Reviews for The Accidental Animagus
summer164 chapter 26 . 7/17
I absolutely love the changes that you have made to canon. It makes your story much more interesting.
Hmm chapter 18 . 7/14
Making excuses for an abusive bully. Checking out of this garbage.
Fanon Vs. canon chapter 4 . 7/14
Sirius says in GoF that voldemort had amassed army of thousands of witches and wizards on top of that there were all manners creatures.

World cup stadion was made to seat 120k viewers and so forth. Granted, rowling was and is shit with math but you can not have professional sports league, functioning economy and all the trappings of bureaucracy with population of 10k. Only way to that happen is ruthlessly exploiting muggles.

Furthermore, so called "war" would be over in few hours if it is waged between few hundred individuals. First action which has boss wiping floor with curse fodder forces other side employ their boss. Outcome will decide winner.
ZenJack chapter 112 . 7/15
Wow. I love how accurate your historical references are (always fun to look them up). Hopefully we see more growth from Neville, Luna and some of the younger players.
ZenJack chapter 45 . 7/12
Love the cat talk.
rachel.lazenby.1998 chapter 4 . 7/12
people asking the mysterious circumstances round Hermiones birth are getting the wrong end of the stick, I thought it was quite clear that it's her grandparents that were killed in mysterious circumstances not her being born lol
Caspian123 chapter 81 . 7/11
I don't know if the decision of making the mexican dark lady to be from Veracruz was a an informed one, or a lucky coincidence, but it was inspired hahaha.
Here in Mexico we all know that there is a town in Veracruz, called Catemaco, that is said to be a town of witches. If you want love potiona and ritual, "amarres" and other kinds of white and black magics done, your best bet is to go to Catemaco to get the job done. So, in my head, La Pantera de Veracruz is from Catemaco, and she takes jobs from magicalls and no-maj alike... If they can pay the price. So, mostly no-maj celebrities and politicians XD
Lairenna chapter 85 . 7/7
I've read this multiple times, but I'm sad to say it took me until now to giggle-snort at the line "This is getting out of hand, now there are two of them."

Unsure if it was intentional, but it's word for word what Viceroy Nute Gunray says in The Phantom Menace about the Sith Lords. I giggled a bit too hard once it became clear I KNEW I'd read/heard it before.

Michael7117 chapter 4 . 7/6
it says Hermione was born under mysterious circumstances. this is my 3rd time reading this story and it never mentions what the circumstances e
were, so what are they?
pokefan366 chapter 9 . 7/1
"You don't have to, Harry," told him. "I know candy isn't really your thing anyway, and we'll all understand if you want to stay in and just have a nice quiet evening."

One question to this: "Who's talking to Harry?" I know it might be Hermione, but it doesn't say.
Concolor44 chapter 112 . 6/21
That ... was a truly excellent read. Beautifully detailed characters, an engaging plot, sparkling dialogue ... and you handle the Mother Tongue with ease, grace, and aplomb. Thank you so much for that!

Now to go find the sequels!

Adding to Favorites.
AnabelleGrangerCullen chapter 1 . 6/20
Hola. Muchas gracias por permitir la traducción al español de esta historia. Hasta donde va la he disfrutado muchisimo. Aprecio todo el empeño que has puesto escribiendola. Es una historia genial.

Hello. Thanks for give your permission for the translate of this history. My english is so bad. I'm so sorry. But I love this history. Is a cool and amazing. Thank you very much.
YoungConductor chapter 36 . 6/18
Jesus, Hermione is being really annoying. Hopefully she develops to trust Harry more instead of assuming that she's the one that's right all the time.
Guest chapter 79 . 6/12
I always questioned the logic behind "curse scars" from a werewolf, I mean, what, is there magic dirt under their fingernails or something?
Guest chapter 78 . 6/12
Harry's adoptive parents sure to love punishing him, don't they.
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