Reviews for Better Be- Ravenclaw!
daisycb chapter 9 . 7/29
Really sweet story. I have found that I like some fanfiction better than the originals and this is one of those stories
Shooter chapter 9 . 7/17
I really love this story and I think you should write some others a little like this that are a little slower and longer because this was a really wonderful story
GandalfTG chapter 2 . 7/19
Heh... Monopoly definitely sounds like a board game that would appeal to Slitherins and Ravenclaws. Only game more Ravenclaw-ish I can think of would be Trivia Pursuit! :)

I can also see games like Risk and Go being popular.

Really liking this story so far!
rekrula chapter 3 . 7/15
Interesting read! I am enjoying it. Thanks for sharing!
Guest chapter 9 . 7/12
out of all the fics i've read...THIS ONE IS DA BEST
Guest chapter 6 . 7/12
icecrystal5 chapter 4 . 7/3
Boo malfoy and weasleys. GO BLACKS
icecrystal5 chapter 3 . 7/3
icecrystal5 chapter 2 . 7/3
GO CHO AND MARIETTA. I have one question. Are they playing soccer or football, they Americans ones?
icecrystal5 chapter 1 . 7/3
When Hermione was saying how she didn't care about his scar, I understand that she means it. But she could be lying or faking it. And why isn't snape angry with Harry?
Opal chapter 9 . 6/26
I really enjoyed this story
Opal chapter 2 . 6/25
I'm actually aware of what soccer is called in other regions because Spanish class is useful for more than just learning the language.
Ani Mei chapter 9 . 6/17
My friends converted me to slash and it's been a while since I read any non-slash works. However, your summary drew me in and I'm so happy to have found it.
Besides the fact that it is a well-written fic, which should be expected but it is rare sometimes so I'm appreciative, it has a very interesting premise and points out many of the logical fallacies in canon.
I like that the three houses befriend each other and that Slytherins were one of them.
I find many aspects of your fic to be unique. I really like remorseful Dumbledore. So often, he is the all-powerful, all-knowing, meddling headmaster whose agenda for the greater good is understandable, or an evil, manipulative, power-hungry Dumbledore, but a guilty one is refreshing to read.
I think it's a wonderful fic, though I thought Hermione and Harry got together too soon. I understand that there is not much room for the development later on, and it's nice to have everything wrap up in one year, but they are only 11, and I feel like boys and girls at that age think the opposite gender has cooties, or feel only platonic love. I think it would make more sense for the first year to show their platonic love, and develop the protectiveness for each other, and maybe somewhere down the line, maybe in the epilogue have them realize their love for each other and start dating. The romance won't be well-developed, but we would see it coming.
I understand that the Grangers are kind people who take in everyone, but it also seems a bit unrealistic for Harry and Hermione to openly display their affections and for the parents to be fine with the developments.
Aside from my qualm with the romance aspect, which is relatively small for the fic in its entirety, but even then, it is understandable and welcomed, it is a really well-written fic. It is nice to see Harry capable, though it still seems like Hermione does all the thinking. Oh well, some things never change.
Guest chapter 9 . 6/15
Guest chapter 1 . 6/3
Did he get his potions from professor Snape ?it dos not say ...
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