Reviews for Madoka's New Protector
SQuietSA chapter 8 . 10/23/2014
Nice little scene at that funeral. I thought Madoka's part was kiiinda short compared to Kyouko's but it's still okay. And the scene at the beginning was touching too, along with the photo album idea. I did smell a lot of shipping in those photos p
Don't know exactly what to think of the Hitomi part. It occasionally annoys me when characters can barely wait to hear the other completely out. Come on, you two are friends, listen to each other for just a minute. But yeah,
it's about bringing back a friend but still.
I hope you have the next chapter out soon! You just stopped at before the epicness began! :3
SquietSA chapter 7 . 10/23/2014
Hehehe...Madoka being better than Kyouko? Just awesome. Those little bits of happy moments really balance out the sad ones. Especially now because Walpurgisnacht is approaching. The title of ths chapter doesn't ease my worries either.
So many problems are coming out now. That red-haired girl is strongern than both Kirika and Oriko, Hitomi is getting involved, Oriko's prediction is another grim omen and Walpurgnisnacht is sooo close.
Welp, good luck, you guys.
SquietSA chapter 6 . 10/23/2014
Aww, yeah! Madoka can use guns now. I really think it's a great idea. And I love the reactions of the Oc's to Homura's info, it was quite amusing XD
Holy cr-, 'love the smell of something burning to death'? Yep, it's a pretty interesting villian all right.
SquietSA chapter 5 . 10/23/2014
Woah, what a tense moment it was. It's nice for Madoka to step in like that, now she can contribute too!
And that ending...well, that was even more unexpected. This is getting even more interesting..and more troublesome for Madoka and co. This promises for some great scenes to happen!
SquietSA chapter 4 . 10/21/2014
Holy crap, didn't see that coming. I don't know if their motive is the same as in the manga, because I haven't read it yet, but this makes up for some intriguing conflicts. Dang, ending the chapter with that sentence is well put too.
Hehe, I love the little scene in the restaurant. Lights up the mood in this big mess. A little comedy is always welcomed 333
SQuietSA chapter 3 . 10/21/2014
Eventhough I'm not really fond of OC's, they do look pretty interesting so far. I hope you take the time to fleshen them out gradually. The only gripe I have is that introducing so many characters at the same time is a bit overwhelming. It makes it harder to remember them all, but I'm sure you'll do fine :)
Nevertheless, I enjoyed this chapter as well! Keep it up!
SquietSA chapter 2 . 10/21/2014
Ouch. Poor Madoka and Kyouko, all the sadness and grief and people just keep dying around them. I hope Kyouko can find some fitting candidates. She certainly has her job cut out for her.
I'm really enjoying this so far! :D
SquietSA chapter 1 . 10/21/2014
This was a pretty good lead-in chapter. It certainly has me hooked! And I agree with some other people, this is quite a unique idea with an uncommon pairing. Sounds interesting all right!
Kaya Kagamine chapter 8 . 10/14/2014
I love it. Will you please continue?
the Oracle of Akemi chapter 8 . 6/29/2014
I can't wait till the next chapter! Please update soon!
Kumi chapter 1 . 6/25/2014
Could you do me a favor? I like the pairing of KyoHomu but everyone thinks it's really like "Why?!"...Do you think you can make a solid KyoHomu...? Even if it's a one-shot...It's just an idea.
alleluiamagiatsuioku chapter 8 . 6/24/2014
Sorry about the late review!
I really liked this chapter for various reasons. The MadoKyo moments were very cute, touching and meaningful. Homura's 'funeral' was touching as well, and I had the need to smile while I was reading it.
We get an insight in the OC's which are great. I like the flashback which made us understand Tsurara more, although transitioning into a flashback by actually writing flashback is ordinary.
Even though I loved this chapter (fave chappie so far) a few things bothered me. Spelling mistakes and things like that (I know I'm one to talk). But mispelling 'two' as 'too' bothered me, even though its a simple mistake.
Also I could deal with it in your other stories but I finally realised that I'm annoyed about it. It's false to their personalities and it gets irritating. Kyoko calling others with the honorific 'san' makes her seem formal, which she isn't (again, I should talk, but I've gotten over most of my bad OOC stages by now, I think), in fact its very out of character for somebody as rough as her.
Also, no matter how much you love KyoHomu, this is a KyoMado fanfic. And there can't be romantic KyoHomu as a faint sideplot. I'm not saying this because of my personal ramblings, I mean if you had put KyoSaya in there I would have been irritated. Things like Madoka thinking that Kyoko and Homura would make a great couple are unneccesary. And conversations like this:
"I'm curious, what was your relationship with Homura Akemi?"
"Why do you need to know?"
"I'm curious."
"She was a very close friend of mine."
"Did you love her?"
"I don't think it really matters now."
-Are unneccesary as well. Even though Homura is dead it forms something of a love triangle in my mind, which it shouldn't. If Kyoko ends up getting together with Madoka in the end the fact that she will be haunted with her (probably undying) feelings for Homura is something of a bad thought for the fans of KyoMado. Kyoko should love one person and one person only, which will be Madoka (obviously). With Kyoko thinking of Homura all the time in this fanfic more than Madoka this might as well be a HomuKyo fanfic with KyoMado as a sideplot. With the plot being Kyoko eventually trying to get over Homura's death and Kyoko dealing with her guilt and romantic feelings, while having to deal with Madoka being in love with her (hopefully), OC's and Warplurgisnaucht.
I'm sorry if I sound harsh. And I know that I'm guilty of doing similar things (like in my KyoMado fanfic Kyoko had a dream about Sayaka and Sayaka doing something suggestive with Kyoko blushing in response, but that was a onetime thing.) I didn't put a favourite pairing of mine because I wanted to fill my void of there being hardly any fanfics of my favourite pairing (there are loads, but I'm reffering to you), I did it because Kyoko and Sayaka are extremely close in canon, and they are close friends and are best friends in nature, not in personal issues.
So this is a fullblown MadoKyo story. You were planning to make a MadoKyo story and that's what you are doing. Except that Kyoko is (undeniably) in love with Homura, due to your personal things. But this isn't personal. If you're going to make a MadoKyo story make it just MadoKyo, not with KyoHomu on the side for your personal enjoyment.
I know I must sound so mean, but I felt it had to be said eventually. If you write a KyoHomu story and put some MamiSaya in the side or something I'll pick up on it, this isn't just me for not liking the pairing (remember our PM conversation?)
If I sounded too harsh, you can tell me and I'll apologise. But I did love this chapter overall and I can't wait until the continuation!
Azuki Rose chapter 8 . 6/23/2014
Haha, you were right when you said that this was a long chapter! It was really good though, closing the gap form where things left. I really liked this chapter!

