Reviews for All Secrets Sleep in Winter Clothes
Guest chapter 32 . 1/31
Awww, Hawwy "talked" to Hermione so naturally she falls all over herself to forgive his utter and complete betrayal of everyone and everything she holds dear!1111! This is bullshit.

So Harry, who has proven himself absolutely untrustworthy and easily led astray by his penis, thinks being an asshole to Hermione is such a great idea, and she lets him because of course she lost her backbone shortly after birth.

I can't ready any more of this utter bullshit. Harry is a traitor, a cold-hearted bastard who actually did sell Hermione and everyone she loves out to Tom and, just as I suspected, she hugged him and told him it was alllllll ok. And then...then she's so retarded that after following Harry around like a devoted brainless puppy, she lets him go to the Minister all by himself...what, because he's SO TRUSTWORTHY? Jeez she's stupid.

What a load of bullshit.

And I thought this story was supposed to have been a "romance"? No, there's no romance. There's Severus running around being a shithole to Hermione and Hermione putting up with it, putting up with it, putting up with it, then...nothing. He's a bastard, she's retarded, and Harry's still a traitor - only Draco's sense of reason stopped most of the damage.
Guest chapter 31 . 1/31
Wouldn't people be less inclined to trust TraitorHarry than AlwaysBadButSpyDraco at this point?
Guest chapter 29 . 1/31
Is it bad that I'm glad Harry hurt Albus? Take THAT for your ""greater good"" you old shit.

At this rate Harry desperately deserves time in Azzy but I just KNOW it won't happen. It should, though.
Guest chapter 28 . 1/31
Yup, Harry's a traitor. I hope Albus has to eat shit for all this.
Guest chapter 27 . 1/31
Well of course Albus wants to let Harry do whatever he wants to do against Hermione. Hermione isn't important; she's just a generic tool and regarded as a passifying fuck-toy for Severus. And of course spineless Hermione just swallows whatever pap Albus wants to shovel her way, after all, he's "looking out for her best interests" or whatever lie he finds most convenient.

I hate, truly truly hate, such a stupid Hermione. Hope Albus enjoys Harry giving Tom the potion. Seems like Albus is working hand in hand with Tom and Harry these days, eh?
Guest chapter 26 . 1/31
See? Harry needs to be skinned alive. He's such a fucking bastard. Idc if he *is* supposedly ""acting under orders"" and ""for the greater good"" (one of Albus' favorite excuses for doing whatever he wanted), still, raping Hermione's mind, putting her in danger, lying to her...he needs to pay.

But I bet he won't. Hermione has very little backbone in this story.
Guest chapter 25 . 1/31
It clarifies that Harry is a traitor and should serve time in Azzy for it. He was in the same room with Tom and didn't lift a hand to him.
Guest chapter 24 . 1/31
I can't wait for Harry's duplicity to be discovered. It's because of him and because he didn't care enough to warn anyone, that Charlie died, Ginny and Arthur and Snape were injured, so I hope Molly and Hermione tear long bloody strips out of his hide, but I know they won't. He's TBWL after all...he *might* get slightly yelled at if that.
Guest chapter 23 . 1/31
Hermione doesn't fight very well for someone who's supposedly an auror. Harry doesn't protect the good side very well for someone who's supposedly not a traitor.

Bye Draco you brain-raping pig.
Guest chapter 22 . 1/31
How could anyone possibly tell if Snape was more irritable? He was a flat bastard to begin with; the only way he could be worse is if he started AK'ing people.

Malfoy sure doesn't mind throwing people to the wolves, does he. Sad that Harry seems to have turned Death Eater. Bet he won't do a moment in Azzy, either, because he'll be auto-forgiven because he's TBWL.

It "pained" Albus that he forced Severus to lick Tom's boots? Yeah, right. He doesn't give a shit about Severus and never did.
Guest chapter 21 . 1/31
Severus, who is one of the wizard world's finest occlumens and legitimens can't manage to tell that Hermione's brain has been raped. Yeah, no.
Guest chapter 20 . 1/31
So sweet of Draco to sell out Hermione. Even if he's a spy, he still chose to sell her out. Real sweet.
Guest chapter 19 . 1/31
I hope stupid constipated Severus feels like shit after he ever once realizes that Harry and Draco mind-raped her.
Guest chapter 18 . 1/31
I wonder if Albus knows exactly what's going on. He's evil, so there's no telling. Harry needs his balls removed, but what do I bet Hermione, when she ever finds out what is exactly going on, will slap his hand and auto-forgive him for every little thing like a good little doormat should? I mean, she's Severus' spineless little doormat, why shouldn't she be Harry's, too?
Guest chapter 17 . 1/31
Yeah, I wouldn't trust Harry at all. If that even IS Harry.
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