Reviews for Riddle And The Ancient Contract
DarkAphrodite chapter 53 . 9/15
Thank you for writing this great story hope it will continue in the future and seeing how they will deal with muggles finding out about the magical world.
eye of sparta chapter 53 . 9/10
amazing please continue
ldavis02.02.2015 chapter 53 . 8/31
Please finish this! Absolutely love this story!
ldavis02.02.2015 chapter 1 . 8/31
Please finish this! Absolutely love this story!
Guest chapter 53 . 8/18
It’s so good, please update! Also, for their second child, if it’s a boy: Salazar. If it’s a girl: Mirabelle
I really love those names for their kids.
Wika0304 chapter 53 . 7/20
please update
tabala chapter 53 . 7/18
I love the story so far. Is it abandoned, cause if so it is not at a bad place. But it would be cool of it continued. Great story though.
tabala chapter 44 . 7/18
They are planning on eventually taking muggleborn children away from their parents? I was not expecting that.
tabala chapter 3 . 7/17
That is so fucked up, he already fulfilled the contract why us he going to keep doing it to her?
Guest chapter 2 . 6/3
Oh, how I just love Slytherin. (Not reffering to Tom btw)
I love the colours, the name, the animal!
reberebecca chapter 53 . 6/4
Una storia strepitosa! Originale. Molto curata. Un po’ sulla vena del dramma... ma non toglie bellezza alla storia. È davvero straordinaria. Piena di dettagli ed eventi. Se vede che ci hai dedicato molto tempo.
I miei complimenti!
By rebe
Manga Girl Geek chapter 53 . 5/30
loved this story but i would really like to see a prequel to it for the events leading up to it just a thought cuz this story leaves some unanswered questions as to how she (femharry) got to where she is (that and it would be fun to see her grow to hate Dumbles)
Ryker Thorn chapter 53 . 5/26
Simply beautiful, this story is a wonderful piece of art and eagerly await for the rest of it to be published.
Charang chapter 53 . 5/12
Give me more story. It’s demanded by the gods it is.
Obliviate DiAngelo chapter 8 . 5/12
Would be so funny if he ripped into them about the snowball indecent in the twins third year Hari’s first
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