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Nvn50 chapter 11 . 7/6
Hope you Will keep working on this amazing story :)
Liberator21 chapter 11 . 5/17
Are you gonna make a story about the example you made after this?
acetwinef chapter 11 . 2/20
great story tho i would like to see either longer chapters or just less gaps between chapters because i feel like im waiting a year for each chapter when it seems this is the kind of story that can go on more a 100 more
next- OC charcter
Goddess of Flower Divination, Sakuya x King of Knights' Vanguard, Ezzell
Imperial Daughter
age 6: young girl who lived in the castle with her father and the king ezzell and 16 year old brother alfred, who would often visit or be visited by her mother sakuya from the oracle think tank
age 14: ezzel steps down from the thrown and gives it to alfred and while she is happy for alfred she is also extreamly jealious
age 16:ezzel and sakuya have been haveing alot of battles (mainly verbal) and one day decied to get a devorce then ( although when asked they would never say why), sense alfred is the king he must stay in the castle, their daughter (insert custom name because reason why no one says it -comin up) who up till this day has been more of just a background charcter then anything else, does not have such reasons and so the battle for who would keep her began-at first it lasted for weeks until finally, (with much help from amaterasu )(who is also a good child hood friend of insert name) convienced them to decied to let their daughter pick and as she thought for days she realized "if i stay here i wont do much for the rest of my life but if i leave and go with my mother that might change" so she decided that she would leave and before sakuya said a word amaterasu had already finished inviteing her to work at the oracle think tank seeing the massive power and potential she has
age 16 one day after: after realizeing that she was useless for paper work she decided she wanted to work defending the orcale think tank amaterasu suggested the battle sisters but she decliend due to the fact that many of the people working at the tank didnt actually make an effort to get to know her so she decided defend independently of any group and genearlly works alone to this day
(sorry it was super long didnt know a better way to summerize it then i did)
Warmach1ne32 chapter 11 . 1/17
Blaze Paladin doesn't exist in canon, the card used by Olivier is Gold Paladin which happens to have blue flame motif. You misspelled Silent Sage Sharon with Charon(Shadow Paladin Sage). The chapter is okay, not bad but not great either, average. Now that the chapter review is over, this is my OC segment.

Hmm, It took me a while to research who my character would fit with. And I think I found it. Introducing Sparkling Jewel Knight, Treacy. Daughter of Fellowship Jewel Knight, Tracie and Transient Revenger, Masquerade.

During the Invading Great War against Link Joker when most of Royal Paladin's Jewel Knights are Reversed, including Ashlei, have cornered the last group of Royal Paladin still loyal to Cray. Shadow Paladin lead by Blaster Dark, intervened and distracted the Link Joker forces and Reversed Jewel Knight Royal Paladin enough to escape with the remnant of Royal Paladin.

Among them is Fellowship Jewel Knight, Tracie who was injured fighting her Reversed younger sister Shellie. Transient Revenger intervened and knock out Shellie while Awaking Revenger(Stand) and Healing Revenger(Come on Bushiroad, don't give my favorite clan bland trigger unit names) helped the tired Royal Paladin's back up. Once everyone is stable Charon activated a mass teleportation spell with Quesal(SP quintet wall) to teleport the Royal Paladins to Shadow Paladin HQ. Then the Revengers regroup and disappeared through the same method.

After agreeing to help Blaster Dark find more allies before they are Reversed, (Blaster Blade/Salome) is chosen to lead what remains of the Royal Paladin. While the leaders strategize, Tracie wants to find the Revenger who saved her and her sister, who is in anesthesia until she can be cured. When she found him, she started to see similarities with a Royal Paladin who disappeared during the rise of Phantom Blaster Dragon.

When she confronted him, an arguement broke out before fellow Paladins intervened (Transient Revenger was a former Royal Paladin who was controlled by PBDragon, he felt guilty of the deeds he has done and doesn't feel worthy of returning as a Royal Paladin). After several days of rescuing as many allies they could, the leaders prepare to assault the Link Joker base holding the leader of Link Joker, Nebula Lord Dragon. Before that though Tracie challenged Transient to a duel; if he lose Transient will explain why he abandoned the Royal Paladins and if she lose Tracie would owe him a favor.

