makes all the little moments that much more beautiful. I am absolutely terrified about what's going to happen not only for them but the group as well. Is Phillip gonna show up is Merle for that matter? I know I have a long way to go but can already feel so much more heartache comeing.
Guest chapter 2 . 2/15
Great first chapter! I love stories that get me hooked from the beginning !
Paprika chapter 37 . 2/11
I love this story. Looking forward to the sequel
undercovergoat chapter 37 . 10/13/2015
I feel like this was a journey, rather than a story, that elegantly showcases the evolution of love as something that isn't always easy or nice, but beautifully worth it in the end. It's incredible, how you've so seamlessly built up the attraction between two seemingly incompatible characters (in a romantic sense) into something more genuine, meaningful and, honestly, tragic. A love like that could destroy a person, if lost, but it's still so very satisfying that they've found it in each other. And the sex scenes were handled expertly - adding to their romance, rather than distracting or detracting from it. There was a purpose to it that didn't seem forced or unnecessary. Just brilliant.

I can honestly say I haven't been moved like this for quite a while. Every single chapter had me craving for more, getting reactions out of me that I don't usually experience. Seriously, my heart actually lurched during some of the more romantically intense scenes, when emotions were nearly too deep and unfathomable for words - but you still managed to capture the potency of it, all the same. I remember giggling and frowning and blushing and just about throwing my phone out of frustration, during some parts - and sacrificing sleep to read just ONE more chapter. And one more after that.

Everything about it is charming and surprisingly innocent (despite all the lovely graphic things) in a way that makes me happy to have been a part of the experience, as well as a bit melancholy that it's over. It's not often you come across a story like this. And I feel like there's so much more that I could say, but I couldn't put it into words nearly as eloquently as you've done.

As such, I commend you and I admire you and I thank you for sharing this with the world.
Guest chapter 37 . 7/26/2015
This whole story was absolutely wonderful. Beautifully written, deep, moving, involving, intimate, agonising, riveting, intelligent, touching, heartbreaking, erotic, sensual, believable, real...I've never shipped Rickyl, but this story really made the idea of them together make sense. I read all 37 chapters in a row - couldn't put it down. I'm a romantic at heart and this was a beautiful story. I love that we get to see Daryl's POV...I feel you've really tapped into who he is and his past so believably. Can't wait to read more about it. Your writing is like the most delicious piece of chocolate you've ever tasted but there's only a small piece of, so you breathe it in, revelling in its aroma, then hold it delicately on your tongue and savour every atom of it until it's dissolved and you are left with the sweetest aftertaste to cling to which leaves you wanting more. I was so totally immersed and involved in their world. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to bring this to life. Thanks for sharing. ️
raedixonfiction chapter 37 . 7/5/2015
awesome story! Loved it!
Miserea chapter 37 . 4/27/2015
Fantastic story ! Read all 37 chapters is a row (made me go to bed at 2am, but so worth it!)
Can't wait to start Statis.
Ryane-Foxx chapter 37 . 2/17/2015
MK you're unbelievable. I love you to pieces. This story was so complex and overwhelming and the ending chapter really wrapped it all together so beautifully! I'm dying to read the sequel though I'm more then sure I'll throw many tantrums through it all lol :) good luck on taking a break, more than excited for the sequel!
niphrandielle chapter 27 . 2/2/2015
lol... i love when the author puts it out there - this is YOUR story. fuck 'em. it's a damn good one. besides, what fun would a 'verse be if it was all the same?

(besides... i like dominant daryl ;)
Sparksterr chapter 19 . 1/14/2015
I don't want this story to ever end! Fingers crossed the second one will be posted before I finish the last chapter. This is seriously the best I've read awesome job!
Cagholino chapter 37 . 12/27/2014
I just want you to know that Sapien is the first Rick/Daryl I've ever read and even though I've read several others now I still come back to this one. There is just something about how you write them. Rick and especally Daryl never break character and it took forever for you to get them together it was so totally worth it! I kept hoping every time I come back to Sapien part two will be finished and waiting for me. lol I've read and reread this fic at least ten times and ever time I kept telling myself to review but I just can't stop reading! My only problem is Merla... And not knowing what will happen when he finds out about Rick and Daryl! XD

Geart, amazingly awesome job! Keep up the outstandind work and I hope to read more from you soon!
heavensentskysky chapter 37 . 12/8/2014
This was beautiful, and I can't for the sequel :)
LucyVanPolevault chapter 37 . 11/19/2014
I hope to god that the reason you haven't posted a sequel to Sapien is because you're writing a novel. But when you're done with your book tour, please come back and let a know what happens with Merle. Jesus, this was, hands down, one of the best things I've ever read.
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