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Anon chapter 30 . 9/15
I have no words, my love for this fic is endless, my heart hurts

I like to think that in the future, Hiashi makes good on his admission that there are three things/people he would die for, and gives his life protecting Hinata & Neji in the war bc jeeeeeesus the way Kishi handled Neji's death... so pointless, just to push naruhina closer
Anon chapter 29 . 9/15
I can't even put into words how much i loved this chapter and how much on the whole that this fic means the absolute world to me
Anon chapter 28 . 9/14
Godddddd wow Shikamaru's new skill & power in manipulating the shadows... sexy

Looooooove smiling & joking neji, god, this is his freedom



Kudos kudos kudos kudos kudos kudos kudos !
Anon chapter 27 . 9/14
Three weeks later! Yay time-jumps

:( only 4 chapters left tho

Kiba/ino are so good! I love them!

Neji & the spicy curry
Wow i rly love happy neji who's comfortable w/ his friends
CUUUUUUUUTE he got giggly drunk w/ tenten & lee that's so sweet

God if this wasn't a shikaneji fic i would kill for this kind of camaraderie in a nejiten fic wow they're cute

LOVE Genma just. Coming and sleeping w/ kakashi and just keeping doing it.

Oh :( the memories of Asuma always hit hard. . .
Anon chapter 26 . 9/13
Gai ! I love him
Neji actually eager to be with his friends and team mates ! I love that!

I'm glad Genma's being taken care of

Shikamaru & choji :)

Poor kakashi
"Sai was sitting tight-lipped beside him with his tiny appetizer, chewing a square of milk-white tofu with his poor, bloodless, anaemic, milk-white face tipped down and to the side," god this is so so so funny you capture each character's sense of humor so incredibly well, especially Kakashi, wow

"Kakashi wasn't having any of it. He made to turn away. His left foot, however, decided to get ahead of itself, while the right foot, hastening to catch up, overreached completely and crossed straight over his left leg in an awkward 'X'. To avoid looking like an idiot – though yes, that ship had sailed – he twisted his hips to complete an absurd pirouette, trying to smooth it over into a deliberate display; hands out to the side like a magician, as if he were exhibiting his phenomenal mastery of physics."

Jeeeeeesus oh my heart is full. I love Kakashi

Genma a little jealous?

The corset god "his horrible little dog" that's so funny but poor pakkun he trusted Ino

Yayyyyyyyy Genma laughing and being happy for a moment!

Oh i love love love love rock lee he loves his friends so much with so much youthful passion
Neji did it for the curry for Lee

Oh :(( Lee worried he offended Neji :(
But Neji actually talking abt his feelings w/ Lee ! Growth!

Lee is so good

Three weeks
Anon chapter 25 . 9/13
Genma/naoki okay NOW i'm cryinh jeeeeeeeesus christ

Fucking christ dude holy shit

Oh i am so sad oh my god i was Not expecting to be just this Absolutely Gutted i hope that you're reading this and that you Know how emotional and effective ur writing is it's unbelievably strong

Thank god Sayuri's apologizing to Ino
And good girl Ino for not just swallowing a childhood of bitterness w/ one apology

Kiba/ino wow they are so sweet i love them

Oh Naruto :((( i love his tendency to throw tantrums that use up so much of his emotional
energy he just has to lay on the floor for a while after

Shikamaru and his parents :)))))) cuuuuuuuute

I feel like i'm gonna be so lost after i finish reading this fic, 've powered through it so steadily and with such a connection to it...
Anon chapter 24 . 9/13
Shikaneji yessssssss yes yes yes Neji rly does need to make more bonds w/ people besides Shikamaru and i'm so so so happy that he Knows Shikamaru's right and Also that Shikamaru's not just. Pushing him away or asking Neji to walk away, he's just. He needs and wants and loves Neji and the "When you're done finding [your reasons], come find me" and "next time around" and Neji's bc maybe he thought shikamaru wanted neji to find more reasons and not come back but then shikamaru reassures him ... ugh i love this fic so so so so so so much

Kiba going to Kurenai to check up on her love his pack mentality
ALSO cute that he wants to talk to her abt Ino

Asuma :(((

Neji protecting Hanabi from Hitaro ! Yes!

Hinata ! Good girl! Love to see her standing up for herself and those she loves!

Hiashi protecting his kids and Neji ! God what a relief and whAt a rollercoaster, jesus

hiashi having neji bow at the same degree as hinata & hanabi... oh
And then dinner invite... "our family will eat together"

Naoki just out and referring to Neji as Shikamaru's lover... love that.

