Reviews for A Long Journey Home
shah927 chapter 14 . 9/20
I love this story! Spammed it all in just a couple days. I know you probably won't ever come back for this but I'm 100% here if you do.
Added to my favorites and follows!
carza chapter 12 . 9/11
I really love this fanfic! The story, the characters and what jasmine gets up to both in the past and in the future! I know it is highly unlikely that you will return after 4 years but I sincerely hope that you do! Best of luck in either cases and I hope you continue with writing. Either this or something else!
Divine Protector of Skyrim chapter 13 . 9/3
I just finished reading this again, and I enjoyed just as much as I did the first time. Loved the story. And I do hope that Ayati survives child birth and Rahji doesn’t loose himself in his work. It would be nice to see some actual plot in the modern/present time that things are working towards instead of just the transitioning from recluse to back to how she would of been before her trip into the past (to some extent. Can’t toss all that character development out the window).
Homarid chapter 14 . 8/26
I'm sad to see this story end here. I suppose you ran out of ideas or drive. Thank you for sharing what you have so far. If anyone is interested in a similar story, though not necessarily better, they might check out Basilisk-Born by Ebenbild. Similar as in Harry traveling a vast amount of time into the past and then living up to the present. I enjoyed the unique take on the memory issue that you made such a major part of this story. Have a nice day.
Handers chapter 9 . 8/24
This story is so well written! I was about to post a comment saying that Yquem wines are all white but it turns out that it turn orange then red when it ages a long time.
Truly a fantastic story that I would have loved to to be able to read the end of, but I'm glad I read this much :)
Thanks for writing it!
DukeBrymin chapter 14 . 8/11
Fabulous story, thanks for sharing!
Li-Ion89 chapter 10 . 7/30
Li-Ion89 chapter 8 . 7/30
This os good chapter clever
Li-Ion89 chapter 4 . 7/29
crankypants16 chapter 8 . 7/25
Loved the chapter. Thank you!
AlienMuse chapter 14 . 7/5
Oh well, you still came to validating the pressure for women to have kids *sighs* Once, when I was talking to my younger relative that I could die in the process of having a biological child, he told me I still must do it because... it's a thing that people do. My mother said the same.

That's sad. There are people who don't understand the desire to have kids, in particular biological ones. Adoption is a thing, for one. Having an apprentice is close to having a child. Besides, there are plenty of people who don't want kids at all.
Would be nice if this fic balanced examples of two women who have trouble physically conceiving with those who don't want to at all, trouble or not. Preferably not evil women, hah.

Sorry, triggered me a bit.

I like this arc, that's actually what I was expecting when I started reading this fic.
I'll remember Albus Dumbledore fangirling and Flower stealing her own firewhisky forever.)
AlienMuse chapter 8 . 7/4
May and Albus scenes nearly killed me XD
AlienMuse chapter 1 . 7/4
it's so strange that you chose to turn harry potter into a stereotypical generic female character. why?..
it's not that I do not enjoy the story immensely but you turned the main character into a love interest *sighs* [I'm on Merlin arc]
Natsukashi chapter 14 . 6/25
Haaa… this is plain and simple a beautiful story.. or story’s. I would have loved to read more and I can only encourage everyone to give this a try. Sadly abandoned..
Thanks for your work.
crankypants16 chapter 3 . 6/15
Love seeing Jasmine and Nicolas. Thank you!
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