Reviews for Scales Adventure 2
Chaos King chapter 16 . 3/1/2005
CK: Love the stories, same with my buddies here

Viper the Bat: Sorry CK, they left already, Terro and KO are fighting again.

CK: Darn them, anyway Viper any wedding gifts?

Viper: Oh yeah *digs into pocket and pulls out little minature Scales and Arik in wedding atire* for the cake.

CK: I hope you use Scales again, i'd like to find out what her and Ariks kid would be like... send me an email some time is you ever need ideas *points to Viper* i'll let you rent him

Viper: HEY!

CK: Anyway cya!
Maverick 1812 chapter 16 . 11/5/2002
(Instant transmissions in) Damn that Snively! He was gonna use my napalm to destroy Peru! Got him though. (takes out a sack of Snively robots)

SR#1: Help us!

SR#6: Save us!

SR#18: We'll give you gold!

Pipe down ya robos! (A robot hobo) It only took me about two minutes to beat these guys.

Amy: What took you so long?

Cock fight now, Yay happy ending! Oh yeah apparently Robot Snively was the one hacking into my files and deleting my reviews. I could've sworm it was Sauron.

Amy: Nah. Evil Dino's don't have a big interest in technology.

Yeah you're right. Anyway, thanks for the Sally bashing! LONG LIVE AMY! Anyway I really liked the last two chapters, especially the Apocylamon thing. And the spin attack. That was like a nova spin right? Okay then.

I'm gonna read the next few stories you've written lately. I really have a lot of work.

Still your new stories sound good. I'll read them as fast as I can. (Probably can't review um though. Sorry) One last thing. I still don't know what to get Scales and Arik for a wedding gift, so I'll tell you when I get one. Sorry for the late and boring review.

Tails: Wow Maverick you went an entire review without doing somthing crazy.

(Turns evil) YOU DARE MOCK ME!

tails: (Cowering) N-n-n-n-n...

NOTICABLE! I'LL BET! (Turns normal) Better. Now until I get somthing really good ready accept this humble gift of a toaster oven and ten-million dollars. I thought Scales could use the toaster oven and the toaster would entertain Arik, him never been to this age.

Shadow: Maverick, No one is so nieve to be entertained by a toast...

Maverick: (Is playing with the taoster oven) Look! It makes toast!

Shadow: I stand corrected. Go home Pi2. He's gonna be at this for a while.
Maverick 1812 chapter 15 . 11/2/2002
FINALLY! I got the chance to read the fic. Stupid UFX. Tries to upstage me will he! I can't believe Snively was there since Chapter 8. And all the nice gifts I sent and... Hey wait. I gave him all that napalm!At least he's dead and... wait. I sense somthing... Evil! Instant Transmission! (Where'd he learn the Instant Transemission?) (Comes back) Oh yeah that Ice Sculpture was so that you could celebrate Sauron's non-existanst but now you can't thanks to stupid *(&(*&(&* Snively! Oh here's the Napalm I promised YOU! (Instant Transmissions away)
UltrafanX chapter 16 . 10/30/2002
Aw, it's over? To bad. It's a great fic! Sorry I haven't been able to review until now. As my good friend Maverick would say "Bloody F***ing School"

Camomon: What'll happen to us and our insesant reviews?

I recon will get back to doing homework for a change. Also, we've got that operation: BASH fic to keep us busy. Which by the way, is really good! If youd like Scales or Arik or anyone in your universe to help me in my bashing crusade, please tell me so!

C: Yeah, it'll help build his ego.

Shut up, you stupid dog!

C: Sir!

That's better. Now, here's a little present for the happy couple! (Holds out a pez with a shadow head on it)

This, my friends, is a pez. The most powerful creation in the universe! You can use it to go anywhere, create anything, and do anything! During you're honeymoon, at least. It'll allow you to create you're own ideal paradise for your honeymoon. You know, just in case Isle Delphino is outta comission when you get there.

C: That's right folks. Now you two can use the awsome power of FANFIC CONTROL!

Well, Scales, Arik, good luck with you're marrige, and I'll see ya when I see ya!

C: Bye KIDS!

(The two fly out of the room in arwings...)

