Reviews for Avenge or Revenge?
stearncs321 chapter 3 . 6/13
Oh hell you really need to rewrite this whole 3 chapters and turn it in to a multi chapter story. So many details were left out .
Please consider it.
Wonderful story but sad.
stearncs321 chapter 1 . 6/13
very very good. really enjoyed
kristieb chapter 4 . 6/3
I love your writing style. Ive just started this story and I got lost in it. I lost track of time and everything else. Which to say, is a very good thing.
CG4me chapter 10 . 7/15/2014
Amazing, wonderful, intriguing, brilliant, masterful - all these adjectives and more can be applied to this story and the author. Everything about it is incredible. Far too much was going on to comment on individually but LOVE Elena's demise. So cleverly crafted, what devious plans your brain is capable of; it was soo fitting for a BDSM participant. The relationship between Sabine and Aeden was beautifully portrayed, so loving but with kink (wouldn't we all like to experience that!). I'm soo pleased there is a sequel, I'm completely beguiled by your writing. You really should consider writing a 'real' book.
CG4me chapter 9 . 7/15/2014
Again, an amazing novella-length chapter. You really are a master story teller. Elena is a manipulative bitch, and it absolutely makes sense that she was the one to tell Leila to ask CG for "more", knowing full well that he would terminate the contract immediately. All she is interested in is keeping Christian close and under her spell. I'm on to the next chapter all agog as to what you have planned for Sabine. Great birthday pressies btw!
CG4me chapter 7 . 7/14/2014
Another great chapter. Elena is a grade one manipulative bitch. She loves her control over Christian and will hold on to it but, of course, he has no idea and defends her to Sabine, he's still completely under her spell/domination. I hope the recordings Sabine made comes to light, I wonder if Barney can hack into them.
CG4me chapter 6 . 7/14/2014
Bitch-Troll hates the thought that she might be losing her influence on Christian. She's filling his head with all sorts of stuff, but he's not taking any notice or deflecting or ignoring what she is saying. He is hopefully going to ease himself out of her clutches. Great writing but shame you eased up on the lemons somewhat! LOL. Interesting how nicely he takes care of her. He definitely has a heart, but he doesn't know it yet!
CG4me chapter 5 . 7/14/2014
I'm late to this story, have just today come over from your "Just Breathe" story (which is amazing, I might add) to see very few reviews. This story is just as good, it is fascinating to see inside the playroom, which very few writers go into. I'm loving the insight into a true BDSM relationship which, of course, CG, never had with Ana. I have no idea why you've had so few reviews, I can only suppose because it's not a CG/Ana story. I don't have a problem with that at all, indeed, I'm very interested in how he was before Ana. It is soo well written, full of the detail you're so good at. Christian seems to be quite fond of Sabine, in his own way, perhaps she was good for him, starting to soften his heart for Ana. Looking forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve for Elena. Great stuff, MOPF.
vdlucas chapter 9 . 5/2/2014
I order from Adam & Eve! Lol
Millarca666 chapter 10 . 3/18/2014
Yay! The bug has been well and truly crushed. :D Excellent! (I do hope they're going to be able to remove that box from above the tile in the supply room ceiling. They seem thorough so I'm guessing they will.)

What a fabulous story this has been. So much detail and so many interesting things happening, and interesting to see it happening within the context and timeframe of FSoG.

Thank you for sharing this entertaining story. I'm now going to start reading the sequel.
Millarca666 chapter 8 . 3/18/2014
Just pausing at this juncture to ask why on earth are so few people are commenting on this interesting story?

I found the story this morning and I find it engrossing. I haven't been able to stop reading. I need to stop right now because it is late and I have to cook dinner, but I'll be back.

It's great. But, of course, the emphasis is not on Christian and Ana, or even Christian as one half of the HEA - at least I don't think so - so I guess FSoG fans might not feel drawn to it. But I'm sure as hell enjoying it. It provides a fascinating insight into the mindset that is attracted to D/s relationships, and that is always a subject that interests me and I suspect it will interest me till the day I die, because I simply do not understand why a woman would find it attractive and desirable.

But this is a very well crafted story and I find Sabine to be a sympathetic character and I like her and care about her and want to know what happens to her and I hope she finds happiness in love.

And I dearly want to see her crush Elena like a bug. :D

Poor old Christian doesn't have a clue, does he? I can't help but think that there was a lot of luck behind his accumulation of wealth, for his inability to see Elena for what she is tells me he really isn't as good a judge of character as I think he thinks he is.
truefeather77 chapter 11 . 3/14/2014
Oh, yes! Yes, please, mistress! LOLOL I definitely vote for more to this story.

Very often, with female authors to my chagrin, there is only love and romance, the two main characters, for a plot. Other characters are shadows seen through curtains, in created world that is less complex than a Disney cartoon.

Your world is very textured and real. Christian's sessions with Sabine, his business and personal re-vamping of her entire life (WHAT a kick that must have been for him!), Elena's convoluted harassment of Sabine (and any other sub who gave CG any measure of peace or satisfaction), were detailed and compelling. This story fleshed out the scheme behind Elena's campaign to bide her time and control the Master of the Universe.