The duel attracted the attention of everyone, with Claudus and Dorinte running a betting pool. Transient/Nullity(they are both the same person, Transient is Nullity without his armor) have reach with his 15 foot wave sword(shown it's size in the anime) while Tracie is flexible with her lighter halberd. After 9 rounds(1 round5 minutes, round end as draw when both still standing after 5 minute) the battle ended with both fighters on the ground, before Mordred ended the match with a draw. A lot of the betters are unhappy that they lost but Blaster Dark appeared and broke up the crowd by saying that those who are not training can spar with him. (a lot of the Shadow Paladins paled and made a mad dash out or find their sparring partners. Although Claudus and Dorinte got caught by a smiling BD and got dragged to an empty ring, crying anime tears,). The Royal Paladins got a stern glare and a lecture from Salome/Blaster Blade for betting on fights. While that was happening Transient/Nullity explained why he doesn't deserve to be a Royal Paladin any more. And Tracie owes the Revenger a favor. He asked for a tie-breaker after everyone is asleep. (u*)

After the War, Tracie had secret meetings with Transient and Shellie had followed Tracie to one of their secret meetings and found them making out (I'll leave her reaction to that scene up to your imagination). While Shellie doesn't trust Transient but he made Tracie happy so she allows it. And after several months Gracie is born (I'll also leave Shellie's reaction to hearing that news up to your imagination). Transient returned to the Royal Paladin as a secret liaison between the Shadow Paladin and Royal/Gold Paladin clan. Only the higher ups and Shellie know of his connection with the Shadow Paladins while the everyone else saw him a lost knight returning (which he is but they don't know he was formerly Masquerade).

Treacy started training as a Jewel Knight at age 13 with her mother and aunt in weapons and hand-to-hand combat with her father. Before long she become the best combat specialist the Jewel Knights had capable of defeating most Royal/Gold Paladin recruits and veterans alike with her combat skill and magic double bladed jewel encrusted axe (a second axe head on the opposite end and side of the shaft, like Starcraft2's Dark Templar double scythes but with axes instead of scythes) that can split to become 2 one-handed axes that doubles her damage and her axes are also "magic" laser pistols(cuz why not) :D

She earned the title of Sparkling Jewel Knight not because she had a lot of jewels but from her signature axe pistols which looks like sparkling stars and also as a play on their parents titles, Transient is a brief moment while Fellowships shine bright anywhere so Twinkling(shine that varies between bright and faint) Jewel Knight is her title. She likes her family, including aunt and cousin (possible 2nd character), fighting strong opponents, cheese cake and her weapon Crimson Reaper. She dislike arrogant people who can't back-up their talk with skill, moldy cheese, and her rival (insert Blaster Blade and Salome's kid here). Hobbies include baking and gunslinging(pistol twirling tricks).

"Phew" that took a while. My main problem here is I don't know when this should be set, canon lore or Deeper Bond lore so I thought screw it and have it done in both. Transient is my favorite Revenger since he can eliminate nearly every unguarded unit in the game and can be used to support other units, he has so much utility as both support and frontline damage dealer. His background is also one of the few Shadow Paladin that isn't insane or ego-centric which is also a plus. I chose Transient and Tracie because they have the same skill (get stronger if your vanguard have "this" in his name). Damn this took a while, it always happens when I'm on a roll. But I can't find a way to explain how Tracie and Transient would get together without giving a backstory on how they met and get together. I was split between having Treacy be Gold or Royal but decided to go with Jewel Knight like her mother so she is a Royal Paladin. Sorry for taking up a lot of space in the review column :D any questions can be answered by PM. Goodnigh- uhh Good morning zzz.
NatsuShinigami chapter 11 . 1/17
1. Ahahaha!This was totally worth the wait! This was an awesome chapter and Llew made my sides hurt from laughter! XD

2. Dragon slayers, yep, they are some sort of commandos.

3. I WOULD make an OC, but I want the the dad to be gallatin and I have NO IDEA who to ship him with so aaah I am so sorry. I just dont know any one suitable to ship with him.

