Reviews for Gray: Scorpius Malfoy and the Scepter of Night
SeveraSnape6 chapter 8 . 8/2/2016
Oh, poor Calderon! I love that guy. I'm rereading your series, and I just, felt so bad for him in this chapter.
SeveraSnape6 chapter 22 . 8/2/2015
Oh man! What a war. So much worse and... just awesome compared to the Voldy war. Poor Calderon... Scor has no idea... And You are so good with the suspense! I am off to read book five now. I can't wait to see what's next. Poor Lat, I'm glad he's ok. And Roman... guess he's immune to the curse too. Ok, trying not to put spoilers in here, but yay! :)
Colin Creevey chapter 22 . 12/20/2014
Finally got round to reading the A/N. I originally did not plan on reviewing it but the character sheet got the better of me. Bertie and Agnes are magical? I had no idea. Seriously, no clue. Wow. Does Michael know? Interesting piece of information. As interesting as discovering that Leila and Cyrus live in Athens. So... I can sense a disaster looming pretty soon. I hope they're ok.

Two predictions: 1. Malfoys are going to Egypt but it's a ploy. It's really to flee and an attempt to get Scorpius as far from Hogwarts as possible. Won't work. 2. Corvinus, as we know had a Horcrux so isn't really dead. I believe he is Cassia's vulture. Actually pretty sure of this since his home, in Cassia's words, got blowed up. Sucks but things suck. So, yeah.

I'll start reading tomorrow or the day after. I keep trying to focus on other things but your series has sort of taken over so I'm failing miserably. The endings of 3 and 4 still stick in my mind and I had to reread the ending of 3 yesterday before remembering I'm supposed to be writing. haha. Anyways, so yeah, I'll be back tomorrow or the day after and I can't wait.
Colin Creevey chapter 21 . 12/18/2014
Well done, Florrian. You can just go ahead and join Alzay, James and Sal, (yes, Sal!) on my hate list. And Bill… watch it. I am in the mood to spread my hate and I’m in a very bad mood with very many people. And Harry, so help me you are this close. You’re lucky you’re the boy who lived and even in that area, you’ve been replaced! (My, God! I need a break!) Varanian massacred PAW, honestly. Can Harry get more ridiculous? I don’t think it’s possible. Most fathers would hug even a criminal if he saved his daughter’s life. Harry’s too far in the Ministry now. And let’s say Varanian did massacre PAW. Just for the sake of argument. GOOD!

Anyways, on a more calming somewhat less depressing subject, I would disagree with one thing Michael said though. Well, I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean it like that but graying hairs is not a sign of premature ageing. At least, not in the sense of growing old and whatnot. They’re just grey due to the pain and screaming involved with successive transformation. That actually tends to happen to people who suffer pain as evidenced by the Longbottoms (not the best example) and Lupin (best example.) Just thought I’d throw that out there cause the way Michael talks, it’s like he’s gonna die at 35 or something (well, better than a premature death but still.)

Apart from Lily officially being in love with Orous, I go to Antonius, who has now replaced SAL on my like list and potentials to be in my top five. So, the curse did not register his soul... interesting. Or at least, as far as we know. Nobody an really test it, can they? Still, I gotta say this cause it's been on my mind for a while. According to Hermione, even a split soul has a chance of recovery so it's sad seeing Antonius and Roman and Orous (though the latter has admittedly made great strides) acting like it's all hopeless. They can recover. I'm actually sure of that. If it's possible to mend a split soul and reverse a Horcrux and save yourself an agonizing eternal limbo (which isn't Antonius' Orous' or Roman's fate but still) you can logically mend a damaged soul. They should look up more often instead of looking down.

And in the spirit of Christmas giving, I'll spread some hate and love to those who deserve it. Love first: Just a surprise. Michael has been replaced. Orous is No. 1 now. Michael is No. 2. Great run Michael but it was not going to last. Behind them will probably be Albus, Lily and... honestly? Antonius. That's my top five for now. Subject to change.

