Reviews for The Accidental Animagus
Guest chapter 2 . 9/15
This is already dumb, for starters hermione is hardly an original character to latch onto and far from a good option. Also to become a animagus you have to go through a ritual and brew a potion you can’t just become one. Also the form he would take is less than likely to be a cat ones patronus is always what they turn into as an animagus.
Bleah chapter 5 . 9/15
“The Grangers were shocked when he exited through the front door.” this sentence is just perfect! This isn’t an amazing conclusion to the chapter, and had me chuckling :D
Fanficcrazygirl chapter 45 . 9/15
is he ging to writer all the books!?
A Drarry Hufflepuff chapter 72 . 9/15
Now I get how "I trust Harry and Hermione." makes more sense
A Drarry Hufflepuff chapter 72 . 9/15
When Neville says "I...I trust Harry and Hermione, Gran." he could've easily said, "I don't have anything to lose, only stuff to win. I trust these two." Then again, you might've already thought of that and decided against it
A Drarry Hufflepuff chapter 53 . 9/13
Nice Swedish!
A Drarry Hufflepuff chapter 37 . 9/9
You don't normally say hi to each individual person. It's not really something normal
Samuel Martinez chapter 89 . 9/8
Is it just me? Or does everyone else also notice that the Imperius Curse could be an INCREDIBLY powerful teaching tool?
I mean, think about it. For example, I've taken a few karate classes and it was *difficult.* A lot of that difficulty was because I wasn't able to figure out from the instructions what movements I was supposed to make. How much easier would it be if the instructor could Imperius me into doing the katas based on his knowledge, and I could watch what I did from the inside rather than trying to guess from watching the people around me and listening to verbal descriptions? A lot easier, I imagine. Most musical instruments also have part of their difficulty coming from how hard it is to build correct muscle memory, and I imagine wandwork for Charms is the same way.
areaderslist chapter 112 . 9/7
Thanks for a great story to binge read, looking forward to starting next book.
Samuel Martinez chapter 66 . 9/4
If I were going to be a super-powerful wizard, I'd rather be Edward Grayson than Dumbledore or Voldemort. Thank you for writing a character with such a great aesthetic.
Samuel Martinez chapter 2 . 9/2
Humans are just missing out on mice, and what's more, that's a fairly recent development. Dormice were a very prized food source in Ancient Rome. In fact one of the oldest recipes we still have is for cooking dormice. I've never tasted mouse, so I can't offer a first-hand experience, but the reason we stopped eating them is that it was stigmatized, not that mice are non-delicious.
qroq chapter 83 . 8/21
Epic battle, but I was facepalming every time Grayson and Dumbledore had Ngeze at their mercy and started *talking* to him instead of just stunning him. Three goddamn times! Why the hell does Ngeze have the time to use his "long incantations"? You'd think experienced veterans would be smarter than that.
gunda.leine chapter 86 . 8/21
Omg, the hat singing the Starkid Weeeelcoome song was so unexpected, but so good. I do not deserve this!
2flyingkiwis chapter 112 . 8/19
Wow, what an epic story!
Thank you for sharing it with the world.
Brian1972 chapter 100 . 8/19
Well you could reduce the amount of magical school, if you allow for more archaic education systems to still be around. Then only a fraction of the population of many countries would go to school while most get what training their families can offer before hopefully scoreing something like an apprenticeship.

Still 60 sounds resonable.
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