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MysticSpider chapter 15 . 9/17
King of Fans chapter 15 . 9/5
Good chapter

Things are getting interesting with the most powerful magic user of both series is now oberving Misaka, and by the sounds of it the Toma faction and the enemy are make strides.

I am glad he brought up the fact misaka is useing Magic to improve her own abilities and is not dead.
It actually makes a lot of sense if you think about it. Esperss can't use magic without serious side effects see your body, but Magic and still work on them. So by useing magical items, and being enhanced by magic runs/spells bypasses this weakness.
So why do I have a feeling that some of the underground projects will begin doing some similar in Academy City.

It was a really sweet moment with Misaka and Louise at the beginning of the chapter. Really shows how far there bond as come, how close they are, and will only continue to grow stronger.
In at this and this will lead to some funnly seems latter, like there travaling companions thinking those two are a item.

Why do I have the filling Kuroko spazzing out right now. She have a filling that a other girl is physically closer to Misaka than what she manage to do in a month. Add in a seens that she is missing out on something glorious, Misaka in a maids outfits.
Speaking of I can only imagine the look on Kuroko's face when she hears about Misaka's story.

Lastly I hope you continue with your excellent story. It's One of the best Familier of zero crossovers on .
Espeshily with all that you can do with latter chapters, like:
1.) the looks on everyone's faces with two misakas.
2.) the story of Misaka zero arriving into the world of magic.
3.)the Star Croat lover angel of Prince Wales, and Princess Henrietta. Two that are meant to be together, but have to stay away from each other to protect the kingdom.
4.) the reactions of misaka's new freands to the sister protect. With all the Bonding in tears that comes with it.
5.) academy city starting to get in the affairs of the world of magic, both directly, indirectly, and for research purposes.
6.)Tabitha and sister zero talking to each other. Two quite and logical girls interacting. Should I explain more?
7.) a water mage makeing enough water vapper for misaka to pull out her wings more often.
It will be a elegant sight and give lesser characters a chance to be helpful.
8.) the blooming relationship between Misaka and Louise. The idea of Louise realizing that she has fallen in love with a other girl would be shocking to her, and Louise coming to terms with it could be could be a interesting plot point.
Only for her to realize that her love will leave and is in love with someone else, will tear her hart apart. With it leading up to a single choice of who Misaka will choose, the repercussions of her choice, and how everyone will react to her decision.
9.) misaka finding a substitution or alternet version for her coins and Railgun. As things stand she's going to eventually run out of coins and can't use her best attack in populated, or towns fell causing serious damage to the people and buildings. So her practicing or finding different coins could be a nice fraction of a chapter.
10.) Misaka training. We just learned that Do to the magic passing through misaka her powers are now somewhere in between a level 5 and 6. So her experimenting to preform upgrade versions of her usual techniques, and lower scaled abilities Misaka was able to do at a level 6 would be cool to see and make for a nice chapter. Even some attacks that combined her electricity and sword could be cool, like useing her sword as a stun gun, or useing magnetism to fight with the sword at long rang.
11.) misaka fighting with old enemies and friends. Do you to her increase in power it would be cool to see where she stands agents toma, dark matter, and execrator now.

P.s if you need any help with the story give me a call.
Guest chapter 14 . 9/5
Good chapter

Nice fight I really injured it.

Good idea with Misaka useing her teased body to bypass the exhaustion weakness of her familiar powers.

Them successfully bring the prince will definitely shake things up.
And I liked how you used Misaka's experiences from the sisters arc to help her convincing the prince to come along with them.

I like the dream sequence. It shows of the bonds Louise has made, and specially with the electro master.

Lastly I hade a vision on Misaka carrying Louise wall flying the moment, that Misaka had enough water for her wings.
Guest chapter 13 . 9/5
Good chapter

I like how you added Louise realizing the truth on her own, and not do you to do you to true love by the main character.
It really helps develop Louise charter annd the bonds she has with Misaka.

Lastly I like how you had Verdandi dig straight into the church its funny and accurate.
Guest chapter 12 . 9/5
Good chapter

I was not expecting that twist with the knight.
However, it does bring up some good Parallels to the first acre of Scientific railgun.

Good job hyping up a future battle.

Lastly nice job getting around Misaka's startling animals that she can ride with the Griffin.
Guest chapter 11 . 9/5
I'm back and good chapter

Nice romance set up.

So you are skipping strait to this arc.
Guest chapter 15 . 7/7
Hi, I have read all 15 chapters and I thought it was a really good crossover. Hope you will update soon, though it had been 2 years since the last update.

Thanks for your hard work writing this fic by the way.
I had so much fun reading it and will be waiting for new chapters. :D
ShinyKyu chapter 15 . 6/21
There is NO WAY you are leaving us with that! It’s been 2 years! Please update!
FutureTrunksFan94 chapter 15 . 3/6
I’ve never even watched this show before and I love this fic.
yohanl2001 chapter 15 . 1/28
Dude, this history is so good please if you read this think in continue yours histories because are so good, anyway good luck in anything what are you doing right now with your life. :D
Guest chapter 15 . 1/22
Hope you continue in congratulations on being the 3ed best index crossover.
ItzABlueWulf chapter 15 . 1/14
Too bad you left this hanging, this was an interesting story to read.
Guest chapter 4 . 9/14/2017
Obligatory guiche duel. Meh...
W8W chapter 15 . 8/13/2017
Będzie śmiesznie jak Touma ją dotknie i zniszczy runy jak gdyby nigdy nic.
King of Fans chapter 10 . 7/23/2017
I love the first one. I could actually see all that happing. I can also see Kroko curled up in a ball for 3 days strait after that.
the last three were pretty good I would not mind reading a fanfic like that.
the last one was probably stop because is she were to continue accelerated would of destroyed everything.
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