And now for my... erm... naughty list. My hate list is populated. Alzay, James, and Florrian are there and guess what? They're joined by Sal now and Harry is making a pretty good move there too. Oh, and Elwood. Good riddance if Theodore succeeds (and he will, so good riddance.) And Bill can run and think about what he's saying before intruding on people. I'm in a bad mood right now. God I need rest. Happy holidays people! Enjoy the love and hate that I spread to all good and bad characters alike. Everybody gets a gift... just some... get a big fat lump of cold, hard coal.

Great story!
Colin Creevey chapter 20 . 12/18/2014
What the hell? What the... seriously, what? Ok, Sal, you lost my liking. I frigging hate her. I hate her. I hate the one who just kills kids, I don't care. That is crazy, creepy and evil. It's creevil is what it is but screw it! Argh! I thought Antonius would die but this... how did this happen? We've got another boy who lived on our hands. Doesn't make me like Sal though. Whatever damage she did, is done. I officially hate her now. Well done. You made me hate your villain, (that's praise btw.)

And Harry! God, the least you could do is lend your hand BEFORE arresting someone who is clearly, clearly trying to save the situation. Worry about him later. Ugh, he's become like Fudge and Scrimgeour before him. Well, he's lost. He wants to do things the stupid way, be my guest. Wow, I'm angry! I'm actually angry. I almost bawled over Antonius and might've if I didn't decide to finish the chapter first.

Anyways, that's that. Off to the final chapter, I guess. And god damn you Harry and Sal! Go to hell! Argh!
Colin Creevey chapter 19 . 12/18/2014
Oh, interesting. There's a bit of James in Rose too. Every Gryffindor just hates the Slytherins, huh? Well, I guess that's established from a while ago. Ok, anyways, Antonius is so dead. I am almost convinced now. I'll... be surprised if he lives actually. The way his character arc is going, I can sense death at the end of it. Pity. Well, hopefully since I see it coming, I'll... be able to accept it quicker. As for survivors, I'm reasonably confident in Latimer, Albus, Molly, Scorpius (well, duh) Michael and just for the purpose of discovering his fate, Maurice too.

Speaking of Maurice, I think he's going to go bad. But I'm not sure because he picked friends over family in the sorting. But if Alzay ever tells him the story and how Roman took him away, I can't see Maurice taking it too kindly. And if he goes bad, I'll really dislike him. I... tend to have a severe dislike for traitors in fiction. Bad enough he's brainwashed.

Anyways, I'm actually quite pleased to see Maurice and co there. The Shadows arrived so maybe they can hold off their advance while the others go off and destroy the Scepter. On to the next.
Colin Creevey chapter 18 . 12/18/2014
The fun begins indeed. I hope this turns out well. I have a sneaking suspicion that we truly will lose Antonius and Atticus will live. I won't like it but I'm beginning to think this is what will end up happening.

So, Carver is Xerxes' son, huh? Interesting. For better or worst, interesting. I wonder how James will feel if he discovers... that would also be interesting (and let's face it, James has to know eventually.) Well, off to the next. I now move forward knowing this will not end well. Sal will get the Scepter, Antonius will die, Atticus will live, and the rest will get out fine. That's my prediction. Let's see how right I am.
Colin Creevey chapter 17 . 12/17/2014
What’s this, Albus? Is that James I sense in you? Insulting Slytherins and blaming it all on a Ravenclaw, let alone a kid like August? Guess there’s a bit of James in every Potter. Pity. Well, I’ll pass this off as an anger tirade. You know, when Albus yells at someone, it almost scares me. Almost. Even when he’s completely right. Even when he punched James and raged at him… wow. Well, anyways, remember my theory that Lily would go bad? Yeah, forget about it. So not happening after this. I don’t think Imperiused people tend to chase after their captors once they’re free.

