Reviews for The Accidental Animagus
Jayfeattheris Awesome chapter 30 . 4h
Jayfeattheris Awesome chapter 12 . 8h
YES! You are my hero with the DW references!
u-r-only-my-shadow chapter 112 . 10/23
I really don't know what else to say besides thank you for taking us all on this amazing ride. From the very first chapters on your story intrigued me and I couldn't stop (nor did I want to stop) reading. Both the plot and the caharacters are well-designed and your writing is excellent. I really enjoyed reading this story!
I am already very much looking forward to the interlude and the sequel.
Thanks again, and I hope you keep up the good work (which I am sure you will)!
Guest chapter 112 . 10/20
this made me cry and why does Cedric always have to die? This is almost better than Jks books
mumlock chapter 1 . 10/20
Amazing story.
I was sceptical at first, with the accidental-magicky-animagus, but you seem to pull it off quite remarkably without making the whole fanfic a Mary Sue affair.

Thanks and keep up the good work!
Bluewolf80 chapter 112 . 10/21
Well if I didn't already think that you write better than Rowling, I would at this point. The doe patronus from Snape already had me misty-eyed then this funeral completely does me in! Really though, this has been up there in the top three fan fictions that I've ever read. Yes, I've read tons!

You are a very clean writer with few grammatical mistakes and typos. That's one of my biggest pet peeves so I appreciate that. The story flows beautifully and although this first part has been long, it's not too long. The chapters are a good length and you keep ANs to a minimum.

If I were to change anything I suppose I would make sure not to forget all the characters with smaller parts that were introduced earlier in the story. For instance; Andromeda, when was the last time we heard from her? I'm not a Weasley fan but there is a distinct lack of Weasleys in this. You got creepy/possessed Ginny spot-on but after that she began acting like an 7 year old, not an almost 12 year old. I don't like Ron but I like the way you're writing him as someone who has a life other than being Harry Potter's best friend. Because obviously he isn't. Neville is. I miss the twins antics and jokes. I wish you would have written in a few pranks that they pulled or at least had Harry team up with them to play a prank on Mayfoy and Nott. I don't miss Mrs Weasley and I'm glad she's not in here honestly!

I'm greatly looking forward to the sequel. I hope that the panther lady ditches Voldy or we're going to be in big trouble! And she has a horcrux too? Yikes! Congratulations on an epic piece! It is truly something to be proud of.
Bluewolf80 chapter 111 . 10/21
Love the Star Wars bit!
Bluewolf80 chapter 105 . 10/21
This was much more interesting than canon. BTW, I love how you are incorporating the original tasks into your story and also hinting how, um... uninspired they were! ;)
I've also enjoyed reading about the magical creatures that you've involved with the tournament. You must be a "Fantastic Beasts..." fan! It was nice to actually learn something as in your deimiguise lecture. In this challenge I felt like I learned more about hags since they are only mentioned briefly and honestly it's hard to picture one. I think of a tramp type of woman. Not the streetwalker version. Your description was so detailed that I replaced that image with your's.

My only criticism about this most exciting chapter would be that for all the complexity of the riddle and what pretty much ended up being an obstacle hunt, it was too easy. I loved it and was excited to read it but it seemed more fun than anything. Nobody got hurt. After everyone coming out so well from the first task I was expecting someone to at least break a leg or something. Is this because they have made things safer because Harry is in it?
Bluewolf80 chapter 91 . 10/21
That's the best I've ever seen the tournament described. Many times in fics (especially time travel) Harry will find a loophole and either not complete or breeze through it way too easily. I have also read a few where the poly juiced Moody is discovered early and since he was the one that put Harry's name in the goblet, he looses his magic or dies

You have a very thorough way of explaining things that I wish was done in the original books. I also enjoyed the animagus training that Hermione went through, the lessons in occlumancy were great and I've never read so much about wandless magic before! Keep it up! Now if only my guess about who the imposter is correct, I'll be delighted! Because of course there is an imposter! ;)
Bluewolf80 chapter 89 . 10/21
May be hope for Draco yet?
Bluewolf80 chapter 87 . 10/21
"a sound of rushing death, that was more felt than heard".
That's the most poignant way to describe the killing curse that I've ever heard. Great job!
Bluewolf80 chapter 83 . 10/20
Wow. Just wow.
Shayde F. Revelle chapter 73 . 10/20
I've stayed quiet until now, don't get me wrong, I love the Doctor Who references, but I can't help but think the words 'Allons-y' are being sullied when said by such ugly people.
Bluewolf80 chapter 81 . 10/20
He told Neville in the Leaky? You'd think that they would have learned their lesson about people overhearing prophecies in pubs.
Bluewolf80 chapter 80 . 10/20
I like her! Anyone who can talk to Voldy like that and stay alive is amazing in my book!
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