Reviews for Strange Love
ShiroKuro OokamiRyu chapter 10 . 11h
Somehow, the original witch's journal was included amongst the rest of the Malfoy ancestors... And it seems that Hermione has bonded with the old magic or the old magic has bonded to Hermione.
ShiroKuro OokamiRyu chapter 9 . 7/28
Hmmm, he sent her the journals so that's a good thing but why does he want his Sundays free?
ShiroKuro OokamiRyu chapter 8 . 7/28
Ah so she finally finds out the truth of Draco's curse, though I'm curious as her reaction to it, the instinctive pull she felt. Was she somehow related to the original witch that cursed the Malfoy family? Or is the magic simply reacting to her as she's the best course to take for his mate?
ShiroKuro OokamiRyu chapter 7 . 7/28
Seems Malfoy isn't the only one with mental problems harming their family members...
ShiroKuro OokamiRyu chapter 6 . 7/28
-snickers- Wow, he certainly isn't trying to make this any easier on himself or Hermione, is he?~
misslexilouwho chapter 39 . 7/26
Wait, so Hermione reached through that "wall" in Heaven and took her baby back? How is that even possible? I hope this gets explained! I'm so confused but happy and crying and alsdkfj;adlskfaj
misslexilouwho chapter 37 . 7/26
The squeal that escaped my lips when I saw the wedding date was probably too loud for 1AM in a house of 8 people and a dog. May 12th is my birthday; not only that, but one of the girls that Draco went on a date with earlier has my name - Alexandria! I'm literally fangirling over the completely random happenstances here but it is just TOO GREAT. Okay I'm so ready for the wedding now, let's go!
misslexilouwho chapter 21 . 7/26
So wait, they're both LeClairs? How does that work out? Is that why they were attracted to each other? It explains her necklace I suppose though...woah!
misslexilouwho chapter 10 . 7/26
Bellerose...that's so pretty! (And an obvious reference to B&TB yes?) I can't wait to read her diary!
misslexilouwho chapter 4 . 7/26
I had a feeling this was kind of "Beauty and the Beast"-ish, but this was not the way I was expecting it to go! I love it! So glad I get to just click 'next' and continue reading!
happiness8000 chapter 40 . 7/25
Loved this story.
ShiroKuro OokamiRyu chapter 5 . 7/25
Oh he's a stupid git alright, but he's one you've been fantasizing 'bout~
ShiroKuro OokamiRyu chapter 4 . 7/22
Ooooh~ Draco's bestial side likes her~
mshccs chapter 40 . 7/21
Great story! :)
ShiroKuro OokamiRyu chapter 3 . 7/21
Well their meeting went better than I thought it would...
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