Reviews for Highschool SAO
thelegendarysupernerd chapter 1 . 5/1/2014
That was brilliant. A fantastic merging of worlds, and while I would love to see more, I think it might have been for the best to leave it there. Thank you for a brilliant read.
Goldrune09 chapter 1 . 4/28/2014
A truly epic story. Thank you for writing and posting it.
LeakproofHail7 chapter 1 . 4/28/2014
Damn that was EPIC!
pdeneroff3204 chapter 1 . 4/23/2014
Really well done, and fantastic job.
Telron chapter 1 . 4/22/2014
now this was a good story. and now you are one of my most favorite authors due to your writing style that i have come to love. you are basically in my eyes one of the most greatest fanfic writers ever to walk this planet.
demonwarrior1029 chapter 1 . 4/11/2014

Now you've spoiled me from most, if not all other Highschool DxD fics.

Hm, it's obvious that sword skills would be their primary weapon but I couldn't help but wonder...
Will those two still play VRMMORPGs? And will other characters from Highschool DxD play them too?

Here's hoping that you continue this verse or if Ophis's sake not, then maybe you'll inspire people to continue this world you made.

Keep it up!
Erdrick17 chapter 1 . 4/7/2014
I am a big fan of your work and have read every story up on your profile. I know that you have a real life and cannot dedicate all your time to writing fanfiction however much I would like that. I await more chapters with eager anticipation. Signed - A loyal reader of fanfiction since 1998. Ps- Other writers that I greatly enjoy have received reviews with near identical words
DamnedAeons187 chapter 1 . 3/31/2014
I really enjoyed reading this Fic. Finding a good SAO crossover has been really hard recently, so I hope you continue this one yadda yadda yadda like your Fics an keep it up
Dacl73 chapter 1 . 3/30/2014
I really love this story, and I have already figured out a way for Yui to appear in any future stories off of this you write. The Chimeras shown in Episode 13 of the first Season, can be used to create a body, likely using some of Kirito and Asuna's blood, then either Soul Transference magic, or using the NerveGear, and Asia's sacred gear to imprint the brain with the information from the NerveGear, giving Yui a real world flesh and blood body...
Guest chapter 1 . 3/28/2014
you should really continue the story it's really good and unfortunately the only crossover of the two series
Galisaa chapter 1 . 3/27/2014
Approved! I actually never finish SAO cause I didn't want to feel the feels man just a little afraid. This is a fitting end ?Next Step? for those two. Incorporated seamless with a good (read content/interesting) life ahead of them. Something they deserve. Ise's knowledge of SAO really brought it full circle. As again, thanks for writing.
DarkPirateKing69 chapter 1 . 3/24/2014
and he(?) did it again.. i've been a big fan for few years now and i'm yet to see anything even close to medicore from his mind.
Lazurman chapter 1 . 3/23/2014
And that, my friends, just goes to show that even a pervert or a nerd can do awesome things. I'm glad I'm both.
cartoons68 chapter 1 . 3/21/2014
Sword Art Online/High School DXD? Awesomely done!
Piterio chapter 1 . 3/16/2014


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