To start things off, I really enjoyed the growing interaction between Kyoko and Madoka, who are slowly starting to get used to each other and are growing accustomed to one another. I especially loved the cute fluff scenes at Homura's house and at the graveyard. Too bad we didn't get to see how their dinner went...XD

It makes total sense as well that Kyoko should be ready with her powers at full potential when Walpurgisnacht comes, and that she can't get them back because Mami Tomoe is dead. I know that you said that Kyoko had lost her Rosso Phantasma because of a fight with Mami, but actually, the reason why she lost her illusion magic was because she denied her wish after her family died, and then subconsciously denied the powers that came with it (I don't know if you read 'The Different Story', a spin-off story of the original manga, but Mami's and Kyoko's entire teacher/disciple relationship is in there in full detail). Don't worry though, this entirely affected her relationship with Mami like you said. It is entirely true now that she can only resort to forceful combat, such as warfare instead of magic where she doesn't have to face the enemy head-on.

And what's exactly going on between those two, Tsurara and Karasu, I wonder? *smiles smugly to herself with an evil look on her face*. Is it possible *gaspies!* that- one likes the other...? Too much good stuff! Honestly, I didn't expect a pairing between two OC's, but I'm really liking it so far! (If it exists, that is, haha)

And I have to say that I am REALLY glad that Oriko and Kirika didn't kill Madoka... Hopefully she won't die at the Walpurgisnacht invasion either! That would be sooo sad if she did. I think you would probably break my heart if that happened. And I hope none of the other good characters die either!

All in all, this was a wonderful chapter! I can't wait for the next, so keep up the good work!:)
Villain84 chapter 8 . 6/19/2014
Alright. Just finished reading this chapter. Again, loved it!

I really liked the thoughts going through Kyoko's mind during the whole part about Madoka learning the truth about Homura, as well as how Madoka felt about it. That whole photo album idea was great too, showing the past timelines and all the girls together, even a little ship-teasing.

It was really well-done and interesting, this whole chapter (as well as a good portion of the whole story), about Madoka and Kyoko mourning for Homura, and thinking about their relationships with her and their feelings for her. You did a very good job writing and developing all of that.

I don't get though why Chishiki wanted to do that exercise thing with Kyoko. How was over-exerting herself suppose to clear her soul gem?

Loved how Madoka was able to go to Sayaka's funeral. Glad Hitomi was there. Surprised though that Kyousuke wasn't there.

I also like how Kyubey tempted Madoka into making a contract to revive Sayaka, and what Madoka felt about it.

Also I wonder. Do the girls know about Kriemhild Gretchen? Was that revealed in Homura's videos and documents?

It's awesome how you went with that idea of Kyoko and Madoka having their own funeral for Homura. Love the emotions they were feeling there, and how they expressed their grief, their "eulogies". Very well-written. In particular, it's interesting how you reffered back to the detail that Kyoko's the one who shot Homura.

Plus, since Homura died in Octavia's barrier, her body disappeared, right?

I also like the bit of development you gave Karasu and Tsurara, and showed more of their past together. I also kinda like this cheerful, kind personality Karasu has.

I think you could have done a little better though with that thing about Hitomi trying to get Madoka to make a contract. I understand that Hitomi was upset, but I'd think the two good friends would talk it out more, explain more of their situations, how Hitomi met Kyubey, and why Madoka can't make the contract, even if it's like she can't tell the whole story, so she shortens it to "I just can't". Maybe she could have been like "you don't understand what it means to become a mahou shoujo" but Hitomi interrrupts her before she can explain, going only on the good stuff that Kyubey told her. Also, how was Hitomi going to "force" Madoka to make a contract? What was the former about to wish for?

Neat little scene with Hakai as well.

It was nice seeing Oriko and Kirika again. Except in that battle, I would think Oriko and Kirika would be overpowered I mean it's 5 against 2. But I don't know. I suppose Oriko is fairly powerful.

And so now Oriko and Kirika are just going to run away?

That was a cute thing with the ponytails too. Only how does Madoka know about that? From the photo album?

Alright! Time for the big battle with Walpurgesnaut! Really excited to see how it goes!

You know, one idea I had was that Karasu's crows would drop bombs and grenades on Walpurgesnaut from above.

As always, loving the story, looking forward to the next chapter!
P6006873 chapter 1 . 6/18/2014
* starts playing blumenkranz (kill la. Kill)*THE FINAL BATTLE IS HERE
seriously though I had to read that manga spin off to understand who kikira and oriko was and that was interesting to read. Can't wait to see what happens next.
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