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DarkeningShadow77 chapter 9 . 10/4/2016
I know you finished this story quite some time ago and likely don't think about it much and while it was silly at times I wanna say thank you because it was truly a nice story to read.
Oh my god chapter 4 . 10/7/2012
Its so adorable
Specter Von Baren chapter 2 . 3/22/2010
Something I rather like about this story is the numerous references to things that were about in the time that the game was made, 1990. Things like Super Mario Bros., Apple II computers, ect.


Specter Von Baren chapter 1 . 3/20/2010
Damn. So much detail, so much effort, so much good put into this. Very very good work I must say.


Skyrock chapter 9 . 2/26/2009
First, to all of those who say that this story prevents them from writing any further Startropics fiction:

Please, don't let you hinder by this! This section of the site is sparsely populated with only 3 authors and 5 stories currently, and even if you're right in thinking that you can never reach such a level, this game deserves more coverage.

Besides, while this tale is stunningly great, it has a very distinct plot and interpretation - there's yet a lot of room for other interpretations, for using other elements, for going into other directions. Actually, after I haven't written *any* fiction in 5 years, it inspired me to do so again, going into a similar direction, but making several things different. (Although unfortunately this will have to wait until more urgent creative projects are done.)

But back to the story itself:

I never thought much of fanfiction, and I could never find much enjoyment in romantic fiction, but this piece has fully blown me away and forced me to read all of it within just one week - and not just because it's based on a setting I've been adoring for a long time, but because it's greatly done. I'll need to get this formatted, printed and bound when I get around to do so, as it's a story that deserves to sit on the bookshelf and to get revisited once in a while.

You've done a great job with filling out the details that the sparse story and characterization of the original source left wide open, and the result are believeable personalities, folks that don't just seem to exist for the story, but that seem to have had lives prior to it, and who will continue to exist after the story is closed.

The single characterization I adore most is that of Princess Mica: She isn't a sex goddess, she isn't a pathetic emo, and she isn't a helpless damsel in distress - she's just the nice, naive girl next door who innocently got into something well over her head with all the noble obligations, dim and preordained future prospects, and of course the Prime Invader's sinister schemes. She's a highly sympathic character that makes you care for her, and it made my throat dry as bit for bit was revealed how her past sufferings and her current issues threaten to stomp and extinguish this cheerful flower. It deeply moved me, but rather on a "she could be the girl next door" general guts level that sees here as a subject, rather than on a more single-directed thrill such as romantic feeling or protective instinct that just turns her into a object you need to deal with to fulfill this feeling.

Her struggles, her small victories over her entanglements and sufferings and her setbacks have also been what has driven the story for me. I actually felt how my spirits have been lifted when she made her steps towards happiness, and I felt truly sad whenever she suffered her setbacks. Towards the end of chapter 8, I got truly worked up over the unfairness of the whole situation and the unreasonability of Hirocon, and it actually made me cry and depressed me for days. It's also noteworthy how this hasn't been a purely campy "oh, woe is me" emo situation. Rather, there have been sprinkles of hope, of ease of suffering and of fulfillment of the love - and it all worked towards making the situation even sadder, as one could feel what gets crushed by this disconnection, and how cruel it all is. Many authors fall here into the trap of simply painting it all black, which just lulls the reader and leaves him oblivious to the implications of the situation, but you did not - you managed to highlight the hope, only to crush it precisely.

[SPOILER chapter 9]

It's also nice how chapter 9 played with the feelings caused by the former chapter. The description of Mikes further life and depression over the loss made me even sadder, and during his monologue on the northern shore, I expected that's the way that the story supposed to be ending, with the rest of the chapter being the same description of Micas further life and longing on Argonia. The twist totally caught me by surprise, and made my day by reversing (but not eliminating) the sadness build up over the last two chapters into a sense of bitter-sweet fulfillment, and gave the story a sense of being rounded off, rather than leaving a feeling of total emptiness as the original ending of ST2 gave, or by just clipping in a shiny happy end that's artificially slammed into the end.

It got a bit campy and kitshy here and there, but hey, it's yet amazingly well pulled off, better than most paid authors (and by "authors", I mean "authors", not "dudes who happen to get paid for writing bad [Star Trek/Star Wars/Forgotten Realms] hacks").

[/SPOILER chapter 9]

There are some minor goofs that annoyed me (like getting into too much detail about game-speific attack patterns that don't make much sense on a story level, or trying to rationalize the heart containers as island fruits while they are purely a game-mechanical thing that you at best just don't try to think of too hard), but these were just minor annoyances that couldn't spoil the story.

There's just one thing that made me aesthetically cringe: The whole Starseer thing. One thing I enjoyed about Startropics is, that it hasn't been yet another JCRPG where the predestined greatest boy hero ever goes out with the greatest legendary weapon ever to beat the greatest villain ever to stop the greatest threat to the universe ever. Rather, it felt to me very American, with the little man as the hero who just happens to have the courage to go the the frontier and to take risks, to have the cunning to overcome the obstacles, and to have the stamina to get up again. Everyone could rise from rags to riches as Mike Jones did, but it has been Mike who had the dedication to do it so, making him more sympathic ti me as a Westerner than most JCRPG heroes.

