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Hayashinkage17 chapter 15 . 3/11
From Indonesia. Although I can't play Vanguard and rarely watched the movie (Heck...even I even never played it.), but thanks to wikia and your story I can at least follow this one. You should teach me someday :D. Keep going and love it!
ReversedAngel chapter 15 . 3/10
I'm from Myanmar!
Nvn50 chapter 15 . 3/7
I am from Denmark.
And will blade and salome realise What they feel for each other soon?
Echo751 chapter 15 . 3/3
I'm from California, US. BTW cool country. :)
Izayoi Mikazuki chapter 15 . 3/1
I'm from Indonesia :3
Bloodedge23 chapter 15 . 3/1
Ohmygod that cliffhanger. I'm screaming myself, I WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT DX

Pfff I loved this chapter, keep up the good work!

And yee, I am from India!
Warmach1ne32 chapter 15 . 3/1
Welp, I know who Kamui is, after getting hit with the hint stick 3 times. Also Asura should have also asked for an autograph after volunteering to be the Idol's security.

The campfire scene could have been longer, with BB and Lab talking about what happened in between the last time they met and now, talk about family, etc. Lab haven't answered Salome's question on how they became siblings from BB tripping into the ocean (which I'm guessing is near a cliff since a beach would make no sense).

Also I think Lab and her friends haven't left yet and is still spying Blade from that hint when they said they had little time.

Overall the start and the 2nd half of the chapter is spot on, the camp fire segment did feel a bit rushed, and Salome after getting out would rush to the towel and then rush back to the warm water because night air is very cold and being covered in water does not help keep you warm. So while funny, not likely to happen.

Finally, I'm at Indonesia, Surabaya, fellow Asian :)
U-know Yunho chapter 15 . 3/1
Well damn...the old classic walking to the hot spring without knowing the girl is heavily naked is fine sight to see since Salome is *ahem* have fine figure and oh yeah apa khabar bro lama dah inda update cerita mu ani masuk college kah?
Revengermajestyliberator chapter 15 . 3/1
OMG! Ok... that one was really possible... and wow, oh well good luck to Ahmes... oh yeah what else... oh right I'm from PH :) can't wait for your update.
CrocoerGinex01 chapter 15 . 3/1
Well, apparently I'm from Indonesia, so hello, fellow ASEAN member countryman!
Echo751 chapter 14 . 1/14
Good job on your drawings, and btw that was a cool plot twist.

Also you have me and a bunch of others hooked on your story, so you must be doing something right.
LoveGlutton chapter 14 . 1/13
With main things would be for all out attack squad...

When i need to be stealthy maelstrom and raging form would be the distraction while diamantes and i peckapart the critical stuff.

Yes there are needs for healers... but cant raging form do that... wierd... revival... thingie his card effect has( By the way, what do you think of his reprint art?

Nice touch using emi's avatar as the sister... though that raises many questions
Revengermajestyliberator chapter 14 . 1/6
Why I forgot about this story I'll never know... Like I really liked it already since the first time I read it a year or so before but I forgot about it... But I'm back now to continue to read the story... I look forward to your future chapters man, and Blaster Blade and Labrador being siblings like Aichi and Emi... Except you know Labrador is older but like yeah, well played on that one, well played indeed. Good luck on your future updates, I look forward to them. :)
Nvn50 chapter 14 . 1/6
A mermaid sister, did not see that one coming, this Will require an explanation. And What about his injuries are they healed at this point. And does all this happen before or after the ghost House. And when Will we see the second part of That?
Warmach1ne32 chapter 14 . 1/5
How could I forgot about Emi?! I should have known something like this is going to happen. Kamui's avatar (I don't know what it is since he didn't have a card he kept using for a long time since he's the type of player who use meta decks) will have to appear in the future.

Also you NEED to REALLY check out Song of the Sea, an animated movie released in 2014 that has in really beutiful backstory based on European folklore BBlade and Labrador could be siblings.

Also FF does not allow outside links to be put in stories for some reason. You can get around it by separating the link in a way to fool the filter. But I'll just google your account to get there.
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