Reviews for In Between the Shadows
Mrs. 11th chapter 42 . 13h
omgggggggggggggggggggg this is SO amazing, definitely one of my favorite arcs in all of HOotD

carly/caleb is a DARLING CHILD and i love yori so much. and lex is a sweetie. love them all.

the way they're all passing the time is so hilarious and cute. shakespeare and taylor swift and dancing, i love it all

and the daliya talk at the end :'( i just. kiddos.
OptimisticLady chapter 42 . 11/28
A* references to the 100 and Big Bang Theory tbh.

This chapter was funny and then it got feelsy really quick like why u do this Aimee

Just why

It was v good though, and at least the feelsy stuff was fluff and not angst

You know... because you're the angst queen.
EvenEth13 chapter 42 . 11/28
Exactly what I needed for this day! :D
What a great chapter, it was funny and informative ha.
I actually have never read the play Much Ado About Nothing, but I took the time to see David Tennant and Catherine Tate's role in it. Absolutely amazing of you to incorporate the two. I always wondered why the Doctor never told Aliya he loved her verbally, but I can see why.. But really I understand you don't need to say it just show it.
Also! looking forward to your major nb character in the future. I'm enjoying Caleb/Carly.
Solstix chapter 41 . 11/19
Ooh! Very interesting! And I do really like Lex, Carly/Caleb and Yori. I like how diverse they all are, but that they still work well together. I can't wait to see what happens next!
EvenEth13 chapter 41 . 11/18
Great chapter!
Loving the gender fluid character. Nice touch
silverhawk88 chapter 32 . 11/17
I just noticed how the doctor phrased a sentence. He said that he nearly has gone through an entire regeneration cycle. So that means Aliya doesn't know about the War Doctor or Ten's two regenerations and he hasn't told her!
toavoidconversation chapter 41 . 11/17
Ahhh I love a good time loop! Looking forward to seeing where this is going, enjoying the new characters so far :D
Mrs. 11th chapter 41 . 11/16




this is all so hilarious i am DYING of laughter, i can't wait for more. the dynamic between them all is amazing, and i can't wait for the relationships to develop even more 3 i love these dumb kids
OptimisticLady chapter 41 . 11/16
Carly/Caleb is my fave tiny bae in the world and they are super great I can't even

Yori is mean but I still love her, and Lex is also bae and v adorable

They're all gonna get so pissed off with the Daliya stuff in the time loop, which is going to be v entertaining and I cannot wait to read it
thewholocklover chapter 40 . 11/13
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I feel so sad for Jenny (really late reaction to your upload.. oops)
Omg seriously I feel sad for her. But like you said she's going to be a full time companion in the future
I can't wait for the next chapter! Also good luck with Uni and stuff! :)
GuestCat chapter 40 . 10/30
Omg I am loving this fanfic! Marion as the doctor and aliyas child... its a fantastic idea! I wonder if aliya and Mari will ever sort out their friendship and what exactly will happen in the finale (when time is messed up-if you are writing it) . I think we need a bit more Daliya fluff but I am loving them! Will River make an another entrance and how will Jenny react to her fathers death?
This is one of my favourite dr who fanfics x
upate :-)
skidney chapter 40 . 10/29
Awesome chapter!
toavoidconversation chapter 40 . 10/29

I suspected Jenny would be leaving soon, I have to say. I proper laughed at the "who's the older sister" argument omg.

Looking forward to the rest!
toavoidconversation chapter 39 . 10/29
I spent this chapter hoping they stumbled into Amy's room, just for a little bit of mindf*ckery.
toavoidconversation chapter 38 . 10/29
*le surprise review*

Can I have Jenny's room please? It sounds epic tbqh.

OH SHEET THEY BOTH KNOW THAT THEY BOTH KNOW. I feel like this is an excellent opportunity for lots of fluff n stuff.

Now I will admit straight up that I didn't care too much for this episode. I've watched it in full once, and generally skip it in my reruns. But because it's you, I shall continue to read.

Nicely done AU, but I particularly like how this is a good learning point for Aliya with regard to Mari. Couldn't really have a better episode for it, really.

Well done! I should have another chapter of my own out this week, happy days.
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