Christian really owes Sabine - she is really the best sub he ever had. He did a lot for her, but she didn't even let him pay. She said she wanted only his advice, and that's all she took. (Although her charitable donations were a little off the charts!) She was intelligent, great business head - a woman after his own heart. And after he saved her from sinking into a pit, she turned around and returned the favor, saving him right back. ;) (Little quote from Pretty Woman there, as a wink-wink.) What she's done for him is a favor that can't be measured.

I'd love it if, in the sequel (thinking positively), Christian and Sabine meet at least once and have a nice resolution -
1) revealing that finally he was snapped out of the spell of Elena's brainwashing him as a child (which always galled me beyond measure, esp. since she had been provided a road map to little Christian's psyche by the ever-gullible Dr. Grace - do The Rich have NO boundaries?) and
2) had come to realize how much Sabine had done for him, when they were together and after they parted
3) has even come to realize exactly HOW MUCH Sabine had done for him - his people figured out the truth of Elena's 'suicide' and he's actually relieved, and very grateful that she secured his name and reputation by retrieving those materials and handing them over voluntarily to him, with no copies.
4) It would be nice if he finally came to realize just what kind of blindfold Elena had put over his vision all these years, and had finally come to appreciate what a class act Sabine is

This was thrilling, and has been holding me in thrall since I found it. I'll definitely keep my eye out for anything else by you. Thank you!
truefeather77 chapter 10 . 3/14/2014
Wow. Again. Have I told you lately that I love you? Make that worship. You have balanced nicely the relationship with Aedan, with Sabine demanding respect that she deserves. And finally - as I'd hoped! - he's come to respect her intuition and logical deduction skills.

But wow! (Can't stop saying that!) Get it done, Locke & Keyes! What the hell did they do to her? There was poison on the flogger itself? (They ordered her to flog herself.) But was the flogger hers or theirs? It's interesting that they played upon her vanity, her obsession, and psychotic delusions to get her to kill herself. So that's not a lie - she did kill herself. Poetic, m'dearie. Let me say that I admire your Machiavellian craftiness, and that I'm very glad you do not know where I live! LOLOL

This story has been spellbinding, and Elena's demise so fitting and satisfying. I was not content that she was walking around unhung in the original books, and this is fabulous. If James had bothered to have any real characters in her books other than CG & AS, the books would - as you have proven - have been so much more thrilling and satisfying.
truefeather77 chapter 9 . 3/14/2014
Wow! Somehow I can't seem to start any chapter review with any other word but "Wow". ;) Your story is so detailed and compelling.

I'm impressed with how proactive S&A are about security and business practices and self-defense. Very intelligent choices - security training, self-defense training, and gun training for her. (What about for him?) Great choices, and I can't imagine that she isn't going to need every single bit of each of them. Also, the way she devised for handling the "spamming" of her business by Elena was aces!

I'm concerned about Aedan's willingness to lie to her, or to conceal information. He also doesn't take things seriously that are serious to her, believing that the deep feud between E & S is a petty cat fight? He's the one being petty, taking it as some lingering crush on CG and feeling jealous, instead of taking her seriously. Aedan should trust her intelligence and instincts enough to trust her judgment as well. She's not a bimbo, and everything she does is well-reasoned.

He also "didn't want Sabine to know how many women he had been with". He has the right to make that choice? A Dom is supposed to keep her safe, and how much risk she wants to take on is HER choice to make, not his. "Acceptable risk" is always "someone else's risk". He's concealing the insulting offer Elena made? She has a right to know that - her life and safety might very well be at stake, if he could see beyond his own jealousy.

Also his "presents" to her seem strangely like presents to himself, a subject that has been addressed in many comedies - a guy buying lingerie for HER birthday present, etc.

And I feel a little sad that Christian Grey is never made aware of the many ways he's a puppet to someone he's trusting and letting in as a friend. I have a feeling you're evil and conniving enough to make that happen, though, so I'm hoping with all fingers and toes crossed. ;)
truefeather77 chapter 8 . 3/14/2014
At the start of the chapter, I didn't want them to be together, because I felt it would be too weird to be with your beloved spouse's best friend. But then I realized they're both bereaved, and since they have NDA status and discuss CG (a very significant period for Sabine), and are deeply familiar with each other's history, it seems the best that can be hoped for. (I just can't imagine him wanting his first encounter with her in her underwear to be striking her.) By how much is he older than her?

I still feel sad that CG was prevented from something that was actually bringing him some peace, thrill, and satisfaction. Sabine is intelligent, business-savvy, and in need of his advice. He got to have a taste of something with some "real" mixed in, which might have conditioned him a bit for Anastasia. (And it's sad you didn't write the original series, because then Ana might not have been such a ninny!)

Can't wait until we get to the avenging and revenging. She is even viler in your story than the original, or maybe we just get to see her true colors. I'm almost despondent that CG didn't get to hear what Mrs. Lincoln was really like, because this way, he might mourn and go on believing that she was actually his friend.
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