Reviews for Riddle And The Ancient Contract
DalkonCledwin chapter 42 . 5/9
I don’t remember them killing Cormac McLaggen…

Wasn’t Madame Pomfrey fired?
willowmelodynoble chapter 23 . 5/5
When did Hari get a staff? I would have liked to see what it was made of and what types of magic it will enhance. And how the components relate to her abilities.
No I'm Sirius chapter 1 . 4/29
Great start! I've read most of this story but I am rereading it again because it's fantastic. :)
sea-kingdom chapter 46 . 4/26
This is wonderful.
I've read the whole thing in a couple of hours, and it was definitely worth it.
I just love everything about it - the plot, the relationship between Hari and Tom, their interactions, the development of their characters/relationship, the way they take over is so believable as well...
It's perfect. I've read Potter in Forks (might be the wrong title, but it's midnight now and I'm too tired to check.) and I loved that as well, despite it being a Twilight fanfiction (I have a not so slight aversion to Twilight). I just adore the way you write Hari and Tom together.
You've mentioned stories where Tom goes by Marvolo etc. but on your profile the only two HP stories I can see is this one and the Twilight crossover I've mentioned. I'd love to read some more.
Angel-sama chapter 46 . 4/26
DalkonCledwin chapter 32 . 4/25
Not to nitpick, but if Tom is trying to portray himself as his own grandson why did he have the goblins make his nee identity have his original identities middle name? That would completely broadcast who he really is to people like Slughorn who had taught him in his youth.
DalkonCledwin chapter 30 . 4/25
Lol, I would laugh if this turned out to be the set up of a draco/hermie pairing
DalkonCledwin chapter 18 . 4/25
Yay, she just rescued Sev!
Raine chapter 46 . 4/25
This fic started out promising but then it went splat! I think the only good part about the story now is when Tom fuck Harry. Make him fuck her in every chapter and this fic will go far.
DalkonCledwin chapter 14 . 4/24
Wow what a birthday. You do know that nothing in canon hints at anything like this right?
shenmi meiren chapter 46 . 4/23
congrats on a great story!

I must say I do appreciate your take on things - especially the fact that Hari (and Tom) don't just magically (pun intended) get over their abuse...
Arcangelos chapter 46 . 4/22
This was really good.
too bad their isn't anymore chapters.
DalkonCledwin chapter 5 . 4/20
She’s going to ruin him as a Dark Lord isn’t she?

How could Minerva have never heard of him? There is an award for Special Services rendered to the School by one Thomas Marvolo Riddle Jr. sitting in the Hogwarts trophy room after all. Additionally she would have been attending Hogwarts as a student at the same time as Tom.
DalkonCledwin chapter 2 . 4/20
Okay, I take it back. Harika is LOADS better than plain old Hari :D

Though I am not too keen on the feminization of James’ name…

The best villains NEVER lie.
DalkonCledwin chapter 1 . 4/20
You could have come up with a better name than “Hari”

Harriet would have worked if you wanted to stick with the Harry theme, so many fanfictions use that name.

That is really my only complaint so far. Also, please let this be a time travel fic... please, please. There's not much left to be done if the fic is starting in 1997...
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