Shikaku apologizing to Shikamaru and giving him a hug

Ino & Naoki :(
Oh i'm so sad :((((
I'm gonna cry i haven't been this sad in a long time
Anon chapter 23 . 9/12
SHIKANEJI! oh i was Not expecting Neji to get to Shikamaru as quickly and easily as he did! Even if things get harder again (and i hope they don't) so so so so so glad they're getting this moment to Communicate w/ each other for Once

God yes Neji holding onto Shikamaru and Shikamaru finally being able to let it all go, let it out. . . Oh that's good

Genma thinking ninja pirate like kakashi had... cute

Shikakuuuuuuu ! Hell yeah
Anon chapter 22 . 9/12
GODDDDDDDD YES YES YES YES YES YES YES Neji putting down the mask! My boy! Oh thank god

Neji & Hiashi

God... Kage watching Shikamaru in the hospital, Shikaku Seeing and Knowing but not being able to cope w/ Being there... i keep thinking abt Kiba's story abt being in the hospital and his mother not coming to visit; but Shikamaru's Always needed someone to be there for him even if he always chose to run, just to see who would chase him down... oh i hope he's allowed visitors, his mother if not Shikaku; and i hope she gets to hold her boy in her arms again :((((

Godddd Hiashi trying to get between Neji/Shikamaru... jesus he makes it so hard to like him "removing shikamaru from neji's life" ugh

Genma going for Kakashi !

Yessssss Neji LOVE that he's going to play Anbu & Shikaku and he Doesn't want to be ANBU anymore bc he loves Shikamaru and has to get to him here we go endgame baby

Kage . . . Love him. & he Knows Neji's lying? HOPE he does not get in his way. . . Hope he & Shikaku both realize
Anon chapter 21 . 9/12
maybe some hope for Hiashi yet

Ino/kiba! The wildness of him calling to the wildness in her... i love it

Yessssssss yes yes yes neji/shikamaru !

Ahhhh wow Shikaku's mind labyrinth and alters and inoichi... that was all very very very good

Neji in his ANBU gear and Shikamaru Realizing
Anon chapter 20 . 9/12

Choji & Ino's devotion to Shikamaru... overwhelms me they love him so much i love their relationship

Shikaku :((((((

kakashi leaving his pack to dogpile shikamaru... that's cute

Yes Neji saying team gai should regroup! Less flying solo for him ! Love it!
"Hold me to it"

Whaaaaaaaat is Hiashi going to be able to do to help?

Only 10 chapters left
Anon chapter 19 . 9/11
Oh boyyyyyy those creepy shadow clones

Godddddd shikamaruuu
Worried abt this whole transformation thing

Neji feeling heartsick panic. . . Yesyesyesyesyes

"The word all but tore the heart from Neji's ruptured chest. He shook his head weakly, white eyes softening. "Make no mistake…I'd kill for my village. But I'd die for you.""
Anon chapter 18 . 9/11
Oh :( genma and naoki :(((

Yesssssssss Neji being confident in his decision to choose Shikamaru
& Finding his freedom in shikamaru ! Hell yeah!

"Hell hath no fury like a pissed off sensei"
cute they came to get their kids
Oh and Asuma not being there :((((

Gai's "I'm not leaving without Neji" Excellent !
Anon chapter 17 . 9/10
Oh man Shikamaru :(( oh that's sad, the state he's in when Ino finds him...

Poor shikamaru and poor, poor, poor ino & choji

So Much just happened idk even where to start, jeeeeeeesus
Anon chapter 16 . 9/10
Neji & Shikamaru

"A flicker behind Shikamaru's eyes, a faraway light struggling against whatever darkness had consumed his mind. It was light enough to hope on. That one tiny glimmer in the dark was all that Neji needed to see in order to protect the last thing he had left to lose.
I said I'd find you in the dark. And I will."


Hell yeah, Tsunade !

Shikamaru :(((

"Miserable but loyal" poor akamaru

God Ino/Kiba are so incredibly cute; opiate stoned Kiba is infinitely charming and sweet
:((( Kiba not being used to affection :(

Thank god for Tsunade and the Council's exposition ! Sincerely, I was so eager to read a good big chunk of plot history after all the mystery surrounding what happened to Shikaku, & we still don't know exactly what! If it was the same as they did to Shikamaru? i do very much hope Tsunade gets at least Inoichi & ideally also to Choza & Yoshino, maybe even all 3 at the same time? To rly dig into what happened

Also looking forward maybe to a bit of outsider perspective based on Tenka's reports of what happened to Shikamaru

Ugh wow this fic just continues to impress

Oh no i just remembered Shikamaru telling Asuma "i'm not sorry" in his panicked attempt to try and get some of what was pent up inside him out to someone who could help foreshadowing

Mmmmmmmm neji boy bet u do not proceed as ordered

Yessssssss Neji proceeding Not As Ordered!
VERY cute Neji's shell cracking at Kiba's jokes
Neji/Kiba team-up looking forward to it
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