Famous Quote: "I'll be back!"
UltrafanX Now Superfan because I'm still super powered from the last review chapter 15 . 10/30/2002
(UX and Dracamon burst in on the scene where the Robot Snively WAS holding our heros hostage)

Dracamon: Let me at um! Let me at that rat bastard of an evil genius!

UX: Hmm. (Looks at the deleted particles of Cyberstrike, the broken cage, and a headless robo snively) I think we're a little late, old chum.

D: You mean...

UX Another digimon got here.

D: D'oh! (Looks at defeated cyberstrike) Man that digimon was strong. You should ask the real Pi2 if I can fight with her.

UX: Good idea, D. Although there goes my depossit on the cyberstrike program.

D: Eh, I coulda best that thing anyway. My advanced mega form is pretty strong, ya know!

UX: Whatever. Well, I guys I'll have to praise the real Pi2 for the past couple of chapters, s I'll just put it as such: THIS FIC IS AWSOME!

Keep Writing!
UltrafanX chapter 14 . 10/30/2002
Sorry I haven't reviewed in a while, but my school is extremely sadistic and I haven't ben able to read in three days!

I have to hurry though, cause I have to read the other two chapters of this!

First of all, great fight scene today! To bad Sauron, er, Oblivion won.

Oh, I designed Camomon's girlfriend, but I still need to program her, so it'l take some time.

Camomon: To bad :(

No time to be depressed, Digimon friend, we've gotta help Arik and Scales defeat Oblivion!

Camomon: Right! Camomon, warp digivovle to, DRACAMON! (Is now a very large dog like digimon. He stand on two legs, but also has arms, the right one having a huge claw)

Ultra Kaioken! (Ultrafan gains a purple aurora and is super powered)

Dracamon: So now what?


Dracamon: Why do we need a car? Can't we just warp their?

I said, TO THE CAR!

D: Right O'

See ya at the battle field!
Rad Red Knux chapter 1 . 10/30/2002
You suck as an author..Listen to the other authors, and write your freakin' stories with some paragraphs, for God's sake!
HVK chapter 14 . 10/28/2002

Anyhoo, I'm back, with gifts! For Scales, two little talon weapons I refer to as "Disemboweler". It straps onto the foot, and when plunged into an opponets body, it may crush his bones, Distergrate his brain, or rip out it's organs. Enjoy! For Arik, the same weapon, with the addition of a Jet Anklet designed for raptors. Muhahaha! And for both of you, a video I made called "Sauron Going Insane". You see, I've taken the liberty of kidnapping Sauron, tying him to a chair with unbreakable chains, and forcing him to watch Teletubbies,Barney,Blue's Clues, and Dora the Explorer for a month. The video contains scenes after his tortures. The end result? He is now more of an idoit. For example...say hi to the people dummy! "Hi to the people dummy!". See?

Hilaritis ensue. Anyway, insert the disk into the Hologram Projecter to create little cut Chibi versions of Scales, Arik, and the Shadow Archie Crew! HAHAHA! As in the Archie Shadow Characters as little kids, and the Chaotix too! Enjoy!
HVK chapter 13 . 10/26/2002

*ahem* Now, to clear a few things up. An Echidna-Tiger, AKA me? Well, an Echidna-Tiger,um, well, picture Hobbes, from Calvin & Hobbes, give 'em Knuckles' basic look(Yes, even the spurs.), have him wear the Shovel Claw and Stomper Boots, and you have ME! Well, My current basket consists of everything from before, two again, AND AMNESAIA DUST! MUHAHAHAHA! Soon, I shall conquer the world and create the 7 layer all-skin chicken! !

Oh no. The cats out of the bag.(Throws Amnesia Dust in face)As I was saying, Here's a billoin Non-spoil chickens, 50 of which are all-skin, and a hundred are live! Enjoy! Oh, and the disk? In my next review, I'll say what it does. MRRROOWWW!
Maverick 1812 chapter 13 . 10/26/2002
Okay, my stupid computer has just eaten two reviews I was about to post, so I have to make this real short. Apparently somthing, or someone is trying to destroy my review. (Makes the shifty eyes)

YEAH! They went to Shadow's timeline! FINALLY! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! ! (It was supposed to be longer but I didn't want to eat up your time)

And now on a sad note. NOOOOOOOO! My magical elixer! All my hard work! GONE! NO! (breaks down crying)

Amy: Cheer up M1812. At least you can blend your original elixer with some human soap, some orange juice, and some vinegar and you'll have a powerful Napalm!

