Reviews for Crescendo
Kneinke chapter 12 . 7/21
I just started reading and I'm so happy that you've decided to pick up the story. I hope you continue soon :D.
Astrahan chapter 12 . 7/17
Please update. Can't wait for the next chapter. Love it
Guest chapter 12 . 7/3
Finish the story I hate it when people half ass a job it's all or nothing
Guest chapter 12 . 6/28
love it!
dreamer 3097 chapter 12 . 6/27
A good story
Suse B chapter 12 . 6/14
So sad. It's what's needed though.
kimberr94 chapter 12 . 6/14
just started this story, I think its amazing. is so sad, it made me cry. poor Tim
Guest chapter 12 . 6/14
WOW! Welcome back - and what a comeback! Abby was told off, Tony got his long-overdue punch on the nose, Ziva is at a loss and Gibbs finally opens up - but will it be too late for Tim to stay in a team of jerks?
Please post a new chapter soon!
randomplotbunny chapter 12 . 6/12
amariecoughlan chapter 12 . 6/12
I love this story so please update it soon
Toni M H chapter 12 . 6/12
Well damn... You have me in tears over here.

Welcome back. I've missed this story tremendously and I've got to say that you've came back with an AMAZING chapter. Can NOT wait to see what more you have planned for us readers. Thank you for bringing this story back and updating.
Guest chapter 12 . 6/12
I read this story the first time today and I like it. But this last new chapter really rocks, because the feelings of tim and gibbs feel real. For me they are out of the character as I personally see them both, but given the information gained about gibbs and Tim in all the season one can see them exactly like that. Well done. I really hope you soon will post a new chapter. Would be great to see gibbs and Tim to grow into a new relationship. I always hoped that the ncis authors put a character into the storyline that gibbs open to and love . prefencially his daughter coming back but I open to other solutions as well.
arlena.ferrell chapter 12 . 6/12
kokoziko chapter 12 . 6/12
I missed your story . the chapter was really lovely . you made me cry
athea781 chapter 12 . 6/11
Being a major Team McGee member, I'm so happy that you're giving Tim the chance to shine. Out from under the oppression that is the MCRT his essence can glow. I've always felt that the writers have seriously missed the boat when developing the McGee character. They have so much untouched & neglected story lines that would have developed his character well beyond DiNozzo. Don't get me wrong, I love Tony also, but his stories ran away far beyond Tim's. It actually seemed to be turning into the Tony show for awhile there. I correct myself, the Tiva show. And another reason, he's not our Timmy.
The powers-that-be should've done more with the Tim/Tony partnership/brotherhood. They started to but for reasons we're not privy to, it ended. There was so much untapped comedy & drama there, what a waste.
And we know all about Tony, Ziva & Gibbs family. Hell we've seen them quite often throughout the series. Tim's family, we've seen his sister twice, his grandmother once, his father twice (once when dead, doesn't really count) & we've never met his mother. Both Tony's & Ziva's dads were pretty regular on the show, they even had their own story lines. What about Tim?
Lets hope that the producers finally realize their screw-up & try to rectify it in this next season. Though I'm not counting on it.
Anyway we'll just enjoy the Tim world through the FanFic sites. As long as we have great stories like yours we'll be set. Sp please keep writing & we'll keep reading & enjoying. Living vicariously through your imagination in the world of Timothy McGee!
Please, please update soon. We need you.
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