Reviews for Everything I Wanted
VryUnique chapter 36 . 5/15
Is James being written into the story? Was he convinced that Alice want his? I'm surprised Bella didn't tell Rosalie to take Alice with her when she left.
Is Heidi going to be trouble? She's a wack job, a man isn't allowed to turn you down or you make his life hell?
VryUnique chapter 35 . 5/15
Well I'm glad everyone's ok with all the news and seems all secrets are in the open.
VryUnique chapter 34 . 5/15
Mmmmm... not sure if Carlisle and Esme got off easy or not. We know that Bella was safe with Edward and they were genuine and it's a little insulting for his family to think bad of him. What if Edward was bad for her? They would have just abandoned her? Yeah... I think they got off easy.
VryUnique chapter 33 . 5/15
Ugh... I know they thought of Bella as family and Edward is family so they were hurt to be lied to for months but I can't bring myself to feel bad for them. Edward had kids involved so he and Bella needed to be sure of their decisions and they had no obligation to fill them in on their personal life. Right? I think them knowing would have just made things more complicated and they might not even be together now if they were involved in the beginning.
I still think Carlisle and Esme owe them more of an apology then the other way around.
VryUnique chapter 32 . 5/15
I had said I was confused in earlier chapters and realized your writing their pov's back to back so sometimes you say something in one and not the other. I'm not sure what was in Charlie's package but I'm assuming money, you only said Bella received it and it made her feel better about paying for some things. I'm looking forward to Bella's pov, haven't read any of it yet.
Am enjoying story and appreciate you sharing it.
VryUnique chapter 31 . 5/15
I wish they were more mad about Carlisle and Esme's reaction then sad.
VryUnique chapter 30 . 5/15
I hope people don't think Edward is marrying Bella because she's pregnant. I guess Rosalie was having sex and she's being bullied.
VryUnique chapter 29 . 5/15
I'm glad rose is coming around and hopefully Royce is out of the picture. I hope Carlisle and esme grovel when they get their heads out of their asses. As if Bella and Edward are required to run their life decisions by them, they are out of line.
VryUnique chapter 28 . 5/14
I couldn't help wondering if James was who attacked Bella but it seems to add up to a car jacking and didn't seem personal.
While reading I keep thinking I'm not getting information but I also keep forgetting that there's a Bella pov.
VryUnique chapter 27 . 5/14
Love Charlie. Annoyed with Carlisle and Esme, they seem quite closed minded. Who are they to decide someone else's life decisions? True friends stand by you and support you even if they don't agree with you. I hope Leah gets a chance to straighten out Rose or scare her to death at least... lol
I wish I knew what Carlisle and Esme said but I guess I will have to go to Bella's pov.
VryUnique chapter 5 . 5/14
I'm sorry because I don't want to say anything negative but I feel like I have to put a puzzle together while reading. There going to Carlisle's beach house? Is Bella going?
You just wrote how Edward stopped for beach supplies then threw in the beach house at the end. Maybe you could have wrote why he was picking up beach supplies when you wrote he was picking them up...
VryUnique chapter 4 . 5/14
I guess Bella was in school for cooking and now I remember a brief mention of Bella's training when talk of the kitchen needing things came up.
No mention or lead up to Edwards birthday.
Would have liked to know what was coming out of Rosalie's mouth.
VryUnique chapter 3 . 5/14
I thought for a minute that Bella was going to be the secretary. I was still wondering if she was going to be on the interview list since she just graduated but it was never mentioned what she studied and she just signed a contract to take care of the kids.
I'm a little confused why the kids are on a plane with Tanya a couple days after arriving, seems strange but it could have been explained but just wasn't. Am enjoying story and hope you don't mind me mentioning what I find confusing.
VryUnique chapter 2 . 5/14
A little confusing, the story doesn't really flow. It just mentioned them all meeting for Bella's ceremony without saying anything else, didn't know it was a graduation until before they met up the next day. It seems Carlisle and Esme are friends with Bella so it is reasonable why they would go but didn't make much sense for Edward. He just hired an employee and then dragged himself and his kids to her graduation the next day. Anything is possible if it is written right but that didn't make any sense without telling why Edward even considered going.
VryUnique chapter 1 . 5/14
Looking forward to hearing Bella's story and a description of her. I'm assuming she looks the same but was wondering about age and career choice that was mentioned. In college? I'm also confused about children's ages because it was mentioned Rosalie was 12, Jasper 6 and Alice a newborn but then Alice was jumping on Edwards bed and talking so I assume she is not a newborn. So is Alice older or did all kids go up in age after that was mentioned?
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