Reviews for The Maelstrom's Flock
skg1991 chapter 10 . 16h
I hoped that Miya would have made him stronger since he'll have to deal with the Sekirei plan eventually...Also Naruto is practically the re-incarnation of a God...he has to be strong.
Guest chapter 10 . 4/6
Please let thee be karasuba
14demigod chapter 10 . 4/1
Murder shido... )
anonymous chapter 10 . 3/22
You should give him karasuba as a sekirei and please make sure not to make it a depressing story please.
Mangahero18 chapter 2 . 1/31
Kazehana is a good first Sekirei for Naruto
FenrirCrinos chapter 10 . 1/30

WTF... a playboy laydies man naruto... men this world had problems xD

good chapter men
CamDawg chapter 10 . 1/26
Please add karasuba to the flock I can't even image the drama that can come from that
Adept of the Black Templar chapter 10 . 1/26
Not bad at all i like the use of haihane
pltrgst chapter 10 . 1/26
nice chapter.. a bit slow though..
YuNaru19 chapter 8 . 1/25
Ypu're using Shido out of Highschool of the Dead?
ultima-owner chapter 10 . 1/25
That is amusing
desdelor97 chapter 10 . 1/25
This was a great chapter. please keep up the great work and please update soon.
Lukas321 chapter 10 . 1/25
A character doesn't need to struggle to be more than 2 dimensional. Suffering for sufferings sake is pointless and would ruin an otherwise good story. Please make sure the challenges he faces move the storyline along.
TheEternalSage18 chapter 10 . 1/25
Didn't you have chapter eight and nine on his 13th birthday? And as of this chapter, wasn't that a few months ago? So he should be closer to 14 shouldn't he? Plus, shouldn't he be at least somewhere near 15 before the sekirei cannon starts? I want to say the first stage probably took almost a year, especially since the oldest sekirei got released first, and then more of them were in periodic times.
gamelover41592 chapter 10 . 1/25
oh no
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