Granted, you played well with the cliché and have done well to keep the truth or untruth about this prophecy unclear, and it also served well to drive the story and to throw another obstacle into Micas way to happiness, but yet... it just ticked me off by a good margin. It's probably also the implementation that yet lets me think of this as a great story, because I'm not sure if I'd yet praise it, if the Starseer thing had been played as a straight truth and without using it to drive the story further towards interesting situations and issues.
TehRogerDeath chapter 9 . 11/20/2008
Awesome story. Long have I hoped for a new chapter to the story, and I feel like this was it.
LordofDigitalAlchemy chapter 1 . 10/21/2008
I don't really know how to put into words what I have to say for this story. You did an amazing job with it, and I really felt empty, saddened after finishing the epilogue, because I was now done with the story.

I'm very happy with the way this story turned out. Thank you for taking the time to write this.
Kuwabara Shizuru chapter 9 . 4/9/2008
Without a doubt in my mind, and with many fanfics that I've read that have been great, I can truly say that this is the greatest fanfic of all time. It's the only one that has ever made me truly cry. That's a testament to your absolute mastery of humanizing these characters that I've loved ever since I was seven (I was seven when I first played the original Startropics.). You've captured such raw emotion in each of these characters, I can't put my love for this fanfic into proper words. You are an absolute GENIUS, and you have my undying respect as a fellow fanfiction writer.
Bruce Pendragon chapter 8 . 2/17/2008
Heh heh, it seems to bring to mind a number of songs. The final chapter also makes "Southern Cross" by Crosby Stills 'n' Nash spring to mind, but I suppose that's kind of an obvious one, isn't it?
Justin T. Melanson chapter 8 . 2/15/2008
Though this seems awkward, I could only do one review, and there was one more thing I forgot to add. I actually had the song "Never" by the band Heart stuck in my head while reading this. Seriously, look up the lyrics, and you'll find out what I mean. That song sums up Mike and Mica's love for one another in their entirety. You'll thank me later for this.
Justin T. Melanson chapter 9 . 2/15/2008 is truly one of the few fanfics I've ever read that left me completely and utterly blown away. The way you turned the characters from Star Tropics into something so much more was astounding.

This is a masterpiece through and through, the way you paired up Mike and Mica, amazing. Though it was sad that they were torn apart for six long years, it was still heartwarming to see her return again to him.

Seriously, you should be proud, this is the epitome of what a fanfic SHOULD be. Gut-wrenching, riveting, and heartwarming. You bet this is going into my favorites!
Tim Adkins chapter 9 . 11/12/2007
As a fan of Startropics, I have to give you my most sincerest praise. I enjoyed reading your story throughly. I truly enjoy reading and it is one of the best experiences when I read a story that is captivating from start to finish. You did a fantastic job at humanizing Mike Jones and I commend you for your efforts. I enjoyed the depth of qualities you took with each of the characters. I again will say you are to be congratulated for what you wrote. I can say I would enjoy reading a sequel to this story, regarding Mike's time on Argonia. Again great work, keep it up
Bruce Pendragon chapter 9 . 8/17/2007
I agree with Jazzman about those two points, but I'm still highly, highly impressed. I do have to make one other tiny criticism though. It seemed to me that Mike and, to a lesser extent, Mica were too mature for 15 year olds.

Nonetheless, I'd love to see more work like this. Mike and Mica have always seemed like Link and Zelda to me: they're the "forbidden lovers" of the NES, and you gave them their happy ending in a rich, thorough story with descriptive imagery, believable and engaging dialogue, and characters so three dimensional the reader is left feeling that we've known them all our lives. My hat goes off to you, Erico. I sincerely hope you have considered a career in writing.

As a side note, I couldn't help but think of Don Henley's "Boys of Summer" playing in the background as I read chapter 9.
Jazzman chapter 9 . 7/23/2007
Beautiful. I mean, BEAUTIFUL! I never thought I would find a good Star Tropics fic or a love story that would keep me reading, but here is a work that's both. I could gush over this story all day, truly.

However, everyone else already has, so let me point out a few things that I didn't think measured up to the rest of the work. Mainly, chapter 8. The one-chapter montage of Zoda's Revenge left me going "get on with the story." I feel like it should either be shortened, or have something added to it that a reader didn't already experience by playing the sequel.

Other than that, I feel like the six-year recap Mica gives in chapter 9 would be more fulfilling if a few scenes were devoted to actually seeing it from her perspective. Admittedly though, that takes away from the Mike-limited perspective, so I could be wrong.

On the whole though, WONDERFUL work. I wish there were more like it. You've inspired me to dig out my old notes and try a Star Tropics fic again, and I would be positively thrilled to see you do a sequel to this.
Aquatic-Idealist chapter 9 . 4/23/2007
And I thought Startropics would never be given the honor it deserves. Wonderful story!
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