Reviews for The Huntress- Johnny Test
Guest chapter 2 . 1/22
Wow that is a great story! You should do one on Sidekick that would be a good one!
Ginkyofu13 chapter 2 . 1/5
I got one word to say Wow. This is actually what I expected within the story! Thank you for giving me the update of the chapter.
Carlisle captain of equestria chapter 1 . 1/3
Slection make Lila divorce mr test and marrys someone.
PenGator3 chapter 1 . 12/11/2013
I choose Salvation and for good reason, no less. Yes, I will agree it was by far uncharacteristic of me to suggest this and while I agree with the past two reviewers' thoughts and opinions I figure that something must be done differently. Besides, it would be rather best exemplify on why I chose this option.

You're wondering why this would be possible of me to do so? Logically, if Mr. Mittens get his wish, then he too would also be destroyed along with some other decent characters like Alfred, Jillian, Gil, Speed McCool, Montague Mouse, Professor Slopsink and Brain Freezer for example. It would be the result of how a person who hates Johnny Test takes this logic to that ultimate conclusion with little to no regard of the consequences for others; in short, a Disproportionate Retribution of the worst kind. On the other hand, see that the fanfic is a deconstruction on the Porkbelly that takes place in Johnny Test, having Johnny Test killed off or rather anyone else close to the family, inside and out, will not only alter the pacing but it would provoke feelings of sorrow and anger at themselves for the events that had led up to whatever predicament that awaits every single one of them; after all, what good will Bling Bling Boy's romance with Susan Test provide him in the face a tragedy so great? A shallow move so poorly executed would make the relationship so much quicker to end in a heartbeat no less; besides, they're young and killing them would be excessive not to mention cruel. Finally, it is because these characters represent the existentialist viewpoint of humanity on a smaller scale and that like humans, they deserve a second chance; after all, the people who made such characters are the ones who are responsible not the characters themselves. Besides, they did have some redeeming traits: Johnny being helpful to people in the past (barring the times where he had to clean up his mess), the twins trying to help humankind, Hugh spending time with his son camping, and Lila defending her family against the wrestler.

While there exist a part me that is being misunderstood, it's not because of obligations or morality; the only reason why I want to do it is because it's now one of my hobbies in fiction. Some people like to live in the gutter and eat filth, others like to go to war, and then there's me; when you think about it, I'm really not too different from you at all.
ImSpidey2 chapter 1 . 12/9/2013
Kill 'em all.
Ginkyofu13 chapter 1 . 11/30/2013
Enemies hired to kill Johnny Test, but this is a shocker. I hoped they had a final moment to realized together as a family, but I find it very interesting. This is actually quite sad too since the mother will do anything to sacrificed her son, but Susan will have to suffer since she actually used "Johnny" as a Lab Rat. In reality she and her ended up breaking the rules of the law since what if Johnny suffered from the Aftereffects.

Mr. Test needed to learn something outside of the box because of the fact that he is a greedy bastard who doesn't care about his family. He referred his hobbies over his family and he didn't give a gift to his own wife. Please used some reality involved within the chapter with each Test Case. Johnny suffered from being overshadowed by his own sisters and berated by his own father. His mother isn't around to figure out what's going on within the family.

I believed Susan and Mr. Test deserved the suffering more, but I wanted you teaches those bastards a lesson before they died. I also believed that Johnny is in the state due to his family and I think it will be wise to give someone a lesson that they needed to learn. Since Johnny is a selfish bastard that we know, but who is one who made him like that since Mr. Test says, "Girls are smart and boys are stupid".

Sometimes, I wanted to see some dark themes in the consequences for the Test Family for what happened. Please make them confessed to the crimes before they died, but it's everyone's fault in the town for not confronting to Susan. The school's fault for not realizing that Susan was using Johnny for illegal experimentation, but Mary was forced to do it under Susan's will.

Someone needed to break Mr. Test down, but Bling Bling Boy needed to be taught a lesson too about wasting his own money. I hoped his own mother teaches him a lesson too. I wanted his own mother confronted Mr. Test and Susan to teaches them the value for their attitude involving their pride, selfishness, and not caring about anyone, but themselves.

Have Mrs. Test ended up making a choose that who should be spared within her own children only two? Some people have to tell Mrs. Test what the girls were doing behind the parents' back on illegal activities, but I hoped Mary confesses it too. Since Susan is an uncaring bastard. Make Mrs. Test to divorced her own husband too since she should realize this by now on why the town hates them so much.