Oh yeah your right! Pi2, you might want to omit that crying I just did.

Okay, I have three gifts since I've been gone for so long. (The sky grows dark)


THE EVILIEST! (Fire appears on one side)

NASTIEST! (Fire appears on other side)

MOST UNPLEASANTEST!(Fire appears all around him)


(Out of the fire comes an extreamely detailed ice sculpture of Suaron's bloody, and chopped off head.)

(Universal facefault)

Shadow: You went through all of that just so you could show off an ice sculpture? Are you insane?


Shadow: Well at least Scales likes revenge and dismemberment of her enemies.

That's the spirit! Now for my next gift I got you an even bigger diomond than Ultrafan X! Take that Megaman boy! Wait Scales didn't like the last diomond did she? Oh well. I'll just have to use this bead to buy Mars. In place of that I'm giving Pi2, a life time supply of NAPALM! Now you can blow up your enemies, and if someone gets too close to finding out somthing, you can blow um up instead of using amnesia dust! (Not that that's not good either)

Now finally, instead of a third gift. I have a riddle and a gift for Sauron.

Sauron: Really? For me?

Yeah it goes like this. Riddle me this. Riddle me that. SAY HELLO TO MY BIG, FAT! (Smashes Suaron's skull in)

Sauron: You'll pay for your deception! Ow.

Give it a rest Sore-on. GODDZILLA! (Goddzilla comes and steps on Sauron) Gracious!

Goddzilla: Sa-right. (Flies away on a giant horse)

That was strange. Well great chapter, and I didn't get you three gifts, so here's your pizza!

Amy: but you gave them three gifts.

That's okay it's really a bomb! (Explodes)

Amy: Why does he keep doing that?
UltrafanX chapter 13 . 10/25/2002
Glad you liked the chao, Pi2! Just to let you know, it is a girl. I hope you like her when she hatches!

Oh, thanks for putting the chapter in San Fransisco!

Camomon: Did you decided to get me a girlfriend yet?

SILENCE, FOOL DOG! I mean, er a, I can't find you a girl friend, because you're species is rare! Remember, all the Camomon live in the desert away from most other spieces of Digimon.

Camomon: (

Oh all right! But I'll need to program her from scratch like I did with you. But that mean's I can upload her physical and emotional stats.

Camomon: Okay, can I get a pink one?


C: Why?

Because Camomon are a breed of dog digimon with two forelegs and a strong tail. They have spikes along their back and tail. (why did I bother typing that? Meh) They have BROWN fur, and are of the ground element.

C: But you're the author. Cheat!

Oh. Okay!

Oh, better get back on the subject. Great chapter, espeacially being set in the present and all. Yeah, all that mind control is finally paying off! Did I say that? I was preoccupied creating a pink camomon.

Okay, Scales, Arik, here are two tickets to Delphino Island for a vacation after you get the rubies.

C: Aren't they cornered by Baddies?

Not for long (UX smiles, in that very long, sickening, I'm-gonna-distract-you-with-smiling-while-I-look-for-something-to-stab-you-with smile) Sauron, my friend. Here, I got you this (Shows big pirate ship with a dinosaur on it.) It belonged to General Scales, but I took care of him just for you.

C: (gasps) But, UX, we can't give that to Mr. Sauron. It's full of dynamite!


C: Oh! (Smiles like UX) Have fun Mr. S!

Finally, I rented out Jurassic Park and filled into full of omnivores as you Scales and Arik's personal hunting ground! Plus, I left the brontos so you can ride them like horses! I know that's my childhood fantasy.

C: Me too!

Keep writing, and remember, no power is stronger than a pirate ship full of explosives!
UltrafanX chapter 12 . 10/24/2002
O_O Must wash mind...

Camomon: Oh, come on! I think it's cute.

Yeah right. I suppose you want a girl friend too, right?

Camomon: well... (Points to list, which reads Dear Santa, I would like a girlfriend or a blue eyes white dragon. Either's good.)

