Reviews for Riddle And The Ancient Contract
GarionRiva chapter 36 . 4h ago
I like it, glad that Remy and Siri were vicious since it was always in their nature being a dark creature and coming from a dark family.. Finally Ron and Ginny got what they deserved.
yume chapter 36 . 4h ago
update soon!
sharonpijl chapter 36 . 5h ago
Yeah i'm so happy the baby is oke. To be honest, i pretty much liked eveything about this chapter! :)
harryginny9 chapter 36 . 8h ago
Guest chapter 36 . 10h ago
I love moony in this chapter, not so much padfoot; too impulsive.
Autumn Shadow chapter 36 . 10h ago
really good chapter but what is going to happen next. Is Molly going to make a appearance with ginny to revenge ron or are u bringing in a new enamy
roos1414 chapter 36 . 11h ago
I love this chapter!

please update
Gremlin Jack chapter 36 . 11h ago
You set up Ron for a fall a long time ago, but I always thought Ginny would have a stronger survival instinct... I'm calling into question how none of the conspirators seem to have the basic survival instinct to keep their mouths shut.
Slytherin's Pimp chapter 36 . 12h ago
I like this chapter! Those idiots got what they deserved and Moony and Padfoot show their bad assholery!
twibe chapter 36 . 13h ago
I love it!
Melikalilly chapter 36 . 13h ago
I love this story
Salinia chapter 36 . 14h ago
Great chapter!
Can't wait to read more!
Tommy14 chapter 36 . 15h ago
I had chills reading this. So glad Hari, baby and Severus are all right.
EndlessChains chapter 36 . 15h ago
A very amazing story! It is my first time looking for a Fem!Harry story and the subject of Harry Potter fanfics that this is quite interesting. The way you began was very interesting with the contract and how she knew right away that it was Voldemort in his Tom Riddle form. To think a contract like that existed and that it turned out very well in the end. The relationship was more believable as she was very wary of Tom Riddle at first. I like how the character development between the two took a long process as they tried to understand one another better when they had their moments of disagreements and I must admit that they were all for valid reasons. The relationship of he two is really cute and you just have to love them.

I like how you portrayed Snape and how his views of her changed drastically. It was very interesting to see that he was always on Voldemort's side and that now he understands what Hari has gone through and see her as who she wanted him to see all along. I like how the relationship between the two is awesome. Hari's godfather and uncle are really co as they are letting heir darker sides show and it is understandable as they show their love by changing their own outlook. It was cool to see that they will kill and that their hidden beast will show at times. The death eaters are pretty funny as some change their views and acknowledge who she is. Some had to die given, but it is what it is.

Ron, Ginny, Molly, and Dumbledore had what was coming to them as they did not see the bigger picture but only saw one side and it did get quite annoying at times. I am glad that some of them had been dealt with. Ron did not come out easily as he suffered the greatest. Dumbledore came out a bit lightly but understandable as the castles power is no longer his and I can't believe he did everything for his own advantage. You showed him as quite manipulative and I found hat amusing. The Prophet on their side was nice as they are able to spread the word that Voldemort is back and that Thomas Riddle is his grandson. I wonder how Fudge will be doing after so much that happened. I am glad to see that Hermione's view changed as I am a Harmony fan. The changes you chose to do for Hogwarts was very well written and it is exciting to see how it will all turn out. It is good to see that many of the changes are turning out to be good.

The latest chapter that you posted was quite dramatic and had a lot I feels to it as we see Tom being so frantic. A range of emotions were shown in this chapter and reflected a lot of what might come. It will be quite exciting to see what will be coming in the next couple of chapters. Thank you. Keep up the good work.
KDTBpantherwulf chapter 36 . 16h ago
Whoooooooaaa...eventful chapter that. I mean, we all knew Ron was gonna do something stupid, but damn! Moron. Ruthless Siri and Remy. I like XD. Severus is awesome, and his actions are inspiring. I think that we should all follow his example and dive to catch people who're falling from high up places such as balconies, sky scrapers, and playground slides :D. And Tom DOES love her, it's really beautiful to see. I can't wait for the next chapter; how will they handle the fallout from the whole 'red-eyes' thing? He shoulda just gone with the glamour, now the situation is totally FUBAR.
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