Reviews for Pound of Flesh
MMiladinova chapter 1 . 8/10/2015
Incredibly well written, and absolutely enjoyable. Wish I could unread just so I could read and live through it again...
Lupus Familiaris chapter 1 . 10/26/2014
The Fox Familiar chapter 1 . 10/25/2014
‘The Queen of OCs’? Is that right? I was under the impression that feminists didn’t offer anything to the world other than their incessant whining and their blatant hypocrisy and double standards. As soon as I saw FEMINIST emblazoned across your tumblr, and the endless contradictions spouted by other feminists, I knew this was something too good to pass up.

So, not only do we have the ‘women should have choices but not men’ mantra, we also have the ‘sex is violent...when it happens to women. OK if it happens to men’ line of thinking that truly proves feminists need to be thrown in a trench.

Alas, that’s not why I’m here. I’m here to review your stories, of course! Let’s see what we’ve got in this 15,000 word debacle.

Right off the bat we have a Sue in disguise here. You’re...what? A university student getting her degree in medicine and yet you write this bad. I can hardly imagine what your thesis was going to be. The writing is juvenile and has that feminist stain to it – the stain of haughtiness. Oh, well. It’s not like I expected anything different.

So, if Miss Skinwalker is fabulously unlucky, as you’ve written, and a cowardly, self-serving type, she shouldn’t have lasted as long as she has. Of course, that’s basic logic, yet as we know, feminists have none. Her past isn’t very original, and in fact, was clichéd to the T. I was bored and was rolling my eyes, saying ‘get to the damn point’ whenever I came across your writing. She gets attacked by several dogs, bites several people, and doesn’t get shot or transferred right away. I guess they just wanted to see if she was a vegetarian like a certain group of Cullens, eh?

“Belly scraping the dead grass” – How low is this chick running? Then, you change it from a rabbit to a deer, and back to a rabbit. Did you forget what you wrote, or what?

“Humans denied their the towns of Auschwitz” – You just had to add a Holocaust thing in there, didn’t you? Of course Miss Perfect OC only wants to kill people that are like the Nazis, because everyone else just sucks.

This honestly reads like your typical furry fantasy. It’s uninteresting and frankly I’m waiting for this broad to get the Bambi Mom treatment.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd this chick bangs both dudes and chicks. Hope she doesn’t get syphilis or the Blue Waffle.

I’ll be straight up honest with you: I skimmed through this whole thing. All of these characters were just there. They served no purpose, and honestly, it read like a crappy ‘Teen Wolf’ story. Your OC didn’t have any personality of her own and she just faded into the background. Honestly, I was surprised there was no male rape here, because you clearly wank to that. Anyways, these stories aren’t new. I see them everywhere. In fact, they are so prevalent that they all follow the same formula. What I don’t get is why everyone has to be a wolfaboo here. Why not turn into something else, like an eagle or a fox? Why just wolves? The entire pack mentality is as old as the ages, and your writing, while flavoured with a thesaurus, doesn’t hide the fact that your story-telling is plain old bad.

Typical for feminists. They claim to be so much better than everyone else, yet their ignorance on the world overall is its own reward.

So...why does your OC hate humans? Other than the ‘Oh, they just kill randomly and deny their instinct’ mantra? Because Beverly honestly isn’t any better than them. She doesn’t have a soul, yet her sense of right and wrong is severely conflicted. She has zero personality and honestly, she sounds like a bad insert of you.

I counted ‘metallic scent of blood’ more than a dozen times, give or take, but it’s overly repetitive and like I’ve said before, your prose is lifeless and empty, like the prose of all other feminists. If one this is true, you ‘ladies’ do have a pack mentality, yet you bring nothing to the table. Everyone goes nuts for hearts and are in the middle of nowhere, yet based on their actions, they practically scream: ‘HEY COME OVER HERE WE’VE GOT AWESOME PARTIES!’

How can you even ‘feel’ where your soul has gone? Granted, this could make sense if someone else wrote it, but in your case, it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

“Every human soul smelled the same” – How? Souls are, by definition, personal, so each one should be different.

“His soul smelled like sulfur” – Well that’s weird.

Raider doesn’t really run a tight ship. Everything he does puts everyone at risk. Nine dogs? Suspicious accidents? People can put two and two together, you know. Yet this guy can’t, so no wonder shit hit the fan.

This really was little more than a huge mess. Bad prose, bad story-telling, bland and useless OC. Nothing that made it stood out. If anything can be gleamed from your ‘Rise of the Guardians’ rape fest, it’s that you, and in turn feminists, really are untalented catty bitches who have nothing better to do than spew their double standards everywhere while not realizing they are doing it. Ah, the wonder of liberalism.

What a wasted education. 23-years-old yet you write like a 13-year-old. I wonder what Miss Career Woman is going to say to me? She’ll probably deny gender differences and the fact that women are inferior in many things, and that everyone else is a sexist. Better yet, you’ll probably use that degree of yours to discredit me, or go on your tumblr and whine to your readership about how ‘silly’ I am.

No matter. What is done is done. Your other stories are bland, boring, and when they don’t feature male rape, they suck enough cock as it is.

Oh, that reminds me: you more or less copied the entire skin-changing thing from GoT. How original.

Ah, that is the life of a feminist: when she’s not busy screaming misogyny, she’s stealing other people – particularly men’s – hard work.

Into the trash it goes. I wonder what blabbering you’ll give to me.
The Fire Dancer chapter 1 . 6/24/2014
I very much enjoyed this. Realistic, compelling, and heartbreaking. I also really like how you describe yourself as the "queen of the OCs" in your profile - I was like, "Hey... a kindred spirit!" I totally get that - the urge to play with a fandom, but through the lens of your own character, and you definitely pull it off. Nice!
Guest chapter 1 . 2/13/2014
Not at all like a typical Supernatural story. Your character Bev is very well-developed, as with your other OCs. Great job at keeping the Winchester boys in character.
Azhaeda chapter 1 . 11/28/2013
This is truly amazing. I've never read a Supernatural fic before, and I kind of abandoned the tv show, so I was hesitant to read this. But - damn. I absolutely love fics where we get to watch from the 'monster' point of view, and see that the shining hero is not so different from the evil they fight. Plus, Beverly's such a lovely, well-developed character, it's impossible not to take her side. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is, good job on this complete masterpiece. Keep it up! :)
pineapplefreak chapter 1 . 11/21/2013
I like this a lot. It's not very often we get a view of the boys from the monster's point of view, and I think this was very well done. It is interesting to see things from the other end of the spectrum.
SimplyHope chapter 1 . 11/21/2013
This Just wow. I have never read a Supernatural fanfiction quite like this before and you did an extraordinary job of writing it. I abolsutely loved the fact that you wrote this from the point of view of one of the "monsters". This was just so dark, with just a glimpse of hope at the end that made the stroy truly amazing. You reallly have a way with words and a lot of talent. Well-done.
darkumbreon9 chapter 1 . 11/21/2013
Ok this story is FANTASTIC!
There's Sma and Dean, but they're not the main characters, and your OC is such a well-devellopped character that I have to love her 3.
This is soooo long and that's brilliant and fantastic!
Though at the start it says "if you're reading this I'm dead" but she doesn't die so I'm kind of confused but whatever
Guest chapter 1 . 11/21/2013
Wow. Just . . . just wow.