Now, for the death theory. Looks like All Ashains went up. I'll still assume it's Atticus. Which sucks. He’s one of my favorites. Guess the climax has finally arrived. Wow. Now, why is Michael going, though? I was hoping he'd go and try saving Olivia. Varanian seems to be trusting a lot more people now. I hope they all know what they're doing. Hopefully, the casualties are minimal.
Colin Creevey chapter 16 . 12/16/2014
Oh, wow. There goes Cassia. Well, it was sort of mean what Albus, Abby, Scorpius and Michael said. I really thought at least one would have enough sense to not hurt her feelings. With Cassia in danger though and Ashylos on the rise, I guess the chances of Atticus or Antonius dying shoot up. Which sucks. I really am sure we're gonna lose an Ashain now. I'm really not sure which one is might be though. Could be any of the three at this point.
Colin Creevey chapter 15 . 12/15/2014
This whole chapter in one day. Looks like I'm increasing the reading again. Excellent.

Yes, Calderon, no more dark secrets in your past. Barring the fact that your twin just happens to be the Shadow Master and that you’ve kept it for so long, no more dark secrets. We’re totally cool now.

One of my favorite parts of this chapter was Harry’s arc. His questioning of the survivor. I’m glad there was one. Can’t say Jack or One knew about this guy. And if they ever question the witness on Ruth’s attack, there will be connection. Very interesting. And ironically, Cel was actually being helpful, probably because he knows it wasn’t Shadows and would be as curious as anyone to know what’s behind this. Primary reason why I did not think the witness would die in custody.

Oh, my liking for Maurice went down a bit. He's... a bit too ruthless. I'm with Orous. And Albus. And Lily. Lily just earned my liking and her chances of going bad are less now. (thirty percent.) As for the possible death... still thinking but I feel like I am actually getting close to guessing correctly. Note: Most of the times I tried guessing a character death in any work of fiction, I was wrong.

I'm beginning to get the feeling that Alzay's father (I actually forgot her real name) is not too happy with her.
Colin Creevey chapter 14 . 12/14/2014
Eh... this is hard. At the beginning, I hated Alzay. I remember numbering what would need to happen for me to hate her more than I already did and as if she read my mind, it happened. It’s like she ‘wants’ me to hate her. Now, she's actually feeling guilt. Well, she did. Dunno how she feels now. Her and James are fighting really hard to be number one hated character. I'm happy Roman helped Cade though. I had an idea early on that the artifact would be used on Michael’s lycanthropy but that was quashed right after so I was wondering.

And wow, I always had the mind to inquire about whether magic could help Crystal. I remember reading that magical medicine can heal all Muggles ailments so I guessed her heart could be helped but this particular piece of information is new so I don’t know how widely known it is. It’s nonetheless good to see she is being taken care of now. To prevent further attacks, since it seems to be becoming a tradition of the Sanford family, they should probably move in with an unwilling Varanian.

Riddle was pregnant? Wow! What a way to go. Well done, Sal. Barring her history, I know so little about her that the fact she has a son/daughter is not so farfetched. I can see why she is gray. On a bright side, she is capable of love and she does genuinely care for Brutus and Michael warned Brutus about Ashain. So might Riddle destroy the Scepter herself or else find a way for Ashain to live? Unless of course Brutus chooses not to believe Michael. That would be his clumsy mistake. I must say, it’s rather nice reading about a villain with a genuine desire and compassion for her lover. And at the risk of sounding villainous, it gives the good guys an advantage. I actually wish her child lived.

As for Jack, not comfortable but not complaining about any of his murders so far. Well, maybe soul destroying is a little harsh but other than that, by all means. Good riddance to PAW. Glad they're out of the way.
Colin Creevey chapter 13 . 12/11/2014
Nice job, Al. That rant just got you up into third place. Overdue but hey, better late than never. As for, James… he’s in last place. Very last place. I previously couldn’t decide who I hated more between James and Alzay but… I think I made my decision now! Or at least, I thought I did until now. I mean, you know, people have different ways of hurting others and to each his own but... torturing Cade into insanity kinda sorta does not sit well with me. So... yeah, I'll just consider them even for now. But hey, it's ok. Plenty of time for one to overtake the other in terms of most hated character. Things change!

Also... Lily was indeed close to Viola. Now this time, I am not really sure in this theory but it would stay true to the many differences the Potter kids share. Out of desire to not leave Viola and lose her as a friend, Lily will join the Shadows. Of course, it won't be known or Harry would do something about it but she will. Or at least, that's my guess. This time, I am only about forty percent sure of this. It depends on her perceived reactions after this ordeal.

