Reviews for Crystal Shadows
i chapter 1 . 11/30/2013
And that's what I call ''when the fantasy comes and take over your dreams to sail, youself to travel along with them.''
Hi there, dear writer, excited to see you with a new one-shot (or story, if you deside to write later one, on Lightning Returns.) which broke my heart, and left me in millions pieces! This means, I can say, this one-shopt marks one of your best stories so far, as it matters the storyline, the construction, the characters and their interractions.
Phew! From where should I start? Let me say first, this one, was a quite different type of story-writting by your behalf, which I didn't expect, and fascinated me Purely because, is more daring, more like a phychological search inside the girl who became a woman, and experience love for the first time.
Taking out, for now, Caius' payer to the crystallized Light, I think, the whole story is about Yuel, who sucrificed her immaturity for the body of a grown up woman, just to be with the man she loves. Honestly, I have never met something similar to this one and it was quite a new experience to me as well.
Quite surprizing plot, I saw a different Caius, different than the Caius in HiC, or the Divisions of Time, more dark, more solemn and more... real, I'd like to comment. Yeul appears daring, a woman now, a beautiful woman who wants nothing than his love, and she took the risks in the most touching way. Giving away herself, to Bhunevelze, was a bold choice, but nothing mutters to her except of him. I liked the aspect, Yeul loved Caius so much and in the FFXIII storyline, as we will get to learn the amount of her affection in LR. Here, you gave as a potential of how she could express herself... fascinating, beautifully constracted and expressed.
It was like you searched her soul and felt her desire. As you know exactly how a girl feels, reaching maturity and wanting to act as a complete woman. This takes a lot of guts and skill, you did it, it was magical, it was cool and I believe it with all my heart.
One more step towards perfectness.
Wind Paradox chapter 1 . 11/29/2013
This is just amazing. It's awesome to see someone writing a LR story here.:D
Dagr Valerian chapter 1 . 11/29/2013
Very well written, I was interested the moment I started reading.