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KasumiKeiko chapter 26 . 9/18
I had to stop reading this fic. This Naruto is too naive, too idealistic, too stupid. I hope in later chapters you make him read a dictionary or something because if he becomes Hokage as he is now, he will destroy Konoha and he's so charismatic he will bring down everyone else with him.
LordShadow01515 chapter 1 . 9/16
I'm not sure most people realized that "of the desert" was a title given to Gaara only, not their family name. Their family name is never told in the whole story.
SonAwesome chapter 8 . 8/26
Ho ho that ending though
SonAwesome chapter 7 . 8/26
My god if this isn't one of the funniest and most entertaining Naruto fanfics I ever read I would be lying. Not all Naruto fanfics have to revolve around Naruto becoming an overpwowered Demi god with a harem and extremely one sided fights. This story is a perfect example.
Mari Wollsch chapter 39 . 7/17
great, will you ever continua? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
HungrySnack chapter 39 . 7/7
I know this probably won't be continued, but please?
agnar chapter 11 . 7/6
See, this is the kinda shit that stops me reading a fic. You're an excellent writer, mostly. But you basically WASTED the whole first 10 chapters here.

You got Naruto loads new training, making him a badass, but handed us a crappy canon rehash of his Gaara fight, though it was mostly off-screen.

You handed Konoha loads of intel on the invasion a month in advance, and then gave us a nearly 100 percent canon outcome apparently, with Orochi still escaping and Sarutobi still dying and NOTHING CHANGING.

Seriously, who the fuck cares if the village as a whole is a bit less damaged, or the enemy forces were pounded a bit more heavily?

Sorry but, you apparently are so damned focused on your clever repartee that you drop the ball on actually following through on plot points. And while the witty conversations can be fun, they don't really accomplish anything. Naruto is still Naruto likely 40 chapters later, still a virgin idiot, we'll likely get mostly canon outcomes to the big events. Hell, you even handed us canon crap with Naruto for no valid reason needing Kyuubi to summon Gamabunta, Jiraiya still planning to likely waste three years with mostly training him to pull out it's power, etc.
misha197 chapter 39 . 7/6
Thanks! Found this story after I read wind shear. This is a great one, I hope you will find the time and interest to continue working on this story.
Andril chapter 39 . 6/29
You know. You should write Shippuden. Because I wanna see how that shit turns out. Sasuke is in such a good place to develop from character wise, and so is Naruto. I really enjoyed this story, so thanks for writing it.
vysirez chapter 39 . 6/29
Despite my complaints I liked the story. I found Sasuke's punishment to be very amusingly appropriate.
vysirez chapter 30 . 6/29
So as far as I can tell Yuugao is teaching Naruto that he's not allowed to feel negative emotions. So he's just going to bury them, until he explodes and kills someone, or some people. Didn't realize Yuugao was a disciple of Danzo. The story is pretty good still, but it's a struggle because everyone continues to feel like Naruto is some kind of life size doll who exists for their amusement. It doesn't help that you are working hard to keep Naruto as brain damaged as possible.
Refraction of Light chapter 39 . 6/29
You have a good story. It's funny and a bit lewd, without actually going over the line of a T-rating. I really do hope you do a sequel for this, I want to see how things go.
vysirez chapter 16 . 6/28
Even Iruka has to get on the "push Naruto til he snaps" bandwagon. I do like the story, but everyone seems to think they are expert councilors and the best thing for Naruto is to keep pushing him about everything.
vysirez chapter 15 . 6/28
I have liked the story pretty well so far. I know its already finished but I just wanted to comment on this chapter. I was pretty annoyed with Yuugao. Unless she's got some super empathic powers, there is no was she can tell the difference between grieving and moping. Not to mention everyone just keeps pushing him. Naruto lost someone close to a grandfather. Kin had to just push him until she got what she wanted. They dumped yet another spoil on him. One who is far less willing. Ino comes and blows up at him, and he has to comfort her. He goes, exhausted, to help Sakura, and she craps all over him. Oh and evidently the Hokage trusted Kin with a ton of secret stuff that he couldn't tell Naruto. Because Naruto is oh so incapable, but Kin is a bastion. Not that I don't like Kin, she's great in this story. Still grates that he would tell her a ton of stuff, but Naruto can't be trusted with finally Naruto takes a moment to deal with all that shit, and Yuugao show up and attacks him cause he's 'moping'. Honestly I really wanted him to go nuts on her and kick the crap out of her.
Animewa11er chapter 25 . 6/27
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