Reviews for Winters Tale
xxxMadameMysteryxxx chapter 25 . 3/30
Gr8 chapter and I also hope you'll continue the story through the Hobbit up 2 the Lord of the Rings, plz update soon : )
luvgirl101 chapter 24 . 3/15
It's not too much of a Mary Sue. Your songs are at appropriate times with a meaningful song or reason behind it. I'm enjoying your story and I can't wait to see what will happen next with the spiders and elves! :)
xxxMadameMysteryxxx chapter 24 . 3/15
Oh no I hope they save Elizabeth on time, gr8 chapter plz update soon : )
BoricuaPinkRanger chapter 23 . 3/8
Oly I hace to tell you, I lo ve the story. When it comes to Middle Earth storys, hobbits are my things. I can not help, I love them.
kittyrawrrawr chapter 23 . 3/3
*cover my nose bleed*...oh gosh what if bilbo and elizabeth...oh geez nvm /
xxxMadameMysteryxxx chapter 23 . 3/2
Gr8 chapter plz update soon : )
ladymoonscar chapter 23 . 3/2
btw, you have reached M rating. congrats ;)
Vulcanlover12 chapter 22 . 3/2
xxxMadameMysteryxxx chapter 22 . 3/1
Gr8 chapter plz update soon : )
Protagonist Of Life chapter 22 . 3/1
Ooooo not quite sure how this whole elf thing is gonna work out but I know it's gonna be exciting
PrincessBubbles2011 chapter 21 . 2/20
AGH! I love Bilbo and Elizabeth so much! I'm melting lol
kittyrawrrawr chapter 21 . 2/20
i rather a oc story!
im picking between kili, thorin or fili. but to be honest dont tell anyone but i havent seen a lot of good fili storys like i seen with kili and thorin. so im voting for a fili x oc. btw great chapter got me squealing! when they was dancing i was listening to "once upon a dream" i was like...PERFECT X3 then the steamy and i was like.."oh...oooh...OH MY O/O" XD
luvgirl101 chapter 21 . 2/20
Aaaaawwww thorin's all cute with his wife! I love it! Dang you write good "fluff" stuff lol i love how your story is panning out :) i vote for a fili oc story. There never seems to be enough of him. :D
xxxMadameMysteryxxx chapter 21 . 2/20
Gr8 chapter plz update soon : )
moonliteshdow chapter 20 . 2/17
This is a wonderful story! Elizabeth is a great original character, and Rowena is an interesting addition. I'm thoroughly enjoying the relationship between Elizabeth and Bilbo. Looking forward to more!
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