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Zero Knowledge chapter 11 . 12/1/2015
Well, there goes Haddison. One chapter only, eh? Ammadeus holds and gives no shit, he just shot the interviewer down dead, which I thought was crazy.

So that's why Eve hates Rust... man that guy is extremely gutsy. He may not be much for show, but he is still great. Rye is not so innocent as we think, this boy bullied others into loving him. Cranston really doesn't do well under pressure, this alludes to that. And I KNEW IT! Velvet and Cranston were once romantically involved. Uh oh. What will this mean for him though? I hope it goes well. Turns out tomorrow shall be the Cornucopia, right? Time to wish people goodbye.
Zero Knowledge chapter 10 . 12/1/2015
Haddison Screws Us All... that's quite the chapter title if I've ever heard of one. I had the worst mental image in my head... and then that all happened, so wow.

Nydia's observation of Rye liking Cranston was... was odd. I didn't expect pairings in this story besides Eve and Birch and maybe a Career pairing, but between this alliance, I didn't see it. Besides, Cranston has Velvet. Rye will be alone forever. The Careers thinking their over was rather hysterical, and Rust's rant before being shut down by Ammadeus was the cherry on top.

I liked the description of Rye's outfit, made me want to jump up and down in a squealing manner as that is so gross!
Zero Knowledge chapter 9 . 12/1/2015
This chapter has so far been the best I've read. The POV's were all weaved perfectly together, and everything flowed. I am surprised by some of these scores, but this could truly affect the outcome of these games.

Eve's inner thoughts are some of the most beautiful parts about this story. She is confident on the outside, except when her personality is under fire. She can't love things, she can't forgive others, but she's smart, and will be a threat. Rye will understand her eventually.

Pablo giving Marie an ultimatum was shocking. I was happy to see him sticking up for himself, but at the same time, I don't want him having his words kicking his butt later on. He'll be under my watch.

So, with scoring, Ellen didn't make Ryder eat crow. Angelina and her archery skills failed. Poor Rusty, getting the lowest score of all the Careers which is backwards... I find him to be the greatest career so far. I wonder what Wake, Pearl, Marie, and Velvet did to get their 7's. Good job with Rye on the 8! And, I am surprised that Jake and Mako didn't get 12's. I had a feeling Flint would score high, Eve, to be honest, knew it was coming. Pablo was the best surprise ever.

And, I laughed so hard at the dialogue line of the very end of this chapter in Jake's POV.
Zero Knowledge chapter 8 . 11/30/2015
So today was giving out the scores, and it was quite the eventful chapter. It was long in length too, I must say, which was an added plus.

I like how you decided to keep the chapter open ended, and not have a centralized point of view, even though it focused on Jerald. Hot damn, he went through some amazing change right there and I'm speechless as this can only be for the worst and how it'll blow over with Ammadeus my lord, my lord.

So, Rust failed epically, Opal was great... Flint did acrobatics, which is a strange thing as I never knew of that. Noticed something about his last name. It's Terio. He's from District 2, just like Don TERIO. Are the two related? Flint is going to have to be his great grandfather or something, isn't he? Man, that is such an amazing connection!

I loved Eve's session, and how for that split second of doubt, she acted so high and then everything crashed unceremoniously to the ground. That girl is fighting her own inner demons, has to be. And I like Pablo's bravery, I must admit. It was very honorable for him to go out on a limb and just say it, and then even nicer of Jerald to just let him stop there, as it takes a lot to own up to that. Birch and Jake did a great job, I can tell, and I love Mr. Quipp's humor. Keep him around for awhile, I love it. Amazing chapter!
Zero Knowledge chapter 7 . 11/30/2015
So this chapter focused on characters none of us have seen before, truthfully. Mako Narcis we all know about, but this Nydia Jones girl is new. They've known each other for a long time, I suppose, given by his thoughts. District 12 surrendered first in the Dark Days you say? That'd be a very interesting story, what exactly happened in the Dark Days.

I don't get why Velvet got angry for Cranston making a great shot, but I do know that this boy has a good aim, despite his claim that it'll never happen again. I'm intrigued on the conversation Jerald and Ammadeus had, how it made sense and that our Panem president can actually instill faith in others. That's a very good sign.

Pablo is a cutter, eh? That's actually a great sign of character development, you can root that in so well. Marie and Ford's anger at this is quite an eye raise, as from what I know of the latter is that she's sweet and caring. Not this one, definitely not. Good chapter!
Zero Knowledge chapter 6 . 11/30/2015
I liked this chapter! The Careers talking about this rule, making fun of Culliver, and Birch dropping the bomb on them that he's in a whole other alliance was just perfect, cherry on top. I can only imagine their faces...

Violet and Culliver got into a little spat I see. Maybe I have underestimated Mr. Vaniz myself, for he seems promising and can be quite the adversary. I wonder how he and Violet will work out, as she seems level headed herself and has the focus on winning, maybe even seeing through Jerald and Ammadeus.

