Reviews for The Accidental Animagus
Meck Viking chapter 79 . 6h
This is a good story. Its your story so I won't tell you how to write it. I love what you have done so far. I will admit I'm harry/Ginny fan but just about any pairing is good if well written. Don't stop me from liking redheaded ladies. But they are still young. Personally thought pairing romanitly anyway should start at 15 or 16. Otherwise its just friendships.
bscfan38182 chapter 79 . 13h
I love this story. You're a very talented storyteller.
Ryvule chapter 1 . 4/23
Interesting to see an Animagus! Harry story that doesn't automatically make him a mythical phoenix or Flying basilisk, or others in the same vein.
G fawkes chapter 77 . 4/21
Maybe I'm confusing some OTHER fic here, but I THOUGHT that what was said was- 'that most muggles don't LIVE through being bitten, and something like only 5 or 10 percent survive to become werewolves?
So... no, Neville... Greyback is NOT trying to get an army of muggle werewolves, the magical type are the only ones reliably turned. (um, I think)
Lee Mcloven chapter 12 . 4/22
Doctor Who Forever. U r not alone.
Guest chapter 79 . 4/20
And you fall back into your old pattern: bad Powerful and lots of intelligence sources, good not profound preparation, insufficient perseverance and intelligence sources. Change it. otherwise it will be like my best friend's wedding in its very original version withoug post-production.
Guest chapter 14 . 4/19
petty dark lords in Colombia
petty dark lords in Colombia
Hot damn, I can just SEE Pablo Escobar being a dark lord. AHAHAHAHAHA, that's just...

Wow. Thank you for making my night.
The Defenestrated Typewriter chapter 79 . 4/21
Another great chapter, love the way you incorporate the story with snape and marauders as part of the larger plot rather than a side story.

For the wolfsbane issue my vote would be to some kind of supervision whilst its drunk. Their is obviously some regulation as to who is allowed to brew and distribute the potion so just make it so that the potion must be drunk immediately in front of the distributer. Yes it would mean that the werewolf would have to visit the distributer 7 times (once for each dose) but it also means the distributer can confirm that the person who drinks the potion is the one authorized to do so. If its an imposition on the brewer you could have the distribution and monitoring handled by the DMLE which would add another layer of security as that way the aurors can partially track the location those taking the potion as well

Also this would later allow you to write about how some try to get around this limitation, impersonating authorized werewolves bribing or attacking brewers and distributors and other such fun
Kanzid chapter 79 . 4/19
Bah, I have to agree with many of the other reviews this story is getting difficult to read with the way the bad guys keep getting away with everything while you keep shitting on the good guys. It's only because the story is well written technically that I'm still here but it's getting tough to bother to continue. Why are there no consequences for the Malfoy's and the like while Harry has crazy consequences on him all the time even from his parents in the last chapter.
mworth1019 chapter 79 . 4/20
Wow! Great last few chapters...
Mongo chapter 79 . 4/18
How exactly do the Wizengamot members get their seats? Given what a cesspool of bigotry, corruption and stupidity it is, the membership must be hereditary - otherwise there would be an actual voice for the non pureblood-elitists. So in other words, there is no democracy in the Wizarding world. Doesn't this breech the fundamental rights of the wizarding population in Britain, who after all are still citizens of the United Kingdom, with all the expected rights as such?
orion0905 chapter 79 . 4/20
Oye, talk about craziness.

Good political drama there and I hope they think about a flue connection to the dmle for administration .
erbkaiser chapter 79 . 4/20
Politics. From the Greek poly, meaning many, and ticks, the blood seducing parasites.

Malfoy in this story is truly a politician.
Guest chapter 78 . 4/18
I enjoy our story very much.
G Fawkes chapter 66 . 4/18
RE: the pensieve "... a particularly ancient device, belonging to the school...".

Yeah right! I bet it's straight out of the Potter family vault! Either one of the founders, or maybe Merlin himself having passed it down through the ages. If the Goblins had an up to date inventory sheet, they'd be looking for THAT piece! Dumblethumbs nicked it, and some lower level goblin will lose his head over it!
What's it gonna' take Dumbledore? A cover of "Wizarding Times" saying - "Goblin Lives Matter!" ?
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