4. Hope you update soon :)

5. By the way do you have other ships aside from blade x salome? Like for gancelot,gallatin, llew, marron, or anyone else?
Noctis Caelum Lucis chapter 11 . 1/17
Well I wasn't expecting that to happen and I swear a lot of llew's spouting bullshit about the girls and his fantasy of Cecilia and oh can't wait the next episdoe of your story BB, Cecilia and Vivian and dude I recommend watching a certain vid ill pm you bruh
LoveGlutton chapter 11 . 1/17
I look forward to seeing the creativity lying in the wake
redx1221 chapter 11 . 1/17
I've read that one and here's another great vanguard fanfiction its called elite reaper rise its an of clan in the dark irregulars but its great
anime-roxxx chapter 11 . 1/17
ve to say this was one of the most hilarious chapter you have written...I lost it when Llew gave out the girly scream for the oc -Phoenix knight, Ignius formerly known as Arthur who is son of Gancelot and Ashley (random I know I am sorry)...he was rather a shy boy and although he looked up to both his parents and all the knights in UniSan he strived to become an alchemist to help people. Due to his weak and submissive nature he was often bullied until he became friends with hot headed, tomboy and baby sister of blaster blade and blaster dark Rina (who later on became Agni) who tends to fight them off. He was born prodigy in alchemy and his parents couldn't have been more proud and always supported even though other people expected him to be a great knight like his parents.

However things changed when he and Rina were trapped in the heat haze-a never ending world unbounded by even time. They were trapped for hundreds of years even though their bodies aged according to the time passed in Cray that is 5 years. This world was created by void as its last trick and many more poor souls were trapped before them. Arthur along with all other units were made to believe that their own people had forsaken them and would never help them again (even though it wasn't that. In fact all of them were thought to be dead due to circumstances) andvand were given the power of 'resurrecting flames' so that they could wage war on Cray and destroy it (with heat haze giving them enough time to train) . Feeling betrayed and heart broken Arthur, believing that it was because of his choices and weak nature swore to become stronger than his parents and seek revenge for their betrayal. He even gave up his name that his parents gave to him and became cold and ruthless with hint of arrogance. So when him along the rest of units now known as Phoenix paladins he set out to seek his goals.

This is absolute bullshit I know I am so sorry but this was the least absurd idea I had and almost all of it was on the spot ;w;...also incase u r wondering, yes I am ke* *kahlon, my previous account was giving my problems so I made a new one -
ReversedAngel chapter 2 . 12/15/2015
Un-Reverse Fighter
I don't have a single card in my hands but when I do, my avater will be BLASTER BLADE!
ReversedAngel chapter 3 . 12/15/2015
I've never played Vanguard in real life since this damned country does not have Anime, Manga or anything related to it. The same goes for the cards.
But if I DID have a deck and cardfight with someone, it would be when the that person checks drive trigger before I can even decide if I want to guard or not.
ReversedAngel chapter 4 . 12/15/2015
My fav character is Kai.
My least fav is um...well...
I don't have any
ReversedAngel chapter 5 . 12/15/2015
Royal Paladins, of course! And the reason is that I want to work together with Blaster Blade and Alfred. I would basicallya slave or whatever!
ReversedAngel chapter 9 . 12/15/2015
I will be a human. I will wield a shining white Scythe but I will also wield lots of Abyssal Powers!
ReversedAngel chapter 10 . 12/15/2015
The Abyssal Clan
This clan would consist of the creature which mutated from dropping the sinners into the Abyss, called "Chains". The top card of the clan would be a little human girl who governs the dimension, therefore "The Will of the Abyss". Yeah!
And this is the fourth time I've come to check if you updated or not. TT
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