Reviews for The Accidental Animagus
CopenhagenBram chapter 16 . 6/20
"Dessert was soon winding down, and Harry surveyed the High Table, wondering when how they would be dismissed.

Did you mean to say 'when and how'?
NobodyOwens5 chapter 12 . 6/19
... uhm what?

I have no issues admitting that Hermione is smarter than Harry or even more dedicated to her studies, but to say that she's magically more powerful? I haven't seen her chase away horses of dementores singlehandedly, nor anything of a similar level. She may have better control at this point, but she is not more powerful, unless you changed that about her, that is.

setting that aside though, I'm looking forward to the Hogwarts years now, and curious to see how it'll deviate from the original.
Sable Dawn chapter 77 . 6/12
Mrs Norris has crush...
PurpleEmrald chapter 7 . 6/11
"human-servant" I'm laughing so hard
The-Capricious-One chapter 41 . 6/11
I really love the character development of Quirrel, Snape, and Malfoy here- having them be more reasonable than their canon depictions makes for some really interesting dynamics.
The-Capricious-One chapter 57 . 6/9
Truly fascinating and horrifying to watch the diary get passed around...
lemon-rind chapter 112 . 6/5
Oh man, what a story. Good job! Thank you for writing this! I'm gonna go start on the sequel I think :)
JohnDouglas4274 chapter 98 . 5/25
*Snerk*, a nuke would prolly'd do for a Nundu.
Saissa chapter 53 . 5/25
Why doesnt hermione put her brasin into gear and suggest that Sirius and Harry between the two of them BUY the mandrake potion from South africa and get those biys unpetrified?
That will show Malfoy that not all muggles are as stupid as Malfoy seems to think they are.

I would also like to see Malfoy pushed out of the door at the Leaky cauldron with no money and see how HE COPES? He will be in prison within a day with that arrogant attitude of his. And probably someones boy toy a day after that!
Saissa chapter 49 . 5/25
The way you write Hermione, I just want to wring her arrogant neck!

There is NO WAY I could ever accept Hermione as my sister! Firstly I would have asked the hat to sort me into a different house from her, and then I would totally ignore her outside of class. She can survive trying to be an arrogant b*tch on her own.

My RL older sister acted a lot like hermione when we were kids - but at least my sister was not as smart as hermione is. No, my sister was almost as dumb as Ron. But she used the fact that she was older as her means of bossing me around and i had no way to counteract that. After all my mother kept telling me to "listen to your older sister - she does have more experience".
Saissa chapter 48 . 5/25
I like the way you are expanding out Ginny's part in Book 2.

I also kind of like how we readers get to hear the chats between Ginny and Tommy - while knowing that Harry and hermione dont get to know this stuff.
TheElysianWitch chapter 12 . 5/25
They are in England right, so it’s Autumn not Fall isn’t it? Or can you say both?
Guest chapter 111 . 5/22
There’s one more chapter left and the title says the second war begins :/ not even going to read it since it’ll just make me sad that it won’t be finished... amazing fanfic defiantly one of my favorites for the potterverse! Few minor things that irritated me like nerfing Harry even though he should’ve been way stronger in this one but I did enjoy how he was a monster in quidditch because he was already good but with him being a cat animagus... made it so he was much better and it was great. Thank you for this fanfic!
Guest chapter 107 . 5/22
Honestly I like Draco and Harry rivalry so much more when it’s like this. They respect each others talent and intellect but dislike each other because of their first few years(mainly because of Lucias)
Guest chapter 89 . 5/22
Draco finally realizing how to be a true Malfoy and not one that Lucias thinks
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