Reviews for The Invasion
SoStreetLikeElmo chapter 1 . 10/15/2015
This is a really good read. I believe that he went crazy because he wasn't living his life. He wasn't living the way he wanted. He was living the way he thought he wanted to. Until tyler came along; his true subconscious. Tyler is just his way of living how he truly wants without him taking the direct responsibilities of his careless acts.
Geekachu chapter 1 . 12/18/2013
This is the first time I've ever read a Fight Club fanfic, but let's see what I can do here. Normally, I'd try to review this one paragraph at a time (as I have done with your other works), but FANFICTION WON'T LET ME COPY AND PASTE ANYMORE, DARN IT. But I'll do my best to make a decent review regardless.

At first, this confused me a bit about who was narrating at each part, but it wasn't too hard to figure out after a minute. Maybe I'm just slow. :P

Other than the initial confusion, I really liked the constant POV switching; it worked really well for the characters, and it really made me feel like Jack's mind was being, well, invaded. Good work on that. :)

Nitpick: [I am Jack's boiling blood.]
I like the sentence, but it just seems oddly out-of-place to me (could be just me, though). I'm also wondering why you underlined it.

Nitpick 2: [. . . vases of artificial plants taking up a ton of unnecessary space.] I don't think Tyler would say something like "a ton" (from what I remember of him - I haven't seen the movie in a while), I think mostly because it makes him sound a little too . . . juvenile, maybe? A "shit-ton" sounds kinda fitting for him, though. :B

Anyways, I really thought you did awesomely on this piece. *gives you round of applause* I would say more, but my reviewing skills are pretty rusty right now. But yeah, good job! :D

And, now that I'm done reviewing a fanfic about a movie revolving around people beating each other half to death and doing other crazy stuff, I'm off to watch Mary Poppins. :D