Reviews for And the Days That Never Came
CarloRossi19 chapter 51 . 11/9
You. Are. So. Cruel. I thought absolutely it couldn't get worse than Doomsday, but you just made it the most heart wrenching thing ever. And you gave me chills throughout all the Amy/Rory interactions, including the alternate ones. It was all so SAD and PAINFUL! But I guess I'm a masochist, because I can't get enough of this story
CarloRossi19 chapter 40 . 11/8
OMG you actually did that, you're going to save Rose and I can't possibly express how excited about that I am! I love this plot, keep up the good work!
Summer Leah chapter 52 . 8/5
I'm so traumatized! I really thought Rory was gonna save her *sniff* If Rose doesn't come back in the next story, I'm gonna be so upset!
Diving in chapter 17 . 7/9
This conversation with Amy about Jack and pregnancy is like a big déjà vu. Didn't you already wrote it between her and the 9th doctor?
Diving in chapter 12 . 7/9
Didn't they already went over the fact she couldn't have children anymore?
Whyhow chapter 52 . 4/6
That's good, I assume that they reunite during Stolen Earth/Journey's End. I assume that he was warning her about Harold Saxon, but why her specifically. He would of course want foreknowledge, but wouldn't she be useless unless she was somehow on the Valiant the first time? And how is Rory involved? What about River, Jack, and the others? Why were they trying save Rose? Note: these are mainly rhetorical.
Whyhow chapter 50 . 4/6
How does parallel Rory know River?
Whyhow chapter 46 . 4/6
There are a lot of typos in here, such as "Queen Victories" towards the middle. It is interesting, but having to work out what you mean is distracting.
Whyhow chapter 43 . 4/6
This actually seemed a little less cheesy than the episode, partly because of the interesting perspective of inside the drawing. The end was confusing, though, partly because of a bunch of typos in the last section but the point of view also sounded strange.
Whyhow chapter 41 . 4/6
Wait a minute... If paradoxes and changes to the timeline make Amy's condition worse, what are Rory, Jack, and the others thinking?
Whyhow chapter 40 . 4/6
I'm not sure if I support what they're doing, but the team you've assembled sounds really fun. The only two missing are Sally Sparrow and Lady Christina de Souza.
Whyhow chapter 38 . 4/6
Kaled is not actually Dalek backwards, it just sounds like it should be. Actually only the first and last letters are reversed.
Whyhow chapter 36 . 4/6
The Midnight references in the interactions towards the middle worked fairly well.
Whyhow chapter 35 . 4/6
I like the twist of having Amy possessed, and her acting almost normal makes it creepy in a completely different way.
Whyhow chapter 34 . 4/6
Why is the first line in script format?
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