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Guest chapter 2 . 10/3
This is much better crack than I thought it'd be.
Maleficent Okami chapter 89 . 10/4
This is not relevant to the chapter, but I could not find the proper chapter to comment on...anyways, how is it that you can kinda speak cat? Like, how it is properly phrased?
The Dark Eccentric chapter 92 . 10/3
Great chapter. Really enjoyed how you went over the various fallout of the selection. Also good how you remembered (or were reminded of) the Marauders map and incorporated that. Certainly helped Harry and Hermione narrow down suspects. Had Polyjuice potion or imposters been mentioned last chapter? I don't remember. If not it would seem odd for them to jump to the Map as a solution.
Anyways, great job and i look forward to next chapter. Whenever it should come. I get life gets busy so take your time.
Estel Ashlee Snape chapter 92 . 10/3
Good chapter. Keep up the good work!
~ Estel
MuggleCreator chapter 92 . 9/30
Ooh, I love it. The varied viewpoints are great.
Foxxen chapter 10 . 10/1
Whoops, pic didn't go through. Just add the last part to post image .org (without the spaces of course).
Foxxen chapter 9 . 10/1
Hullo! My name is Foxxen. I love this story (although I've barely read a quarter of it so far), but somewhere between reading this and doing homework (aka, online school work 'cause i'm home schooled) I found the time to gain motivation and do a teensy fan-photo. Which is kinda like fanart, for this story, but a photo. Of a kitten. That I think fits Harry's cat form. The original pic isn't mine, but all I did was add the white paws, green eyes, and the scar (the latter which I failed spectacularly at) I was reading I think chapter 9 while making this with photoshop :) Hope you like!
Zenog chapter 44 . 9/30
*person drops over dead*
"What was that?"
*silence, eye symbol closes*
"Must have been the wind."
-Skyrim bandits and guards the world over
digbygreen chapter 17 . 9/30
Did you read :Left of Bang" for the Quirrell's Threat Assessment speech?
syed chapter 92 . 9/30
The good guys want truth about history, so i have a great idea. THe resurrection stone is a powerful artifact, but summoning shades seem to be limited in some ways. Imagine if the stone could be used to create magical portraits of every famous and powerful magic user through out history. First person accounts of most of history and every important historical event. It would be invaluable.
Another option use the stone in a pensieve. The bowl is designed to allow magical memories to be examines, the shades the stone summoned are nothing bbut magical memories, animated and given form. Imagine the access it would provide. it might even speed up learn the summoned knowedge. The possibility of having the knowledge of powerful magic users, even if temporariy would be a great advantage.
The shades the stone summons seem to be very similar to the echoes the brother wand effect created, so i wonder if the stone could be used as a focus. Not for every spell, but for those which can benefit from a shade. Say harry used a patronus with the stone, the shade would be enhanced or combined with a patroni, allowing them to act yet have some indepenance and ability to help. Fiendfyre is almost impossible to control, what if it was summoned with a mind? That summoned snake or those birds that hermione used. If the spell creates a form, or can assume some kind of avatar, then the stone could summon the shade to influence it.

Did you know that apparently the potters are descended from a family of potion makers? THe first one was called the potterer, a guy who make elixirs for his neighbours. That eventually became potter the family name. We know that harry grand parent died shortly after he was born, so it is doubful they lived in the same house as him. So there might still be a potter family home. The thing is this is a family over a millenium old, so thye must have gathered a large collection of lore. Very useful to have.

Harry had a cat when he was a baby, and it is possible that both his parents were animagus. So this might have allowed an eaiser affinity to the change.

Wandless magic is easier in places like hogwarts and ley line gatherins. What about with immensly powerful artificats, say items made by death? haryy hidden from detection using his cloak, then using wandless magic to cast magic. They will never see him coming. I wonder how wandless maicusers teach stuff like the animagus and mind arts, thing that even with wand magic, done wandless.
amr56 chapter 92 . 9/29
This story is great! Honestly, the first few chapters, before they went to Hogwarts, were a little slow, but all the background and detail was necessary for the rich, wonderful story you have created. I love the relationship between Harry and Hermione, along with everyone else. I really like the way you write Neville and Luna; they are both very special in this story. I'm not even sure what else to say about them, but they are my favorite characters here (not including Harry and Hermione). I also like that your Draco is a bit smarter and more subtle; you have him set up with a lot of potential to be a really interesting character. Snape seems complicated, and I always like scenes that feature him. I really liked that Harry and Snape gave each other a fair chance at first, and I hope that they can be civil again; Snape is a good ally to have. Grayson seems really interesting, and I look forward to seeing what he will do. I really liked the scenes with him and Dumbledore. They are both extremely powerful but have different ways of looking at things; relationships like this one is and characters like these is what makes this story really interesting and complex.

I am surprised at how closely involved the Grangers are with the magical world. Yours isn't the only story that does this, but I really don't see how it's possible for Muggles to use magical transportation. How can their bodies manage it if they don't have magic? The Grangers can also use other magical objects and see things I'm not sure they should be able to see. Muggles don't see the Knight Bus or Dementors, for example, and I think you have them calling the Knight Bus themselves at least once. It's your world, and I don't enjoy the story any less, but that's a thing that always confuses me. I do love how close the family is.

Fantastic story! Thank you for sharing. I look forward to your next update.
RXBonanza chapter 78 . 9/28
I can't believe harry isn't more upset that it's his fault the werewolves got in.
orion0905 chapter 92 . 9/28
It is all good, real life should come before this, I'll miss you until you return and wish you the best of luck.
tf330129 chapter 92 . 9/28
keep it up :)
WhiteElfElder chapter 92 . 9/28
Looks like Harry's support circle is larger than he suspects; boy is Voldemort in for a surprise.
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