Reviews for Library Love
myhubbyissoedward chapter 26 . 4/22
Very cute story, loved reading it!
LolaTheSa chapter 14 . 4/22
Really? Honestly? Edward isn't a fucking mind reader. Rose is just a dumb bitch, Edward isn't a damn female. He heard what he head and saw what he saw and that was Bella being a bitch and man hating basically. She has given no signs she wanted something more then friends. Slamming a door in his face is anything but a sign of she wants a relationship. And the fact she has child is really something you tell someone you wanna be with up front.
LolaTheSa chapter 10 . 4/22
And it is... Ugh!
LolaTheSa chapter 7 . 4/22
And she's 22... and she's been through a lot.. Ugh please be something not Clinche..
LolaTheSa chapter 6 . 4/22
Been through a lot? Ugh, those type of lines turn me off so bad lol
Mrs. O'Shea chapter 26 . 4/19
What a sweet story
Mrs. O'Shea chapter 17 . 4/19
She is a little hoe
Mrs. O'Shea chapter 12 . 4/19
I blame Bella for this. Poor Edward
Mrs. O'Shea chapter 10 . 4/19
She should clarify that she is interested too. She is a bit of a drama queen too.
Mrs. O'Shea chapter 9 . 4/19
So cute in a dorky way
Mrs. O'Shea chapter 8 . 4/19
Drama queen. He is such a nerd.
Mrs. O'Shea chapter 7 . 4/19
Set up!
Mrs. O'Shea chapter 6 . 4/19
I wonder if B will be there for dinner too
Mrs. O'Shea chapter 5 . 4/19
Maybe Emmett knows. Wouldn't that be funny.
Pia Cullen Masen chapter 26 . 7/28/2014
Arthur was adorable. He was perfect. And so was Edward. Edward and Arthur. Too cute. Can't deal with them. Too much. Dreamy little boy and dreamy music teacher. Amazing romance, funny. You've left me speechless. With this and some warm kisses from Florida, I leave!
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