Reviews for The Selkie Wife: A New World
luvmi4alwyz chapter 10 . 6h ago
A ha Alice finally got her mind right better yet to know now than to learn a lesson too late in life. This town is closing in on them from all sides. I can't wait for Edward to finally understand his love with Bella I feel like that one burden will make everything else n his life simple.
luvmi4alwyz chapter 8 . 10h ago
O my word! Please let em be ok... This is such a crazy who done it and I just can't for the life of me decide who to trust and who honestly wants peace. Carlisle n esme are worth smiling for and Edward growing I to this confident man buy please let em be ok... I mean someone has to die but not that sweet lil boy. I also love how Bella can read minds so to speak with the innocents around her
luvmi4alwyz chapter 7 . 11h ago
I have a feeling that an awful conflict will come from Sam and Jacob is like a wild card. I know u shouldn't live in the past but history will repeat if u don't learn from it. Edward had s very mature reaction and talking out his problems with Bella believing her and moving forward is all I can ask her
luvmi4alwyz chapter 6 . 11h ago
Ok so Jacob is a good guy, FYI I love ur Jacobs esp written in the stars. Bella standing up to Carlisle was needed at the minimum she would get the respect she deserved in het house. I love Bella falling in love with the man that Edward is now not just his soul 3
luvmi4alwyz chapter 5 . 12h ago
!yay! Rose is here, she is such a strong powerful figure in twilight and my favorite too. I love the image of a baby em holding her hair. The intimacy growing between Bella and Edward is so good. I'm so happy great story!
luvmi4alwyz chapter 4 . 12h ago
O how I'm already in love. So Alice is kinda rude I know esme isn't trying to take her mother's place but I guess it all happened to fast. Jasper maybe ok just trying to find the right way to keep Carlisle happy n not loose himself. I hope Edward finds out soon about who Bella is and that he takes it well. He's definitely overwhelmed and may lash out at someone most likely her. Em is too cute I can see him being a lil baby like Bess was and maybe Elizabeth n Bess ward and all can be cousins lol I love this xo
luvmi4alwyz chapter 3 . 13h ago
That was a cluster of info, so Bella is very wealthy probably the wealthiest in the colony and she will share as long as Edward marries her. That reunion he's gonna remember that subconscious memory of her at court will move them along. They're are both around 20 and Edward is built like a manly man. I'm iffy on jasper maybe Carlisle perception has made him come off as an opportunist. Em is really young and Alice is head strong. I wonder who es and Carlisle will turn out to be, Gah off to the wedding!
luvmi4alwyz chapter 2 . 13h ago
So the selkie blood made all her kids live longer than most. Ward is such a good responsible man of course Edward would be proud. My tears sweet baby Jesus Bellas pain and her longing its so strong, I just want her to find her Edward so they can be happy again.
luvmi4alwyz chapter 1 . 13h ago
I'm so happy to be starting the next part! Thank you for having pieces of the epi included it makes for a nice quick refresher. Edward lived such a great long life, broke my heart watching lil Elizabeth cry for her daddy. Can't wait for more!
radar1230 chapter 10 . 21h ago
It feels like it's been awhile since I've read one of your stories. I love The Selkie Wife, and it's been so nice to revisit Edward and Bella. I'm looking forward to reading more about their adventures in the New World.
Guest chapter 10 . 4/18
Beautiful story. I can't wait to read more.
TRU3 LOV3 IS R3AL chapter 10 . 4/18
omfg edward saw him shift bet ya he believes know
LizE7 chapter 10 . 4/18
Wonderful chapter! :)
Nissa-Cullen chapter 10 . 4/18
I hope Edward doesn't hive into the dark side and decide he needs to listen to Bradford's advice. Alice needs to stay with them. I think Edward should gather his family and his parents and move to another colony. Away from the gossip and pain. What did Jasper want? Good for Alice shutting the door in his face. Good for Edward for sticking up for her before. I hope Jacob and his people will be ok. It's a wait decision to leave. I think they'll be safer.
KatHat chapter 10 . 4/18
Excellent update! It seems Edward's "memories" are getting stronger, while the constiction from their community tighten as well.

Thank you!

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