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Mihoshi 2.0 chapter 21 . 11/4
Ok, first off: WHERE THE HAY HAVE YOU BEEN?! SERIOUSLY, I WAS ABOUT TO REPORT A MISSING PONY ALERT ON YOU... (don't know what the "Amber Alert" would be in MLP universe). Anywho, so glad you updated this fic; I had to re-read the entire thing before reading your update. SOOOOO glad you finally got Sweetie Bell and Button Mash together. In my opinion, that's one pairing they should make cannon already. Prism and Kicks relationship is sure to be one heck of a ride, too. Looks like all the current CMC members has a special some pony (albeit a unrequited one), except for Blueberry: she might need to find a Watson to her Sherlock Pones.
Finally, is what happened at the end what I think happened!? Are the Tri-Pies the firsts to get their Cutie-Marks?! OHHHHHHH I CAN'T WAIT TO FIND OUT!
Love your fics, please continue on this one when you can, good luck on the last DOD episode, too. Can't wait 'till your future projects; I definitely want to voice your next one!
Smiles1998 chapter 21 . 10/19
Loved it! Great job and I noticed the theme there too!
Guest chapter 21 . 10/12
Awesome DF, as always :)
StarAF938 chapter 21 . 10/14
This story is so AWESOME! Why did I not read it sooner?! Love all the characters and ships! Please have Prism at least accept Kicks! I feel so bad for him!
Abbie51304 chapter 21 . 10/11
I had a horrible day today, and this made my day. I was so happy when I saw this had updated, I started crying!
CartoonNerd12 chapter 21 . 10/12
This was one AWESOME chapter! So much good stuff happen and the shipping fuel was off the charts! Of course it begs the question if you'll add love interests for Apple Bloom and Scootaloo before you end this series. Nice to see this story updated again.
LightningDust145 chapter 21 . 10/11
I am so glad that this chapter was released... i’ve Been waiting FOREVER for this chapter! I thought that you might even delete it, but i’m glad that i was wrong!
kittycatty321 chapter 21 . 10/11
I MISSED THIS SERIES SO MUCH and all the shipping honestly prism and kicks r my otp in this and I loved the button belle and the confession about gemstone and all I can't wait to see more
Guest chapter 21 . 10/11
Yes finally after 1 year 1 month 3 weeks and 4 days a new chapter
Guest chapter 21 . 10/11
Great chapter I hope you update more chapters or make new stories you promised to us long ago. I don't want push you I am just saying that you doing great job. BTW are you saying that Gemstone has little crush for Prism?
Well this will be veeery interesting.
D C JoKeR H S chapter 21 . 10/11
(love! 0u0)
Irina68AZ chapter 21 . 10/11
I thought you'll never remember!
kittycatty321 chapter 21 . 10/11
gordhanx chapter 21 . 10/11
Holy crap, this is BACK! I was getting worried this was discontinued or something. It's really cool to see otherwise. Now let's read. All right, so the CMC are going to an amusement park with the originals. That should lead, to a lot of fun possibilities. And while we don't get much as first, it was nice to get to see more of the originals' personal life, and how that's going. Including how Sweetie, is looking for a romantic partner. And since this IS one of your fanfics (no offence), it doesn't take long for to run into one. More particularly, Button Mash. It was really cool seeing him, how he's doing and you portraying the relationship between the two. Speaking of relationships, we get an update on the GemxCherry one, as it's revealed the former's available for a relationship…just not in the mood for one right. It was a nice way, to hopefully kickstart the relationship between the two…like how they're going, to kickstart Sweetie & Button's relationship.…yeah, something tells me this'll end about as well as the last time, the CMC tried this. But regardless, the intermissions with the pies in the Haunted Mansion & Prism's unexpected reunion with Kicks, while the other two are off shipping, were really cute. The tribute to the Haunted Mansion was really cool, with a great homage to the Hatbox Ghost mystery (admittedly, I did see the twist coming, but it was a fun addition). And the PrismxKicks scene, had some really nice development for both characters, as they finally decide to officially become friends. Moving over to the matchmakers, it ends better than I'd expect. Yeah, Sweetie & Button started off rather awkwardly, and kids got a stern talking too, but for the most part seeing them interact and have fun with each other, was really cute and well done. The ending was incredibly sweet as well. Cheesy, but sweet, with a hint of expansion on the Cherrycgem arc. Overall, this was a nice chapter. Since you said that we're reaching the end, I'm guessing there are about 2-3 chapter left, I look forward to seeing how you end it all.
ShadowLDrago chapter 21 . 10/11
This was a nice fluffy chapter. We're talking poodle who hadn't had a furcut in 4 months fluffy. As a poodle owner, I can confirm that that is very fluffy.
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