Reviews for The Selkie Wife: A New World
xXMoonlitSorrowsXx chapter 1 . 4/27
Reread this story! I missed it so much!
LBelle chapter 19 . 4/14
I've been away from FF for a while. I missed it. I reread much of your story and was exciting to read the two chapters you've posted since I was here last. I see it's been a while since you've updated and I hope you continue this story. Your stories are written so intellegently, which makes them so interesting and enjoyable. I plan on reading more frequently and are hoping to read more from you.
LBelle chapter 19 . 4/14
I was away from FF for quite a long time. This was one of the stories I missed. It was great to reread some of it, plus the addition of the two new chapters that posted since I left. I see it's been a while since you've updated. I really hope you continue this story. Your stories are written so intellegently, which makes it more interesting and enjoyable. I plan on checking in more frequently. I've missed this.
tired617 chapter 19 . 4/2
I love this story and hope there will be more soon!
masen-cullen96 chapter 19 . 3/30
Hope you update soon! I really love where this is going!
Lissagirl26 chapter 19 . 3/19
You are an amazing writer and I am so enjoying your stories! Please tell me what your book name is and author name because I intend to by all your books!
JAZZPURR chapter 19 . 2/25
Lissa, are you going to finish this story? I have been hooked on your tails since the beginning and would love to see what happens in the new world.

Thank you for sharing your tallent with us.

BMSCullen chapter 19 . 2/24
I can't tell you how pleased I was to see selkie wife had a sequel! I think I'd also of liked to of seen something a little more modern, however you write such beautiful historical stories that I'm definitely not mad at! I hope you update soon, I'm very eager to continue reading! Xx
Nicolah017 chapter 19 . 2/22
Are you going to be continuing this story?
Drithligh chapter 19 . 2/15
I've really enjoyed reading this story. Sometimes I think of early America as it was during the revolution and forget the truth of the early colonial times. I'm hoping that you'll keep working on this story as I'm so curious how Bella and Edward will fare in this strict and nosy environment. I think I'd rather live without indoor plumbing than without religious freedom. Thanks for sharing.
GUEST chapter 19 . 2/10
I am really liking this. I will be glad when it is finished, but it will be bitter sweet, too. I enjoy seeing the familiar characters remembering their past lives and then adding Bella to them. I suspect that Captain Hunter has more mischief in his heart and head. The lives that you gave them in the old story and then the new story blend and balance each other very well.
Thank you for writing this continuation and I look forward to reading the next chapter just as soon as you get it done.
SophieHatMaker chapter 19 . 1/31
Fantastic and I'm eager for more! I'm glad this chapter was more lighthearted. :)
Hello chapter 19 . 1/14
You are an amazing writer (I am reading Under the Restless Skies) at the moment. Hoping you will finish this story, I'm curious about what will happen!
angelari7 chapter 19 . 1/1
Happy New Year!
Thank you so much for updating and not giving up on the story, it warms the heart to see a new chapter and get lost in the characters.
Looking forward to the next chapter hope you'll update soon.
twilighter1964 chapter 6 . 12/15/2016
I love. A story I missed, and a history lesson!
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