(Sighs) (Makes blue eyes appear)

Camomon: Yeah! A dragon!

Whatver. So, good chapter. Hey, I figured out who your hostage is! It's Scal- (Is amnesia dusted) Who am I! What am I? I am Ultrafan!

Okay, Congragulations Scales on your choice of mate! Here is a present!

(Takes out gigantic blue diamond ring the size of a computer) Here, I though you might like this, it being a giant diamond and all.

Oh, Pi2, here's a gift for you two. The gift of shame! Just kidding, it's the world's only golden Scales chao! (Takes out a chao egg that's gold)

This egg will hatch into a chao that looks just like you're trademark lizard, and it's gold. When it hatches, it will be strong as an immortal chaos chao! How do I have access to this. Two words: FANFIC CONTROL!

Haha! Anyway, I've got no homework, so I'm off to play Robotech.

Camomon: You won't order the Cyberstrike, will you?

i GUESS i won't. Right now.

Camomon: ( What was that?

I guess I won't, right now (Holds up cyberstrike disc)

Camomon: *_* Hehe, that what I though you said.

Don't worry, I won't use it.

Camomon: Yippee! (Flys away on dragon)

Well, gotta juice!

HVK chapter 12 . 10/23/2002

I knew the Chronos Rubies were going to be used like that. That's right, your favorite Echidna-Tiger knew it all along. Anyhoo, I've finished my Hologram Projecter. You can also make 'em do humiliting things to themselves! Oh, heres an other gift basket filled with all the previous things, plus a little disk. SO DON'T CRUSH IT. It is VERY important. And here's a gift basket for Arik! Enjoy! See ya next time! MRRRROOOOOWWWWWLLLL! I'll explain what a Echidna-Tiger is next time.
HVK chapter 11 . 10/21/2002
MUHAHAHAHA! I"M BACK!.(crickets chirp)SILENCE!(Shotgun firing) That's better. Now, my present is a solid hologram projecter. When I perfect it, the user can create anybody from it, making a perfect punching body,complete with sounds of pain! You could also call it a kill toy, but this just me talking. Right now though, it can create a image of Snively punching himself or being attacked by Giro the Emerald Knuckles Chao and Shade the Shadow Chao, both mine. Of course, you can switch it to other Chao. When I finish it you can create a perfect sparring partner, with difficuites ranging from Protozoan to Please Kill Me. And of course, Realistic. Yes, it will fight back if you want it to. Enjoy! Oh, and the meats were made by my little geniuses, Shade & Giro. Smart little buggers, aren't they?
Maverick 1812 chapter 11 . 10/21/2002
Yeah! New chapter! Okay like I said I can probably only review about every other chapter so don't be alarmed if I can't review. For your immortalty drink, I've gotten a good prototype drink, and have gotten a willing participant to test it.

Arik: (Tied to chair) This is punishment for my dreams isn't it?

Mm-hm. But we're still doing a little testing with the formula. (Brings out giant cauldron) Watch. (Feeds to weasle)

Weasle: AHHHH! (Giant ki blast forms inside weasle while galactic halo forms around him (Damn I've been watching too much DBZ) both Imploding and Exploding him)

Uh, yeah. (Tastes a drop of the mixer himself) Needs more sugar.

Arik: Maybe you should lay off the ki.

Maybe you should shut up.

Oh, that videogame thing, it's so you'll have somthing to do while Arik's playing the level, er finding the ruby. (Under Breath) Must not tell Scales that it's really a video game. Plus I believe Scales would kick ass in those games. Despite the fact the other monsters in Goddzilla are about... (Doing caulculations) ... 2,000,000 times bigger than her.

Also you should know I stole the Chronos Emeralds, used Chronos Control and went to visit all of the famous moments in Shadow the hedgehog History. Including somthings that haven't happened yet. Hehehe. I know what happens!

Amy: Really?

No Scales memory whipped me two minutes later. Oh one last thing! (Ties up Shadow and Amy) I'm sending you some more hostages Pi2. I think they'll cheer up Scales! Goodbye mortals (Drinks his magical elixer and explodes)

Shadow: How are we gonna get to Scales and Pi2?

Amy: (Looks at a clock) Is that a bomb?

Shadow: Oh... (You know what happens)
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