And wow, Rye is very hot headed! Such an innocent boy making awful, evil statements like that. Is this kid bipolar or what?
Zero Knowledge chapter 5 . 11/30/2015
Wow! That is interesting. Recalling from the 1st Gamemaker's Plan story, the alliance rule existed but never got to even work as Jon's alliance was shattered slowly, the Careers never stood a chance, and Lone lost it all at one crucial point in the games, so seeing it reappear here and knowing that only one victor ever exists per game is going to be interesting.

Ammadeus sure has a temper, and seems to be taking over Jerald's role as mean and evil and all that whatnot. So we have the Careers, and now this new alliance with Rye, Eve, Jake, Mako, Cranston, Birch, and Rose? This shall be so good, I can only tell!

And you give it away to us like that, don't you. Eve, Birch, Cranston, Rye, Jake, and Mako are indeed main characters. I knew it. Interesting factoid, they are all from lower districts, aren't they? The victor will have to be one of them, right?
Zero Knowledge chapter 4 . 11/30/2015
Well, that was quite the eventful chapter! You have a knack for making characters either hilarious, stupid, hating, likable etc... and it's a good skill to have given that this entire story is made up of OC's.

Angelina Xoe seems basic, and that's all I can tell you. Looks like Mr. Pablo Woed is a tad bit cocky for my taste, as he trounces right up and shows her a what-to-do type of thing. And here comes Jake Quipp again, being a man of many angry words. Ouch, looks like this District 5'er really trounced him here.

Between Culliver and Violet's conversation, I'll deduce this. Culliver is useless. Violet seems to get irritated. Mako's weapon is the spear? An interesting choice from a tribute in District 12, I must say. I wonder what Culliver suffers from. He won't get far in the games if that keeps up. I also liked the small, albeit important P.O.V of Rye, he's got an idea brewing and I KNOW exactly what it is. We've got another alliance on our hands, Mr. Paradigm, don't we?
Zero Knowledge chapter 3 . 11/30/2015
The Careers are born! Ladies and gentleman, there we have it. I want to know, how did you think of that so quickly? It would be cool for them to know, the tributes of 1, 2, and 4, to realize that they just created a legacy, one that is amazing and lasts forever. We've got Opal, Flint, Rust, Pearl, Wake, and Diamond. Interesting group of tributes I must say.

Eve Gladius is here once again, and her district partner seems really cute. I mean, he's looking out for her, watching her six, which is what you always have to have. Jerald and Ammadeus have some traits that I like... and some that I dislike indeed. But, this is still a story for the keepsakes. Let's see the new page turner!
Zero Knowledge chapter 2 . 11/30/2015
Well, well... we have more tributes I see. Cranston Ervack is a gentle soul, one who I think will still have his sanity intact until the blood starts flowing. Do I sense romance with him and Miss Velvet, hmm? Wonder where that'll go...

Cranston has to be well off, right? He knows how to eat steak, drinks iced tea, and wears formidable clothing. Velvet too, with her salad. Am I correct in assuming? Hope I am. I like this story, it has a lot going for it in terms of characters which must be very hard.

Eve and Birch are back at it again, huh? Man, I can tell you must really like writing about them together, they feed off of one another tremendously well. And then pops up Rust, and I'm confused to all hell as he's whispering in her ear about not trusting her and that lying will be for the best... that is peculiar. I'm eager to see his character grow.
Zero Knowledge chapter 1 . 11/30/2015
After looking at the Gamemaker's Plan, I wanted to see what else you had in store, and you do not fail to impress. I see that you started this story back in November of 2013, two years ago, and finished in January of 2015, so clearly your writing has gotten much better, same in the Victors Assault.

Jerald Donnor, our Head Gamemaker. He's quite the interesting man, one of evil, as it is assumed by him drinking literal blood of the rebels. Ammadeus is a member of the Snow family, huh? How does this work out? Does the lineage of Snow turn out to be just a tide after the other? Interesting.

Based on tributes, Jake Quipp seems hotheaded, very temperamental. Eve Gladius seems ruthless, she's cold and calculating I'll assume. Will her and Birch have more sections together? They seem to be good together, and I like that.
MockingClove chapter 7 . 9/4/2015
Oh wow. I thought I reviewed this chapter, but apparently I didn't!

Anyway, as always, I LOVED IT! It's very interesting to see the president and the Gamemaker's evil conversations :)
MockingClove chapter 6 . 8/24/2015
Wow, so they're even spying on them in their rooms! LOL

Great chapter, going to read the next one now! :)
MockingClove chapter 5 . 8/24/2015
Wow, rule change!

Excited to see how this comes into play. :)
MockingClove chapter 4 . 8/23/2015
So far my favorite tributes are Eve and Birch. They seem like a great team and they are very animated :)

I'm going to read and review the next chapter soon. Good story so far :)
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