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Guest chapter 1 . 8/28/2016
Love this story, really funny with bringing the Asgardian back for the ending. Brilliant story, thank you for writing this. chapter 1 . 6/6/2016
This is oh so good! I really ship SimmonsWard/BioSpecialist sooooo hard!
phuong1317 chapter 1 . 5/13/2015
I love this story I'm not a avid watcher of agents of shield but I like the idea of Grant and Jenna even though he is a bad character on the show he might just be misunderstood and needs someone to love and care for him
Just me and myself chapter 1 . 6/15/2014
Wow, this is amazing!
little miss michelle chapter 1 . 4/30/2014
Adored this story!
medstudent1026 chapter 1 . 4/30/2014
Aawwwwthis is soo much fun!
Caitlin51 chapter 1 . 3/15/2014
I loved this so much! It was a fabulous journey )
SmilinStar chapter 1 . 3/13/2014
Oh wow this is absolutely brilliant. Just gorgeously written and the process of Ward dealing with all that rage and slowly falling in love with Jemma and healing (for lack of a better word) was just so beautifully developed. I have a huge smile on my face at the end of that. Thank you so much for writing this. I really hope you write more Ward/Simmons because its the potential that writers such as yourself highlight that make me love this pairing even more. Wonderful wonderful stuff!
hpfreakster chapter 1 . 3/12/2014
Oh, this was so adorable, and well written. I mostly read fics on a03 now because that's where I find the most Ward x Simmons fics, but it's nice to see people writing Ward x Simmons on . Anyway the ending scene gave me quite a bit of feels, I could actually envision the scene in my mind. I hope to see more!
Belker chapter 1 . 2/23/2014
This was fantastic! They would be so good for one another.
Favorite lines: "He wished Thor would pound the guy with his hammer. Wouldn't necessarily fix his problem, but would certainly make him feel better." Hehe, fabulous! You got be hooked at the very beginning.
khay chapter 1 . 2/22/2014
This fic is magic. I love your characterisation of Grant and Jemma. They were so spot on. And the way this fic flowed, it is perfection.

Elliot Randolph is so on point and you nailed Fitz. I hope his bromance here with Ward would be canon.

Thank you for sharing.
MySarcasticGreenCrayon chapter 1 . 2/4/2014
Wow. I loved this, especially that last line.
scarletalphabet chapter 1 . 1/23/2014
I've never thought about this pairing. But I love it! Love it, love it, love it, love it. Especially because she's the strong one.
Getting2KnowL chapter 1 . 12/18/2013
Perhaps, the agent thought, he could get the Son of Coul to put in a call for him. Favor from an old friend and all that.
-Son of Coul! I when I read that, because I totally read it in Thor's voice without realizing it.

Still, it would be trite to say things like "I wasn't really thinking when I said that in anger," because quite often people were thinking exactly what they said and intended to say it.
-I'm glad that you wrote that, because as much as I wanted him to apologize for saying those hurtful things, it would be exactly how you put it, trite.

Worse, he feared, perhaps he hadn't WANTED to control himself. That was a far scarier prospect.
-I feel like this captures Ward's discussion with Coulson, the fact that he recognizes there's something wrong is the first step. "Hi my name is Grant and I suffer from rageism." ;)

Fitz nearly fell off his stool laughing. Behind her, Fitz had to prop himself up on his lab table before he slipped to the floor.
-I could totally see him in my head, laughing so hard he can't make a sound, holding on to whatever is near by so he doesn't fall over!

"Would've thought you already learned your lesson about touching alien things," he sniped at the biochemist. "You know what they say about the twice fooled."
-REALLY WARD?! First of all, she didn't touch the Chitauri alien thing, she touched a dead human floating in the air, (and even then, she didn't touch him either!) But I guess we couldn't expect Jemma to be immune from his rage forever.

"What you said to Simmons. Completely unnecessary." The shorter man, Ward had come to realize, had unlimited reserves of bravery and iron will stored up for just the moments when he needed to defend those he cared about. Apparently this was such a moment. Fitz was having none of his attitude. "I'll 'cut you a break', as Skye calls it, but you leave Simmons alone. Part of the reason she's been letting Randolph flirt with her, and asking Coulson to keep him on board, is so she can gather information and try to figure out how to fix you," the younger man spat the last word, as though Ward were hardly a worthy recipient of Simmons' efforts. "So show a little gratitude."
-This was the perfect exchange, and the perfect description of it. While Fitz is seemingly intimidated by Grant, he's not going to sit by and let the Specialist walk all over his BFF. And I love that Ward realizes this fact too.

That moment of free fall had jolted him; it had felt like a being hit by a bolt of electricity and having one's heart stop. He had promised her, had promised to catch her, and more than that, he had promised himself for her. He was losing his edge. This had just degenerated into the very, very bad.
-Poor baby is losing it and he has no idea how to handle it.

The whoosh of the lab door caused her to jerk awake, and there was the imprint of her watch on her face. The old Grant would have found it amusingly adorable; it disturbed him that right now he was having no reaction to it.
-It seems like the fact he knew the old Grant would have found it adorable is a step in the right direction, the fact that any part of him noticed it was adorable means he's not as far gone as he believes.

"For not catching you."

