Reviews for Strange Love
R0ckerbaby chapter 40 . 9/28
This is seriously still one of my favorite stories on this site. I've re-read it so many times and I still can't get enough. Ever thought of doing another mini epilogue where they get that son of theirs? I would love to see Lucius' reaction to his grandchildren.
EternallySingle chapter 40 . 9/21
I cannot understand why this fic doesn't have more favs and reviews. It's a truly wonderful piece of work, it flows beautifully and kept me hooked from start to finish.
Thank you for taking me through every emotion from shock, anger, glee, sappiness all the way to happiness ;-)
EternallySingle chapter 39 . 9/21
Beautiful...and you made me cry
EternallySingle chapter 35 . 9/20
That was a truly stunning and gripping piece of writing, I've found plenty of interesting story ideas but I've hardly ever seen one executed so beautifully and evocatively.
Haven't finished the fic yet but you are bloody brilliant x
Guest chapter 40 . 8/16
Wow, just wow. This story was filled up with so many emotions, it was overwhelming. Love it.:)
ShiroKuro OokamiRyu chapter 15 . 8/11
-snickers behind a hand, ignoring the blush covering my cheeks- Well, well, some dream yeah? So the journal can affect not only Hermione but Draco... What else can that cursed book do?
ShiroKuro OokamiRyu chapter 14 . 8/11
Uh oh, Hermione was sent a letter on the file Draco still has~ Shall she find out the truth soon?
ShiroKuro OokamiRyu chapter 13 . 8/11
-shudders uncomfortably- Scourgify! Scourgify! Scourgify! -barely resists the urge to scratch at my own skin till it's raw- How can anyone be that utterly daft?!
ShiroKuro OokamiRyu chapter 12 . 8/11
Oh... The first meeting certainly didn't go well and I love how you had the witch from the original curse named Belle~ It really gives a lovely look into and twist to the story we all know and love from our childhood.
ShiroKuro OokamiRyu chapter 11 . 8/10
-sighs- It's disappointing and a little saddening seeing how the bonds of mates can backfire when one is take from the other or harmed...
ShiroKuro OokamiRyu chapter 10 . 7/30
Somehow, the original witch's journal was included amongst the rest of the Malfoy ancestors... And it seems that Hermione has bonded with the old magic or the old magic has bonded to Hermione.
ShiroKuro OokamiRyu chapter 9 . 7/28
Hmmm, he sent her the journals so that's a good thing but why does he want his Sundays free?
ShiroKuro OokamiRyu chapter 8 . 7/28
Ah so she finally finds out the truth of Draco's curse, though I'm curious as her reaction to it, the instinctive pull she felt. Was she somehow related to the original witch that cursed the Malfoy family? Or is the magic simply reacting to her as she's the best course to take for his mate?
ShiroKuro OokamiRyu chapter 7 . 7/28
Seems Malfoy isn't the only one with mental problems harming their family members...
ShiroKuro OokamiRyu chapter 6 . 7/28
-snickers- Wow, he certainly isn't trying to make this any easier on himself or Hermione, is he?~
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