What a conclusion!
Colin Creevey chapter 12 . 12/8/2014
Michael, I am very disappointed in you. You were supposed to be furious with Scorpius, not have a one-weekend anger and then get drastically better. Like way better to a degree I haven’t seen since first year and then apologize for all your wrongs and… ah, hell, forget about it. I’m proud of you, Michael. Finally turning around. Nice. And... my liking for him shot up again. There I was thinking Orous was about to take him. He was so close too. :D

Now Michael’s happy again (hem- for now, not gonna last, we all know that) let’s look at James. Carver is aching. James is happy. James’ happiness is my misery. For that reason, I hope Carver finds another very soon. I don’t think I can say enough just how much I despise James. Now Vern? Seriously? And the punishment is two detentions and five points? Wow... even Snape was fairer than this. Ok, well congratulations, Elwood. I don't like you. I would hope the Shadows get to you but that would put a few of my favorites at risk and we can't have that.

I hope the Aurors believe Austin now. Idiots. And Austin leads me to Latimer which leads me to a mixture of great sympathy and dislike... my liking for him went down where I never thought it would. It seems strange but I gotta be honest, things suck for him yes but to attempt suicide... bothers me. Especially when his dad is getting better, his friends still love him, even Rose is trying to make it up (though that's not innocence on her part). I dunno. I like him but not nearly as much as before. I gotta think about this. Nonetheless, I hope he lives. I am genuinely worried.
Colin Creevey chapter 11 . 12/4/2014
Aside from Roman’s increasingly sexist remarks, he is right. The Shadow Master is a woman. Not for the sexist reasons he says, but just because that’s how it is. Actually, the whole visit with Varanian was funny. 'Were people just stupid?' Uh, yeah, Scorpius. Actually, people are just stupid. Actually, I sometimes get the strange feeling that Wizards are stupider than some Muggles prove to be. It’s a true story. And I love the relationship between Annie and Varanian. They’d make a good couple actually. Provided they get over a couple of their flaws.

As for Lucy… that was unpexpected. And with a grieving Percy who isn’t good at emotions judging by Roman and Lucy, I’m guessing she’s about to be made more miserable. (cause let's face it, Percy has to find out eventually and when he does...) In any case, I actually feel really bad for Lucy. Her life literally sucks right now. You know, I predict that another ‘One’ is going to merge with her and it will be very tempting for her. Of course, I’m not sure if merging is possible with a Gray soul. I’m not even sure if Jack is white or gray. Did he kill before being merged? But what luck! Welcome to the club, Lucy. Yet another gray soul. They’re really getting members now.

Now let's see... when will Michael ask for the Stone back, discover Annie has it, enter into a big fight with Scorpius and not talk to him for months on end ultimately culminating in a suicide attempt? (according to Roman, at least.) Hem, ok, that won't happen but still... I am curious.
Colin Creevey chapter 10 . 12/1/2014
Rose getting dragon pox? Hmm, maybe she won't be so hard on Latimer or Michael anymore. Or, of course, we'll just get another depressed, angsty teenager. Either one. Interesting development though. Ok, so maybe nobody died in that wedding like Bill promised but someone did get a very serious illness. What a way to go. And as for Lorcan... wow, I don't think Rolf or Lysander will be too happy about this. Ironically, I like both of the twins. I sympathize somewhat with both of them.

I would love to think that Michael's talk with Annie went a long way. And it probably did. But then we'd have the Animagus subplot for nothing so I'm going to assume until further notice that Michael is still depressed. Especially after this attack. Speaking of which, this marks the very first time I read an attack involving Michael, and I am not worried for his life. I know, right? I actually convinced myself that he'd be safe so much, I just read this through like it was your typical fight. I've grown naïve again (which means I'm due for a rude awakening any chapter now.)

Last observation... I do hope the Ministry understands the use of underage magic. This can go very bad places if it doesn't.

Ps, Jack scares me. My liking for him is on hold.
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