He started to leave, then stopped at the door as everything suddenly clicked into could feel things crashing down around his ears. He couldn't protect her, he couldn't catch her when she fell, she couldn't fix his problem, and now she was suffering because she had been trying too hard to help him. He felt like he was hitting rock bottom. He avoided her after that. If he couldn't protect her from everything else, he could at least protect her from himself.
-POOR BABY! I love that he doesn't realize he's not as bad off as he seems to think he is. The way you're writing him, he doesn't seem to realize that if he's feeling this guilty, actively trying to protect her from him, he can't be as rage-aholic as he believes himself to be. Jemma's already helping him, and neither of them even realizes it!

And he derived a small bit of joy from knowing that she had somebody, somebody who could provide for Melinda May what Grant Ward couldn' , as revealing as his epiphany was, this newfound knowledge didn't solve his problems. It made him feel more alone than ever.
-The whole Coulson/May section was absolutely brilliant and so well written. I do feel like there's something more going on between the two senior officers, but both of them are so deep into agent mode and buried silly things like crushes deep deep down.

He watched her discreetly from the stairwell for a good five minutes as she murmured to herself, puttering around the lab. It had a strange calming effect on him; now if he could just get her to bottle that and inject him with it, he'd be golden.
-Liquid Jem! For all your anger management needs!

His mental state had become precarious enough for him to consider taking double, triple, quadruple the dose (in his less sane moments).
-You're really putting him through the ringer aren't you?

He stared at her incredulously. Like he'd tell her. He was her protector; he made the world right for her. He saved her from demons, including those inside of him. He clamped his mouth shut.
-Grant, you silly little Specialist, don't you know she's your salvation?

Her large eyes were filled with compassion, tears threatening to spill, her smile gentle and hurting. He was about to try to extend comfort when she reached her arms to him and pulled him towards her; he stiffened in surprise, but she persisted, and this was ridiculous he was Grant Ward but her arms were so gentle and her neck was so soft where his face was buried and he was so exhausted as he rested his head on her shoulder and she was stroking hishair and she was whispering something comforting in his ear and wasn't it weird that socially awkward Simmons still knew what to say and he didn't believe he'd ever been comforted like this his whole life.
-asldkfjsdfh so adorable! I love that she knows exactly what he needs.

He had completely misjudged her, he realized. Her fears of falling, her nervousness after her illness - she merely wore her emotions on her sleeve. She was strong enough not to care how others saw her, so she didn't hide herself from them. She was strong enough to express her vulnerability, strong enough to understand her weaknesses were not who she was and could be. She was strong enough not to need to prove herself to anybody. She was strong enough to know who she was, and that her worth didn't come from what she looked or didn't look like and from whether people liked or didn't like her and even from what she could or couldn't do, but from who she was. He had completely underestimated her.
-YES. All of this, YES.

It was chilly but not brutal, and she ran around like a small child, her cheeks pink from the soft cold, and he laughed at her. As the sun came up, the rays danced across her upturned face, making it glow golden; her eyes shone with delight. She watched with rapt attention as the sun rose over the mountains and cast its light onto the water; with that same concentration, he watched her.

He got the niggling sense that he was falling again - but an entirely different fall, one that he didn't know if he should stop or if he wanted to stop, one that he wasn't sure he wanted to be saved from. If he were to fall for anything, she made the perfect 'anything'.
-Honey you've been falling since you jumped out the plane after her, you just didn't realize it until now...

He had found, though, that his time with her had made him stronger, that he could endure perfectly fine that month. His nightmares were fewer, and he could now sustain himself through them. The rage had lessened. He still missed her terribly, though, to the point of distraction.
-Super glad you added this otherwise it seems like he's around her because he needs her, not because he wants to be.

It has been a betting game, even, set up by a set of rogue trainees: "Where will Fitz end up today?"
-Can this be a separate story? One where we see how the separation affects Jemma as well?

Everybody stared in shock for a full moment, before Coulson slowly turned to look at Fitz with an evil eye and pursed lips. Fitz started running even as the rest of them laughed themselves sick.
-Poor Fitz, I wonder what he did to get on May's prank side.

Sandwiched between them: the now familiar quilt. His face went red, and she just gave him an amused look before heading off.
-May totally ships them!

From the back he heard a snicker. In the backseat, Skye fell over laughing.
-I nearly fell over laughing, I can just imagine Ward sitting there trying his best to hold it together, and Skye would find it absolutely HILARIOUS.

"You know he's going to kill me if he sees you working on alien goo out here - he'll toss me out the cargo bay doors. And he certainly won't jump out of the hold for me."
-Poor Fitzy, no one to jump out of a plane for him

He gaped at her. "Four years and you can't tell my facial expressions?!" "I'm not really good at reading people," she admitted the obvious, the obvious that everybody on the team (heck, everybody at SHIELD) had always known about her. "I normally can't tell unless it's really obvious by the way you're acting or you tell me."
-So true! She's such an awkward little duck sometimes.

She started to reach for a sealed sample on Fitz's lab desk when he shouted from the stairwell, all without looking back, "HEY!" She made a face at the still closed door and turned back to her lab.
-He knows her so well!

This story was absolutely brilliant, and I can't believe it took me so long to review it! Keep on writing Jemma/Grant, you capture them so well!
Crimson-Kiss17 chapter 1 . 12/16/2013
so much love. these two are just addictive. hope you write for them again soon!
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