Reviews for Wanted! Dead or Alive
94Insane chapter 26 . 12h
Oh yaaaaay. A suuuuper awesome update! Finally! I waited soooo long for this but it is finally here! Thank you so much for coming back to us 3. Personally, I don’t mind the wait if it wasn’t super long xp. I prefer longer chapters though. I feel happier the longer the chapter is xD.
GolDEin13 chapter 26 . 16h
Yeay... Thank you for the chapter... Btw welcome back...
Franky with Law... Could be interesting...
Doflamingo vs Luffy and Marco... It would be epic...

For the question.. Shorter and regular...
inFamousSlyMonkey chapter 26 . 19h
Yay! Glad you're back! Yay!

On the question. I suppose shorter chapters would make more sense as like you said earlier chapters were shorter, and it would make it seem more consistant.
keishinaruka chapter 26 . 23h
You're ALIVE! * faints from feeling sheer relief *

Hallelujah!...You've finally risen from your grave...and I am so so happy that you've finally updated! * whistles appreciatively *

So...The shit finally hits the fan...and most of the Pirates and Revolutionaries crewmates are scattered in Dressrossa...I couldn't help but wonder how the heck are they going to be reunited? Especially the ASL?...OMG! I don't know what the three brothers reaction are going to be...Ace and Sabo already reunited with each you're finished with that...only Luffy is the totally oblivious about his older brothers being alive and kicking and...I am seeing that the confrontation would be kinda ugly...or too sappy...just...ugh...I can't wait for it! * explodes *

And so Doflamingo finally reveals himself * evil cackle * Wonder how that confrontation will end up? There's Marco to consider as a powerful backup for Luffy...hmmm...

Looking forward to the next chappie...even if I can't give out reviews every chapter...* wince in embarrassment *

Two thumbs up for a job well done...

Ja ne
Blackthorn Ashe chapter 26 . 7/14
Geez that was a lot to process
Umm shorter more regular chapters and im glad you are back
Black' Victor Cachat chapter 1 . 7/14
For ch. 26

Go Robin and Zoro, show the bros how awesome you are!

Franky with Law is a new combination, and looking forward to it. And yeah can see Franky besting Lao G. Would have liked to see it more, but the dude is just too SUPER

Feel Koala is uncharacteristically unprofessional

Doflamingo vs. Luffy and Marco are pretty good odds for our heroes actually

Good to see this back :-) Looking forward to more! :-)
Woezy chapter 1 . 7/14
this is great as always, i can't wait for luffy to meet ace,
and for your question, i prefer longer less irregular chapter
Guest chapter 26 . 7/14
Wow . Your work is so nice ...pls update more .
Ame chapter 26 . 7/14
An update! Banzai! Thank for not abandoning this! Can't wait to see Ace finally meeting Luffy!
BloodKills-Matt chapter 26 . 7/14
I really enjoyed this chapter, had a nice feeling to it

(As for your question, I would personally enjoy longer less regular chapters)
Mia chapter 26 . 6/5
I want this storyline to continue with the search of one piece together with Ace and Luffy and the entire crew.
Lore55 chapter 26 . 6/3
CalmlySweet chapter 26 . 5/26
Heyy thanks for the really amazing story so far!
I really wouldn't mind waiting 3(or more) years for this to be honest so please just don't give up on it!
yekyucho chapter 26 . 5/23
love this fiction. I hope you will update soon
Demonica2015 chapter 26 . 5/20
Please continue. I will not be satisfied with this story until all three brothers have a happy reunion and party like crazy with each other
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